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Jenna Fischer and PETA take a stand against elephant ridesJenna Fischer and PETA take a stand against elephant rides

Jenna Fischer Asks Indiana State Fair to Ban Elephant Rides

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Jenna Fischer is letting her voice be heard and taking a stand against elephants being used for rides at fairs.

An Indiana native, Fischer is asking the Indiana State Fair to please ban elephant rides, which are being offered by Carson & Barnes Circus.

“The Office” star and animal lover recently wrote a letter on behalf of PETA stating, “Unlike me and others in the entertainment business, these animals do not choose to perform, and also unlike me, they suffer horribly in order to do so. I am hoping that you will make the kind decision to cancel the elephant rides immediately.

“I’m a mother of two. I love family-friendly events such as the fair, and I also appreciate having the opportunity to introduce my children to various animals. But as an animal advocate, I like to find the most responsible and humane ways for my kids to interact with animals—not only for the animals but also for my children so that they learn about kindness and compassion.”

Like Fischer, you too can join the fight against fairs and circuses treating animals inhumanely by reaching out to fair management.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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  • Alexis Kaiser

    Hey, I made a comment earlier, what happened to it? Just wanted to say another celeb talking head for PETA , who knows nothing about what she is talking about. PETA – the tactic is old and boring. Bet when you gave her the script, you neglected to tell her that you kill 2000 adoptable dogs and cats a year.

    • PeopleAreIdiots

      I love how because PETA does something that is questionable on one stance that is unrelated (dog and cat kill shelter….and I don’t agree with them mystelf), then it means that their stance (or this actress’ stance) of elephant exploitation and commodification is somehow wrong. Is PETA inconsistent? Of course they are….what in the world does that have that to do with this particular stance, though?

      From the sound of it, I’m guessing you are incredibly inconsistent with the animal stances that you take.

      I’m guessing you are upset with a couple thousand dogs being treated this way….but have absolutely no problem with cows, pigs, and chickens going through the same thing but in this case, by the billions….all for the sake of someone’s taste preference. I’m guessing I’m not going to hear a peep out of this other than “they kill them nicely”.

      It seems like if a stance is wrong, then you should be able explain it on a conceptual level why its wrong.

      If you love animals, why in the world wouldn’t you want them to exist for their own reasons? Why is it ok to do this to animals just for the sake of making a buck? Why is it ok to treat animals (which people claim to love) as nothing more than their inanimate “play thing”? They should be treated an asset on a balance sheet just because some children want a ride????

      Let me take a guess….it’s ok to do this to elephants because PETA kills dogs…..brilliant!

      • Alexis Kaiser

        The very simple point is that PETA as an organization are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites, that’s the point. If they love animals like they say they do why do they kill so many a year? They stage videos of animals being skinned alive and put them out as propaganda against the fur industry. GET IT? They are money grubbing liars and this idiot actress and it sounds like you as well have drunk their kool aid. They are not the warm fuzzy animal group they would have people believe. I am against liars as a whole and PETA exemplifies this character defect to the T.

        • PeopleAreIdiots

          Again……Yes….PETA has problems. Yes…..PETA are hypocrites. So are you…..so are 99% of the people that comment on animal rights issues…..they are selectively compassionate….we;ve established that. I GOT IT!!!!

          How does that make their stance on this particular issue or the actress’; stance on this issue incorrect. Where is the answer to that question?????? That was the entire point? How about an answer. If something is right or wrong, you should be able to explain it on a conceptual level. Explain why their stances are wrong, and everything else that I just said was wrong.

  • Ewa Narkiewicz

    Oh please there are elephants dying everyday getting poached for their ivory and this celeb complains about elephants that are being well cared for and giving people a chance to interact and realise how magnificent and strong elephants are. How can you call yourself an animal lover and slander the very people who ACTUALLY LOOK AFTER ELEPHANTS! No honest hardworking person who lives and works with animals is safe from these terrorist organizations who only spread hate and vileness. Dont like it dont go. But dont think you are so superior to spread lies and tell people what to do.

    • PeopleAreIdiots

      Jesus Christ!! So….because in one part of the world something bad is happening to elephants like poaching, then it makes it ok to do something like exploit and commodify these creatures…..because it’s not as horrible as getting poached??? That’s some logic you got there. Do you normally play the suffering olympics in order to justify a position.

