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The animal rights organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has once again bought shares in SeaWorld, much to the dismay of multi-award winner, musician and actress, Cher. Apparently, this is the second time within ten days that PETA has taken advantage of the recent decline in SeaWorld’s stock price.

PETA claims that it is investing in SeaWorld, so that it can propose resolutions and submit questions at shareholder meetings.

Although PETA claims to have the animals best interest at heart, and says it wants to put an end to the killer whale shows, not everyone sees it that way. Cher said that she is completely puzzled by PETA’s latest venture. The pop diva questions whether this is just a scam on both of their parts, and expressed her confusion, by questioning PETA’s intentions on Twitter.

Cher is mortified that PETA would actually invest in a company that is so cruel to animals. She finds it hard to believe that an animal rights organization would do such a thing, and expressed her disbelief by tweeting

Interestingly, PETA’s stake is only valued at approximately $2,900, so they will not have much say, if any, on matters concerning the plight of the whales. Besides being a world class singer, Cher is also a good business woman, and cannot see how such a small share is going to give them any sort of clout. She tweets that it makes more sense if PETA pushed to close down SeaWorld altogether.

SeaWorld operates eleven theme parks across the United States, and has been under intense scrutiny ever since the release of the award-winning documentary, Blackfish. The film portrayed the death of professional whale trainer Dawn Brancheau, by the captive orca, known as Tilikum. The documentary also explores the cruel conditions, which the cetaceans are forced to endure.

“The public has learned how orcas suffer psychologically, succumb to premature deaths, and lash out in frustration and aggression in SeaWorld’s orca pits, and they’ve responded with lower attendance levels, public protests, and legislation,” said People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) president, Ingrid Newkirk.

“It’s our responsibility to keep the debate alive and we will do that until SeaWorld changes its model and gets rid of its captive animals,” said Lisa Lange, PETA Senior Vice President of Communications.

Cher has not lost her sense of humour when she questions whether PETA’s shares can even gain them entry into the corporate bathroom.

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  • Lisa Clark-kahn

    Huh weird comment anyway back to logic and compassion 101 ,of course its disgusting and sad to see orcas ,dolphins and others in cages/pools.

    • JR Johnson

      Again, if we can put these orcas and dolphins in the wild oceans and if they can survive there, then let’s do that. But if sending them back into the wild oceans leads to their deaths, then we have no choice than to keep them there. Of course, they must have companionship such as a male/female orca, mating and there must be humane treatment. I would rather see animals in the wild than in zoos, truth is that so much of the wild is gone that we have no choice but to put them in zoos and aquariums to keep them from going extinct. With whales and dolphines dolphins, if they can safely release the dolphins, whales back into the wild oceans and seans, and if the dolphins can survive in wild oceans, then release them.

      Yes, there must be better standards for zoos and aquariums. I’ve been to the Marineland Zoo Aquarium in Niagara Falls and I believe Marineland takes good care of the beluga whales, orcas and dolphins there though there has been controversy in news. It is better to see animals in wild, but when so much of habitat is gone as has happened with tigers and lions, we need zoos and wildlife preserves to keep them from going extinct. We also need experts in lions, tigers, marine mammals working in zoos and aquariums.

      • spiritpen

        You do not get to make that call. Free them all.

      • JR Johnson

        But if freeing them all results in extinction, then freeing them is death. These orca, belugas and dolphins have become dependent on humans. If they can be trained to be released into wild seas and oceans, then good. But if sending them back into the wild oceans leads to their deaths, then keep them in aquariums is best choice. Yes, there must be better standards for zoos and aquariums. We must make zoos and aquariums larger size and animal friendly.

      • spiritpen

        Sorry JR Johnson- the point you are missing is that we don’t have to save species- we have to save their habitat. Then everything takes care of itself. A creature as magnificent as an orca or as gregarious as a porpoise dies as soon as it is stripped of dignity. And captivity strips dignity.

        On FB: Free Tilly

        Joey Racano, card carrying member, PETA

      • JR Johnson

        If we can save the habitat then that would be good. Before continuing with the topic of saving habitats for animals be they wild cats or in the case of marine mammals the seas and oceans, Wildlife Habitat Council has done a good trying to get industry to work with industry when it comes to habitat such as the Turkey Point Nuclear Powerplant in Florida has done a good job to protect endangered American crocodile. I am an environmentalist who supports nuclear/atomic energy, though another topic. But to what you said about saving habitat.

        With oceans and seas, if they can put the orcas,dolphins in habitats available and if they can survive, then good. But with wild cats such as tigers & lions, so much of their habitat is gone with farming in Africa that there isn’t much habitat left to save. There are as known, more tigers in captivity than in wild & the only way we can prevent their extinction are zoos-wildlife preserves are the best choice. If we can train lions, tigers who are in zoos to live in what’s left of their wildlife habitat as what happened with Christian the Lion (raised in London) & they can survive there, then good.

