Richard Branson argues the biggest risk we face is doing nothing about climate change
by Natalia Lima
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Sir Richard Branson has a wake up call to the world warning that the ocean needs to be better cared for before it’s too late.

The Virgin Group mogul took to his blog on Monday to tell his readers just how important it is that they focus their attention on the health of ocean ecosystems.

“In recent times we have wised up to the way we treat the land, and as a result have put in place a number of sustainable measures. But what about the ocean? Just because the effect we have on it isn’t visible to the every-day eye, doesn’t mean that we aren’t damaging it, or that we shouldn’t protect it,” he wrote.

Branson also posted the trailer for Netflix’s new documentary ‘Mission Blue’ that features the work of oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle. He encouraged readers to watch the movie and change their attitudes towards the ocean. His company, he explained, is already doing its part.

“The way we treat the ocean is killing the ocean; and consequently the way we treat the ocean could kill us,” Branson stated. “At Virgin, we share Sylvia’s vision and believe that by modifying our human behaviours, and by championing an ever-growing network of marine protected areas around the world, we can save the ocean from collapse.”

Last week, Branson announced Virgin would be investing its energies in developing a way for ocean exploration to become more accessible and safe. The measure aims to give more people a chance to explore the ocean and as a result respect it.

While Branson’s Virgin Oceanic project is taking conservation efforts in the right direction, earlier this year, Virgin held a stakeholder meeting to discuss its role in cetaceans and tourism. The company claimed it wouldn’t do business with any company that kept cetaceans in captivity, yet it still offers tickets to SeaWorld in its website.

Hopefully, that too will change.

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