      They DON’T ACTUALLY LOOK AFTER ELEPHANTS! They look after their profits….The elephant just happens to be how they make their profits. Nobody with an honest love of animals looks at an animal and “says….boy I wonder how I could use their labor to make some money for me”. It seems like the sane stance for a person who claims to love animals (in this case, an elephant) is to want them to exist in their own natural habitat (or as close to one as possible) and to live their lives the way they choose to…..not the way some other species deem profitable.

      And….terrorist organization???? Are you serious with this crap??

      So, by your definition:

      Makes a buck off the exploitation and labor of an animal that is kept in captivity = Respected businessman that loves animals.

      Someone who speaks out against this, and wishes animals live in their own natural environment for their own reasons = terrorist.

      “Dont like it dont go”

      Yeah…this isn’t that simple, chief. We’re not discussing a dirty movie that someone might be offended with or some kind of public exhibition that you find questionable. We’re talking about a third party that’s involved here.

      If a certain Disc Jockey says something you find disgusting….by all means…..don’t listen. If a movie comes out that bashes your religion….by all means…don’t go.

      See if you can spot the difference between these examples and an animal treated like some inanimate “play thing” for someone else to make money off of from people who claim to love them.

      • Alexis Kaiser

        The ALF ( a so called animal rights group) is on the list of FBI’s Domestic Terrorist Group. One of its members is on the FBI’s most wanted list. Enough said? PETA and other groups are strongly aligned with ALF. You need to do some research on things before posting here. What natural habit for elephants are you talking about? Do you know how quickly humans are destroying that? Like I said, Please do some research and state some facts instead of opinions. PETA’s rhetoric is old and not credible any longer.

        • PeopleAreIdiots

          Actually…..no…it’s not enough said. I understand that the government can randomly arbitrarily decide who’s a terrorist and who is not simply by asserting it so. What’s your point?

          This is nothing but a simple appeal to authority, as if to say because the authority says so……that makes it so. Well, call me hard-headed, I’d like to apply some independent thought here and look at the concept…..not just mindlessly believe that:



          Here you have a group of people that rescue from an ungodly hell that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. They are labeled as terrorist.

          The people who are committing these actions to these animals are the “upstanding citizens of the community”.

          Yep….I think that’s a load of crap. Just because one is legal and one is not doesn’t make a lucid point. I can just as easily make the same argument in the 1800s justifying slavery because the government “said it was ok”.

          If somebody kicks a puppy and I stop that person, I’m a hero. Somebody does that to animals that have profit incentive and they’re labeled a terrorist. It’s funny how that works when money is involved.

          “What natural habit for elephants are you talking about?”

          I’m sorry I could have sworn that an elephant’s natural environment was circuses and fairs. Maybe I’m mistaken but I could have sworn that they exist in the actual wild. I’ve seen them on television. In fact, I’ve even seen them when I went to Africa….Go figure…..

          “Do you know how quickly humans are destroying that?”

          Yes…I agree….and what exactly is the point you’re making? You mean because people are assholes in one aspect of how self centered they view themselves and their environment, they should concentrate on being self centered in ANOTHER aspect of how we view these animals. In this particular case instead of simply not destroying the lands, we should use them for our entertainment? Is that literally the only two sane options we have for this?

          If not, then I don’t think we should limit ourselves to those two options….what do you say?

          • Alexis Kaiser

            First of all terrorist groups are not just randomly appointed terrorist groups. Look it up, what constitutes the FBI to categorize a group as one. It is only your opinion that these animals live in ungodly hell. what actual proof do you have? How much time have you spent on a circus or on a fair with an animal. How many elephants have you had under your care? I’m in the industry and trust me, it’s not for the money so that point it moot. How much money do you think we make? Again, you are talking about things you have no real info on. So when you want to discuss facts and not opinions let me know. We are not speaking the same language. I am coming from factual experience and you are coming from opiion probably based on youtube propaganda.

