Sam Simon bought a fur farm to save chinchillas
by Lauren Corona
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He may already have an excellent record when animal activism, but “The Simpsons” co-creator, Sam Simon, has done it again. With a little behind-the-scenes help from PETA, he recently purchased a working chinchilla farm in order to rescue its furry residents.

Simon — who has a long history of involvement with animal charities such as Sea Shepherd — is said to have paid $50,000 to buy the farm from its 90-year-old owner, Lurlie Adams, who has signed a contract to say that her land will never again be used to raise Chinchillas.

According to Reuters, Simon walked through the rows of cages, saying to the animals, “This is your last day of abuse. This is your first day of freedom.”

He also took to Twitter to talk about the experience, posting the following photo, along with the caption, “It was a hellhole.”

The chinchilla farm Sam Simon bought to free the animals.

All 425 rescued chinchillas were taken to the Oceanside and San Diego branches of the Humane Society, where they will live in much larger cages until they’re adopted. Simon also donated $100,000 to help look after these chinchillas while they’re waiting to go to their forever homes.

Simon told Reuters, “I have a desire to help animals. The question of whether it makes financial sense, it’s my money and I get to do what I want with it. It’s an expensive hobby I picked up at the end of my life.”

Photos via Twitter

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  • Siraganda

    Sam Simon – this beautiful great soul is a treasure on earth – please do not leave us – stay, we need you!!!

  • Janis

    Sam Simon-u are a true inspiration! Were any charges filed on whomever was responsible for this horrible horrible place?

  • Larry Bird

    Jennifer Lopez and Jay Z are going to be very angry

  • S miles

    This is SOOOOO amazing, however I can’t help but think about how the person who ran this execution machine should not be getting a 50,000$ reward for killing individuals for profit.

    • Helen Wheels

      Most rescues have to happen by any means necessary. Lots of times the owners go to jail if it’s a legal cruelty situation but, sadly, this still isn’t. I focus on the good that came out of it (so I don’t go crazy).

  • Helen Wheels

    <3 Sam Simon. Thank you thank you thank you for saving all these beautiful lives.