        But it’s complicated to try to train a tiger, lion or other animal which has lived it’s life in zoo to live in wild and there are few zoologists who are specialists as the late George Adamson (Born Free) who can do this. So many risks in training these lions and tigers to live in wild such as hunting & killing prey, avoiding getting killed by rivals, hyenas and so on. As known, no 2 cats are the same & each has their own personality and intelligence. Dolphins & whales also have their own personalities and intelligence. Yes, we must save their habitat. But we must also be sure that any orcas, dolphins or other marine mammals raised in these aquariums can survive in the habitats before we release them. I don’t know the answer but that is what I think.

      • spiritpen

        Hi again JR- I really appreciate your thoughtful views. It’s hard to justify nukes, but that’s another discussion for us, ok? Please join us on facebook at: stop the diablo canyon seismic testing and we’ll continue the nuke discussion. But back to the issue at hand- when you have creatures, especially these apex predators like lions and orcas and so forth, the natural systems the evolve in are too complex for us to reasonably simulate. I say evolve and not evolved in the past tense because they are still in the process of evolving, always getting better, and isn’t it amazing and wonderous!? However, when we remove them from the field, they are no longer subject to the forces of nature and so no longer shaped by them. For their long term survival, these forces must remain intact.

        As far as spacial planning and other issues of the extraction kind, those folks are simply subdividing the ocean bottom, a lot like they subdivided the valleys and meadows and praries. Didn’t work out too well.

        Please feel free to contact me anytime at:

        Joey Racano, Director
        Ocean Outfall Group
        e mail:

        Free Tilly!

      • JR Johnson

        Thanks again for your comment. I don’t have Facebook -those of us who support nuclear energy also support hydro-electric dams, geothermal, etc. and all the energies-nuclear/atomic, geothermal and hydroelectric must be used prudently. What is true is that nuclear energy topic is not going away, just as BP did not go away after the 2010 spill. But to orcas & wild animals since we must stay on topic.

        Yes, zoos and aquariums must have better standards which means getting orcas, Beluga whales, lions, etc. released into their wild habitats when possible. Zookeepers must have zoology degrees but when we need specialists in these animals. Zoos and aquariums must hire more experts, such as having people with George Adamson qualifications working with big cats. Toronto Zoo is the best zoo that I have been to & they had breeded polar bear cubs @ that zoo. They also have pandas.

        I liked seeing the white lions, pandas and polar bears when I visited the Toronto Zoo, but if these animals can be trained to live in what is left of the wild, then release them, as I have their photos. Zoos and aquariums are educational but they must be more than that in that they must also be about working with conservationists in helping put animals back into wild. Seaworld must also work to release orcas into wild oceans. Zoos and aquariums must be about education, protecting endangered species and working with conservationists in returning animals into wild-they must not be about money and profts. Some other thoughts on animals & hunting.

        With hunting, while I’m a vegetarian, I don’t go to extreme that PETA does. If all people were vegetarian then that would be fine but I have no problem with hunting for food as long as the animal is quickly killed and I support requiring marksmanship for hunters. I know hunters who agree with me and they oppose poaching & believe in the idea of eating their kills. Nature as known can be cruel. Though PETA would differ, I would rather see a hunter quickly shoot and kill a quail, duck, deer or rabbit and eat their kill vs. a python killing a rabbit. Yes, the python is doing what is nature, but nature can be cruel.

        I don’t believe people should be allowed to keep a monitor lizard or a python as a pet because those animals are not like a dog or a cat. As known, what has happened is that people have released monitor lizards and pythons into the Everglades when they got too big and these 2 have killed endangered species as the adult pythons and monitor lizards have almost no predators except for the American alligator.

        I support hunting the pythons and monitor lizards which are in the Everglades to protect the endangered species. I know that the U.S Humane Society opposes hunting the pythons and monitor lizards in the Everglades but this is what is needed to protect endangered species. Hunt the pythons & monitor lizards or put them in zoos or better yet, their natural environments they came from. If you have thoughts, then please comment again and thanks for taking time to read and reply. Have a good Labor Day 2014.

      • cewing2301

        no..they don’t stay in tanks. they go thru the same process as they were forced to live in tanks but backwards. they are unbrainwashed they have to touch a ball or let a human ride their nose for food. they CAN make it

      • John May

        Funny post, but not really, MarineLand is a horror. Check out my avatar from when I fixed their company logo.

  • spiritpen

    Cher- PETA has never led us astray. Hang with them! Time to move all orcas to sea pens. This investment is a step toward that. Thanks for caring.

    Joey Racano, Ocean Outfall Group


    Free Tilly FB page

  • cewing2301

    they actually adding to what they already owe. seaworld pulled a fast one on them at the last shareholders meeting. wouldn’t allow PETA to speak up since they had only owned shares for less then a year. I can see what peta is doing. they start buying up stock and they get enough. they will have enough say so that SW does not move those orcas into Russia, china. anywhere ..instead they get retired. I actually wish cher, Leonardo and any other stars would help us get sea sanctuaries built so we have a place to retire the orca and get #ab2140 passed.

  • John May

    Yea, We had to take over the #FreeSunder campaign after PETA collected $6 mil then started dropping the ball. #FinSec