          • oh2

            I believe the hell he is talking about is an situation that we put animals through that we wouldnt put people through, which extends into the animal exhibition industry, farming, etc. And I agree, its wrong. I grew up on a farm and i can say I wouldnt treat a person the way we raise animals. it would be illegal. When you say you are in the industry, can you be more specific?

          • Alexis Kaiser

            I can’t comment on things I have no experience in. I am sorry you saw things in farming that you did not like. I am in the circus industry for 30 years. As your experience formed your feelings, my experience on the circus formed mine. I was not born into the circus, I chose. The animals are well cared for, respected and loved. I found and continue to find my life with circus and its animals rewarding. I love animals and if I saw abuse I would have had to make a career change. The point is not what I do for a living. The point here is that here PETA goes again, a mouthpiece celebrity that knows nothing of animals (especially like you and I) spouting off PETA rhetoric. Their tactics are old and they are no longer really credible. That’s the point I was trying to make here.

          • PeopleAreIdiots

            “The point is not what I do for a living”

            Of course that’s not the point. You have a financial stake in this…so why would you want to make that the point????

            “The animals are well cared for, respected and loved.”

            Um…yeah….just telling me this, doesn’t mindlessly make it so.

            Why the hell would an elephant or any other creature prefer to make somebody else for somebody else’s entertainment than exist for their own reasons?

            BTW…I’m sure they love their shackles and standing one leg….you know…..the same shit that would be happening in the wild.

            OH…I know its ok because PETA does something horrible in some other aspects, therefore I don’t have to actually explain myself.

            The truth is you don’t even give a shit about the dogs they euthenize. This is just a mindless talking point that you can use as a deflection when you get called out on your bullshit.

          • PeopleAreIdiots

            “First of all terrorist groups are not just randomly appointed terrorist
            groups. Look it up, what constitutes the FBI to categorize a group as

            Yes…there are many different kinds of terrorism. In the ALF’s case it’s considered an economic one (including vandalism…..In other words…the people who torture animals are “respected businessmen”. The people who rescue those animals are terrorist because they stop the flow of money. It’s obvious which side the government is on. For the second time…..This is an appeal to authority. Didn’t we just go over this?? If this was the 1800s, I can use the same mindless logic to justify slavery…..again what is your point???? How the hell does that make it right?

            “It is only your opinion that these animals live in ungodly hell. what actual proof do you have?”

            Well…I’m sure you could find countless hours undercover footage on it. But if that’s not good enough for you, then please explain why every place that’s broken, all the animals are treated behind closed doors. It would seem like if factory farms, fur farms, vivisection labs, in the backstage of circuses, etc….the lit goes on and on….would have nothing to hide, then why the hell is this always done behind closed doors? I can’t wait until I don’t get an answer to any of these questions.

            “How many elephants have you had under your care?”

            I never had one. I’m actually kind of weird. I look an elephant and I think…”hmmm maybe he should live with its own peace and autonomy just like I wish I would want to live”. I don’t view them as a way to make a buck. So I’ve never “worked with” one.

            “I’m in the industry and trust me, it’s not for the money so that point it moot.”

            Well…trust you….gee wiz why wouldn’t trust somebody who profits off these animals. Why on earth would you have anything to lie about????? Well…..that’s that I guess.

            Also, you’re in an industry……but they don’t do it to make money????? How exactly does that work? Do you live on sunshine and dreams? Are circuses now run a non-profit???

            You haven’t said one god-damn fact…this entire time except that the ALF is labeled a terrorist….to which I replied that this is nothing but appeal to authority….which you didn’t provide any kind of counterpoint.

            I’ll ask my question for the THIRD TIME since you can’t be bothered to debate this on any kind of level.

            How is it right to exploit and commodify creatures solely for the sake entertainment, taste preference, gluttony, vanity, money, and a hundred other things when there isn’t a need to?

            If you really loved an animal, why wouldn’t you want them to exist for their own reasons, whatever they may be?

            Why wouldn’t you wish the same peace and autonomy that you would wish for yourself?

            How is PETA and this actress’ stance wrong on this issue?

            You haven’t answered a single question I’ve asked. You’ve dodged and dodged and dodged.

            Basically….you’ve just said nothing but “we exploit them nicely”. These are not facts. They are just bullshit justifications because you feel threatened because people who speak out on this issue affect your bottom line, so you reply back.

