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Pamela Anderson to ALS Association: Stop Animal Testing

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, odds are you’ve heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge. People from all walks of life have joined in, but Pamela Anderson has voiced her concern over the fact that the ALS Association fund and carry out animal testing.

Everyone from Weird Al to Bill Gates has been getting involved with this awareness-raising stunt, but Anderson — who is a seasoned animal activist — isn’t comfortable with the charity’s methods.

In a recent Facebook status, Anderson wrote, “Sorry – I can’t bring myself to do your Ice bucket challenge. I enjoy a good dare. It’s always good to bring awareness in fun, creative ways … I don’t want to take away from that.” She went on to explain that after some research, she’d realized that her beliefs weren’t aligned with the practices of the ALS Association, so instead she challenged them to stop animal testing.

She explains that — while she is opposed to animal testing on the basis of animal suffering — it’s also not an effective research method, from a scientific perspective. Over the past decade of ALS research, only 12 drugs have moved on to human testing, and only one of these has been approved for human use. The one that is suitable for human use only has marginal benefits for ALS sufferers.

“This massive failure rate is typical for animal experiments,” Anderson wrote, “because even though animals feel pain and suffer like we do, their bodies often react completely differently to drugs and diseases. According to the FDA, 92 out of every 100 drugs that pass animal trials fail during the human clinical trial phase.”

Anderson goes on to suggest more effective alternatives to animal testing: “Sophisticated non-animal testing methods—including in vitro methods, advanced computer-modeling techniques, and studies with human volunteers, among others—have given us everything from the best life-saving HIV drugs to cloned human skin for burn victims. Trying to cure human diseases by relying on outdated and ineffective animal experiments isn’t only cruel—it’s a grave disservice to people who desperately need cures.”

Instead, Anderson suggests visiting the website for the PCRM’ Humane Charity Seal of Approval, and donating to a charity that doesn’t support animal research.

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  • Leigh Hilderbrandt

    There are places to donate money to that are working for a cure for ALS,
    other than the ALS Association. For example, the The Packard Center for
    ALS Research at Johns Hopkins only tests on adult stem cells. So, if you
    want to donate to an organization that it is working towards a cure for
    ALS, but does not test on animals, do your research first.

    • Jenna F.

      Unfortunately, it looks like the Packard Center does test on mice: http://www.alscenter.org/als_science/research_projects/

      I am looking for an ALS organization that does not test on animals, or one that supports families and patients suffering from ALS but not cruel research. If anyone knows of one, be sure to pass it along. Thanks!

    • Jenna F.

      Unfortunately, it looks like the Packard Center does do research on mice. If you go to their website and click on “Research Projects” they list a few that involve animals. Does anyone know of a charity that supports those suffering from ALS and their families, without supporting the animal-based research?

      • Jenna F.

        To answer my own question, I found one that looks worthy. Check out Compassionate Care ALS if you are looking to donate to the cause without supporting animal suffering. 🙂

  • eddy

    thank you Pamela for bringing some balance in this “ice bucket” madness….. Cures for humans should be tested in humans or via methods that are mimicking human biology as good as possible….animals are not one of them….

  • Heidi Decker-Realtor

    Thank you Pamela Anderson for being a compassionate person, not many are… Human superiority & speciesism kills billions everyday. Love to hear someone speaking the truth! Live Vegan for all animals!

  • MikeVeg

    I am a big fan of the Hydrate and Donate Challenge, started by VeganOutreach’s Jon Camp 🙂

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