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When you think of pugs, what traits come to mind? Sweet, funny, entertaining, playful, loving, and at times, serious and deep. It’s no wonder that the late, great Robin Williams loved them so much.

In 2010, Williams adopted Leonard, a pug puppy through the Curly Tail Pug Rescue. There was no denying the love Williams had for this wrinkly little canine. Leonard made his way into Williams’ comedy routines from time to time, and the two posed in a benefit calendar for the LaRussa Animal Rescue Foundation. 

Curly Tail Pug Rescue has been remembering Williams on their Facebook page with sweet posts highlighting the late actor’s love for pugs, especially Leonard.

“Robin was TRULY committed to rescue & working with Curly Tail for several months, with the adoption in the works since that November,” the pug rescue recounts. “In March 2010, Leonard… joined Robin at home and was officially adopted. We are so thankful to Robin for his unforgettable creative work, but also for his generous heart, and for opening his doors to a rescue pug.”

Curly Tail also shared an image of Leonard from Williams’s Instagram account, which the beloved actor had captioned, “This is my buddy, Leonard. Miss him when I’m on the road.”


The pug rescue also shared a wonderful quote from a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), in which Williams stated, “For pure loyalty, there is nothing like a pug.”  

Photo credit: Curly Tail Pug Rescue

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  • JR Johnson

    Before getting to Robin Williams (full name Robin McLaurin Williams), with regard to country singer Miranda Lambert (full name Miranda Leigh Lambert). Though I do not listen to country music, Miranda Leigh Lambert in addition to the good work she does to protect dogs also hunts. Yes, hunteress Miranda Leigh Lambert hunts for food and Miranda Leigh Lambert proves that it is consistent to support animal welfare & @ the same time have no problem with food hunting as long as the animal is humanely and swiftly killed. I support animal welfare. I support laws against dog fighting and I believe in harshly punishing those who abuse their pets. I am against poaching. Now if the world were vegetarian, then that would be fine with me. But most of world eats meat and I do not pass judgment on them. If people want to hunt deer, pheasant, ducks or rabbits for food, then as long as they are swiftly killed, then I have no problem. Miranda Leigh Lambert proves that there are people who support animal welfare who have no problem with food hunting as long as animal is swiftly killed and no poaching.

    This gets to Robin Williams. It is good he did work for this pug. I do not watch baseball because it’s corrupt with greed. But I credit the work the late Robin Williams did to save this pug. Here are other thoughts on him. Actor Robin Williams or his full name-Robin McLaurin Williams. Mork and Mindy when that came out in 1978 (I was 8 years old) was the first time I saw him act. Seen some of his movies with the best 1s being Jumanji (1995), Good Will Hunting (1997)and Jakob the liar (1999). The last movie I saw him in was Old Dawgs (2009) & hope to see the 3d Night of Museum movie he did before his death that has not been released but hopefully will be. He was a talented actor but had problems with depression, alcohol and drugs.

    Now why he committed suicide, only he knew and only he knew why he got depression. We don’t know if he had traumas which caused his depression. You know Dr. Lindsay that while you hope a patient fully tells their Dr. of problems that they have, many do not fully report all their problems which they keep secret. Yes, he got help for depression but we do not know if he had traumas that he would not want others to know, not even his counselor. Only he knew why he committed suicide & let’s recall his talent.