Jesse Eisenberg plays an extreme environmentalist in his new movie, and is an "accidental" one in real life.
by Brianne Hogan
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Actor Jesse Eisenberg‘s new flick, “Night Moves,” in which he plays an environmentalist, looks to have rubbed off on him in real life.

The movie, which is being released internationally in August and September, stars the “Social Network” actor as an angry, anti-social environmental terrorist alongside Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard, who plan to execute their biggest protest yet: the explosion of a hydroelectric dam.

Eisenberg said that he prepared for the role by staying at a farm in Oregon where a large amount of deforestation was taking place.

”I grew up on the East Coast, and you rarely see trucks pulling tonnes of trees that have been pulled out of the ground but in Oregon, when you’re driving on a highway, you pass trucks like that,” he said.  “So I understand how people get passionate about that cause.”

As for his everyday life, Eisenberg says that he’s an environmentalist for practical reasons.

‘I would say I’m accidentally active. Only because I ride a bike in New York since it’s more efficient, and I shop at nice grocery stores because they’re the ones that sell organic local produce. So I’m aware and environmentally conscious and probably active but without the intention.”

As long as you are living a greener lifestyle, we say, whatever works for you, Jesse!

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