            Let me guess what the answer is to all the questions I’ve asked you are going to be:

            “hmmm…..PETA sucks….so shut up, stupid”.

            Answer the GOD DAMN QUESTIONS. If you want to have a debate, I’m more than game to wipe the floor with you.

          • Alexis Kaiser

            Who said people who torture animals are respected businessmen? That’s you just being angry. The slavery issue is one of PETA’s tired rhetoric opinions comparing animals to people. YAWN.
            I won’t comment on things I have no actual experience in. I have 30 years of circus experience and the animals are very well treated. I’m not spewing opinions on other animal issues, I’d like to remain in facts.
            I live a great life in a wonderful industry that is more a labor of love than making any real money. Do you have a problem with people earning a living doing what they love to do? Are you stuck in some mindless boring job just for the paycheck? Sounds like you might be.
            My animals at the circus is what they know and that’s a loving bond with their human caretakers. I can’texpect you to understand this as you have no experience in it, right? I don’t understand how you call it exploitation when you have no actual facts nor experience to base this on.
            I did not ever say her stance on PETA was wrong. Please don’t put words in my mouth. I stated this was a typical celeb talking head for PETA who knows nothing about what she is talking about. I stated a fact, not rather she was right or wrong.
            If you want to debate, fine, but keep your vulgar mouth in check. Again, you are basing your posts on opinion, I am basing mine on experience. I don’t see how it would be a debate on a level playing field. ‘
            You seem more like you want to fight than to carry on an intelligent debate based on fact. That, I am not into.

          • PeopleAreIdiots

            Again….you dodge my questions. This is pathetic.

            What are you saying that’s an actual fact? Besides you telling me that you’ve been in the circus for 25 years…..what have you said that’s an actual fact?? PLEASE COPY AND PASTE.. I’d love to know what you consider to be facts??? Everything else seems like mindless assertions.

            Are you serious? Do you really have to “work with” an animal to know it would want its own peace and freedom, just like any other creature on this planet…just like you….just like me? Really???? That’s how your mind works, huh?

            So let me get this straight….If somebody said “I ran a dog-fighting ring. I’ve had 25 years experience.” Does that make it a more valid testimonial on the ethics of dogfighting, than somebody who has never been to a dogfight? Please explain.

          • Alexis Kaiser

            I really don’t have time for you. Nor am I wasting this thread’s time on something so off subject. You seem angry and up for a fight. I’m not lowering myself. Plus, you don’t make any sense. Buh bye

          • PeopleAreIdiots

            Of course!!!! This is where the argument ends. I ask you to COPY and PASTE what facts you given me….and NOTHING.

            Here is basically a recap of your facts.

            I love these animals. These animals love me. Why would I lie to you? Seriously, have I told you I do this. They love putting on costumes and dancing on one leg. Besides PETA does something hypocritical therefore I don’t have to validate anything.

            ^ It’s basically an onslaught of this. These are not facts. If you’ve got them, I’ll ask one more time: COPY AND PASTE THEM. Where are they???

            You don’t answer questions. Dodge….dodge…dodge. How do you expect to be taken seriously?

  • PeopleAreIdiots

    Alexis Kaiser:

    “I live a great life in a wonderful industry that is more a labor of love
    than making any real money. Do you have a problem with people earning a
    living doing what they love to do? Are you stuck in some mindless
    boring job just for the paycheck? Sounds like you might be.”

    This comment is all that I needed to know about your stance. THIS IS ABOUT YOU and YOUR entertainment. Yep…I’m sure it is more entertaining than most other jobs…..So what? I thought this issue was about the ANIMALS!!!

    I’m sure people who run dogfighting rings love their job. I’m sure bullfighters love their job. I’m sure there are certain people (hopefully not many) who drop bombs love their jobs. So….the….hell….what?? What does that have to do with anything that we were talking about.

    It points how truly self-centered your viewpoint is. The discussion wasn’t about whether you like your job or your life. I have no problem with people enjoying their job or their life….just so long as its not at the expense of a creature that can’t speak for itself.

    I’m sure that you do love your job. So, do a lot of people that do a lot of cruel things…….your point being????

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