by Natalia Lima
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U.S. Wildlife managers have determined wolverines are not endangered creatures despite scientific proof of the contrary.

“After carefully considering the best available science, the Service has determined that the effects of climate change are not likely to place the wolverine in danger of extinction now or in the foreseeable future,” Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman Gavin Shire said in a statement.

In 2012, the same agency had filed for the wolverine, who looks like a small bear and fiercely protects its young, to be listed as an endangered species. The Fish and Wildlife Service had mentioned that climate change had been destroying the snowy habitats of the wolverine and with only 300 of them left in the lower 48 states, the measure was a necessity.

Then earlier in July the agency backtracked on its comments saying most of the research it had mentioned was more based on speculation than fact.

Noah Greenwald, endangered species director for the Center for Biological Diversity said then that the position change was based on political pressure and maintained his stance after the decision was officially announced on Tuesday.

“All of the science points to the wolverine being in serious trouble. The Service’s own biologists said global warming was pushing the wolverine toward extinction and urged listing,” he stated claiming that the Obama administration is allowing states to make a decision that should be based on scientific facts.

The state pressure would have come from Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. If the wolverine had been ruled an endangered species, snowmobiling would have been restricted in the areas where the animal is known to live. Trapping of wolverines, which have a highly prized fur, would have also been suspended.

As it stands now, however, the 300 wolverines are left to fend for themselves.

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