Kim Kardashian swims with captive dolphins, supporting the cruel trade
by Lauren Corona
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Kim Kardashian has never been known for her commitment to animal rights, so it perhaps shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that she supports the cruel trade in captive dolphins.

On a recent trip to Mexico, Kardashian swam in a pool with captive dolphins and even brought her daughter, North West, into the enclosure, despite the fact that interacting with dolphins isn’t necessarily safe. Of course, there’s a lot more harm done to the dolphins, as these intelligent creatures routinely slaughtered at the same time as others are captured for aquariums and marine “entertainment” parks.

The following video shows Kardashian holding on to the fins of two dolphins as they drag her around a small enclosure.

Lisa Lange, the senior vice president of PETA, was quick to criticize Kardashian for her involvement with this inhumane industry. Talking to Radar Online, she said:

“Kim is free to leave the pool, but for the dolphins, it’s a lifetime sentence. Touch tanks and ‘swim-with’ programs allow the public to pet, kiss, or even ‘ride’ dolphins. Such programs invade the animals’ already diminished worlds and are intrusive, dangerous, and stressful for the animals as well as for human participants. Animals in ‘petting pools’ can become injured and anxious as a result of constant poking and prodding, and exposure to bacteria that they are not immune to can make them ill. The dolphins also often express their frustration through aggression.”

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  • EL

    I wonder what planet the Kardashians live on? They are completely out of touch with reality. A sad little bunch really. Why does the public still “hype” them? Beats me….

  • julie Johnson

    Sick. Fur coats, endangered specie purses… They, in part thanks to their Mother
    don’t have a clue. Or the desire to GET A CLUE. Let alone use their CELEBRITY
    to do actual good in the world. So, this STUPID minded cycle will continue in all
    the kids they all bare. UGH !!!
    How people can even watch them on TV is beyond me! Watching only condones
    all the wrong they do! Saw cute shorts at PACSUN. Was going to buy. Until I saw they were from the Kyle & Kendal clothes line. Pass!