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DiCaprio’s Anti-Poaching Films Move into Pre-Production

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Leonardo DiCaprio is making not one but two movies about animal poaching in an effort to raise awareness of the issue to a mainstream audience. After years in development, they are finally moving into pre-production.

Both films are still unnamed and being produced by Warner Bros. The first is a thriller in the same style as “Traffic.”’ It’s been in development for two years, with writer Will Staples recently announced for the screenplay. Staples has previously worked on the script for “Mission: Impossible 5” and an unnamed geopolitical thriller with Ben Affleck – so he’s no stranger to telling a fast-paced, intense story. DiCaprio and his buddies Tobey Maguire and Tom Hardy will co-produce the picture and possibly also act in it.

The second film in development will also be co-produced by the three actors – with Hardy set to star in the leading role. It’s being penned by veteran writer Sheldon Turner (“X-Men:First Class”, “Up in the Air”) and takes place in Africa; with Hardy’s character, a former special forces soldier, training rangers to fight against elephant and rhino poachers.

The subject of poaching and the slaughtering of animals is a subject close to the hearts of the producers DiCaprio has donated millions to organizations that protect elephants and tigers from poachers, Maguire is an avid vegan and Hardy has hosted a TV doc on the poaching crisis in Africa.

We can’t wait until they’re released!

Via Collider

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  • Siraganda

    I’m so excited about this and can’t wait to see these great movies for a just cause! There should be more movies concerning animal rights problems! There have been some in the past; for example ‘The Roots of Heaven’ with Trevor Howard as animal rights activist who collected the first signatures against the massacre of elephants – and I remember also Christopher Plummer as animal rights activist in ‘Wind across the everglades’. This film treated the subject of the hunting of herons for their feathers – very beautiful and touching film, and Burl Ives in the role of the bad hunter – unforgettable; we need just more movies like these!

  • At the least the films need to show the tusks going to China’s massive carving factories. Carvers pay the poachers. Close those factory doors the poachers don’t get paid and the poaching ceases.

  • Delilah

    Thrilled that DiCaprio is tackling environment and animal rights, hope he continues along this path. People pay attention to celebrities (for better or worse)

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