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SeaWorld’s stock tanked 30% last week, which isn’t surprising. Following that news, though, SeaWorld announced that they’d be expanding the size of their orca tanks in San Diego, with some of their other parks to follow. “Nearly doubling” the size of their tanks is still a droplet compared to the an orca’s true home: the ocean.

Satirical news website, The Onion, put their usual humorous spin on the aquatic park’s preposterous announcement.

For their “American Voices” segment, The Onion asked average Americans in the public what they thought about SeaWorld’s tanks expansion. Although the people and responses are made-up, it still puts a sarcastically funny twist on this news that has most of us shaking our heads. The faux responses are as follows:

“Good. That should give them room to cram a few more orcas in there.”

“Maybe they should just let the whales live in the ocean and whistle when it’s showtime.”

“But how will these killer whales ever learn to stop hurting innocent people if we keep rewarding them with bigger cages?”

The real public has been making their feelings known on SeaWorld’s Facebook page…and then SeaWorld promptly has been deleting any comment that is not positive. (We tested it just to make sure, and yes, their social media team worked hard to censor the voices who are pro-orca.) No wonder their stock has plummeted.

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  • teresa bonelli

    Lo cierto es que la Sea World ya no cotiza en bolsa ,su publico aceleradamente se esta esfumando,y como ultimo manotazo estrategico el parque agacha la cabeza aceptando que las piletas minimas en que mantubo durante años a las orcas las agrandaria,..esto no es mas que otro intento de sea world para no aceptar la realidad que se le avecina,.y que no son un negocio sano ni divertido ya quedo claro y al descubierto ,el turismo hoy ofrece avistajes naturales en sus paquetes de viajes derrumbando a la sea world que ofrece una asiento en una grada para observar a un animal esclavisado y dopado en un pileton ,los parques marinos son y han sido un negocio desgraciado para la vida marina y deben cerrarse,..lo que si preocupa es que hara el parque para ocuparse y devolver en condiciones optimas y saludables a todos los cetaceos en su momento’¡¡animales que han sido drogados durante años¡¡