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Man to Live in Melting Iceberg to Urge Action on Climate Change

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Desperate times call for desperate measures, so a man has decided to go live on a melting iceberg for 12 months to document how urgent the issue of climate change is.

“I came to a point in my life where I feel the urge to act. To do something,” explains Alex Bellini, the Italian adventurer who will take on the challenge of living off the coast of Greenland for a whole year in a video about his mission. “I rowed across two oceans, I crossed the vastness of Alaska, the Sahara desert. I want, I dream one day of reaching the North Pole, the South Pole and I wish my daughters and my daughters’ daughters can have the same possibility. So for me, now is the time to act.”

Bellini has named his project ‘Adrift 2015’ since it will be on the spring of 2015 that he will find an iceberg to call home. As he said in a recent interview, however, there’s also a deeper meaning to the title.

“My objective is reporting and investigating, by means of scientific methods, the entire lifetime of an iceberg. I want to prove how the pace of ice-melting has dramatically accelerated over the last decades,” he said. “We’ll also play the symbolic card: the adventure of a man floating adrift on an iceberg will come to represent the condition of the whole humankind going adrift on an endangered planet.”

Bellini will live in a Kevlar-reinforced survival capsule similar to the lunar models and its insulation along with 661 pounds of dry food will keep him alive for the following year. The capsule will be on the iceberg and once that melts, the capsule will be released into the ocean where it will stay adrift until Bellini is rescued.

For most of that time, Bellini will be alone but for short periods of time, he will welcome bloggers, journalists and researchers to his humble and cold abode so they can keep the outside world informed of how everything is going.

Bellini hopes that the project will inspire people and as a result “that this will become the era of responsibility where each of us can take up his personal responsibility to try to reverse this trend.”

Via Tree Hugger

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