PETA's Great Vegan Bake Off is a homage to Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood's Great British Bake Off
by Lauren Corona
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Tonight marks the start of the sixth series of the cult UK baking show the “Great British Bake Off,” in which amateur bakers from around Great Britain battle it out in the kitchen.

While it might be fun to watch, the recipes on the show certainly aren’t cruelty-free. However, anyone who’s serious about vegan baking should find it simple enough to whip up a vegan version of a recipe from the program, or come up with a tasty, animal product-free recipe of their own.

Vegan bakers shouldn’t feel left out, because PETA has launched its second annual Great Vegan Bake Off contest. The aim of the contest is not only to showcase talented vegan bakers, but also to allow non-vegans to see that it’s easy to bake without milk, eggs and other animal products.

The finalist in last year’s contest came up with recipes such as hazelnut praline cake and this chocolate tofu pie.

A chocolate tofu pie from last year's great vegan bake off
Image courtesy of Cruelty-Free Cottage, with permission from PETA UK

Entrants have up until August 21st to create a video or blog post containing images and a recipe for their best vegan baked goods. Once the finalists have been announced, there will be a round of voting, open to the public. The winner will be announced on September 10th.

Anyone who fancies themselves the vegan version of Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood can check out PETA UK’s website for more details on how to enter the Great Vegan Bake Off.

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