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Paul McCartney launches a Meat Free Monday campaign.Paul McCartney launches a Meat Free Monday campaign.

WATCH: Paul McCartney Wants You To Take the Meat Free Monday Pledge

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Former Beatle and famous vegetarian Paul McCartney is asking us to ‘come together’ to take the Meat Free Monday Climate Pledge.

McCartney, as well as his daughters, Stella McCartney and Mary McCartney, along with Gregory Barker, climate advisor to U.K. Prime Minster David Cameron, launched an online campaign this week asking people to forgo meat in their diet for at least one day a week.

The campaign (which is also being touted by actor Mark Ruffalo) was kicked off ahead of the UN Climate Summit taking place later this month in New York City. The official launch went down at the London vegetarian restaurant, Tibits, and was attended by environmental NGO leaders and noted supporters like Chrissie Hynde.

It’s the campaign’s hope that weekly meat free meals are an easy way for people to reduce their carbon footprint since meat production contributes significantly to global environment degradation and climate change. Barker will present the final results of the campaign at the summit.

So, let’s help Paul out (as well as our planet) and go meat free. Besides, a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle is healthier, and tastier!

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  • BernardP

    I admire Paul McCartney as an artist, and it might be good for one’s health to go without meat one day a week.

    But such a symbolic gesture will have only feel-good value and no impact on climate. Climate Change/Global Warming has become a religion of sorts, and this kind of abstinence has religious connotations.

    It’s similar the the no-meat Fridays of our youths.

    And the science is not settled at all:


  • Dr. Anxiety

    Fuk you, you fukn fuk. Wealth and success doesnt buy intelligence.

  • Walther11

    Well that settles it, I’m having a nice big filet mignon on Monday.

  • paasingby

    Just ridiculous-


    “Did you know …

    …that nearly half of the lower 48 states is grazing land: range, pasture, hay, and grazed forest?

    …that range, pasture, hay, and grazed forest land are located where they are primarily because of climate or topography and by landowners’ decisions about land use?

    …that properly managed grazing is one of the most energy-efficient ways of producing food and fiber?

    …that grazing lands help improve water supplies for residential, commercial, agricultural, and recreational uses?

    …that many wildlife species rely on grazing lands for habitat and food?

    …that carbon sequestration (absorption of atmospheric carbon by soil and plants) occurs when farmers and ranchers practice good grazing land management? And that carbon sequestration is a key to mitigating climate change?

    …that grazing lands could be developed by farmers and ranchers as a source of biomass energy and raw materials, which could reduce U.S. reliance on imported products?”

  • Will Malven

    Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.

  • Patricia Salopek

    This is a great idea. I plan to follow Paul and go meat free on Mondays. Thanks Paul! You’re awesome.

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