David Attenborough to make 3D documentary on the great barrier reef
by Brianne Hogan
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Thanks to world-renowned naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough, film-goers will soon get up-close and personal with The Great Barrier Reef like we’ve never seen before.

According to Melbourne’s Herald Sun, the 88-year-old is planning a three-part documentary series in 3D on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

“People will think ‘for God’s sake not another program on the Barrier Reef. Haven’t we done enough?’ But underwater is a marvellous subject for 3D, I mean it really is absolutely breathtaking,” he told the paper.

Attenborough says the doc will be “even more spectacular” than his 2013 documentary on the Galapagos Islands, a project for which he won a British Academy of Film and Television Award (BAFTA). A feat that almost seems downright impossible for those who have watched the awesome-looking doc.

“The landscape of the coral reef and all its nooks and crannies and the fish ­coming and going in 3D is ­unbelievably beautiful,” he said. “And it is the one thing in 3D I haven’t had a proper go at yet.”

He added that the doc, in which specially developed dive and camera equipment will be used, would be shot in such high resolution that only IMAX would be able to do its majestic beauty justice.

Unfortunately, when the dive goes down in November, the film’s narrator will be sitting it out.

“I shan’t do anything silly,” Attenborough said. “More’s the pity, but I was never very good underwater.” Which is obviously ironic given his extraordinary underwater films.

Via Melbourne’s Herald Sun


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