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LUSH Cosmetics is all about “Give generously, Use generously,” and they’re calling on Ecorazzi readers to help determine their next big philanthropic gift.LUSH Cosmetics is all about “Give generously, Use generously,” and they’re calling on Ecorazzi readers to help determine their next big philanthropic gift.

LUSH Cosmetics to Donate $5K to Ecorazzi Reader's Charity of Choice

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Conscientious cosmetic company LUSH never ceases to exceed expectations. Whether it’s advocating for animals by being vocally against all animal testing or ensuring customer satisfaction with products made from the cleanest ingredients, this global bath and beauty brand is all about protecting human and non-human hides alike.

Then there’s LUSH’s Charity Pot, a potion and a program all in one! A rich hand and body lotion — recently rebalanced to be self-preserving (along with the rest of LUSH’s line) — each Charity Pot contains even more good than meets the eye. Indeed, for every Charity Pot purchased, LUSH donates 100% of proceeds (after taxes) to nonprofits in need of some extra TLC. Whether operating on behalf of animal welfare, human rights or environmental conservation initiatives, so long as an organization applying for support meets LUSH’s guidelines,* they’re able to benefit from money raised selling this luxurious skin saver.

New Charity Pot

Since 2007, LUSH has contributed over $5.8 million to more than 600 grassroots charities in 35 countries. That’s a lot of pots! Now, with your input, LUSH is game to give $5000 to the charity of one lucky Ecorazzi reader’s choice.* Simply comment on this post, on our Facebook share of this post or reply to our tweet about this post and you’ll be automatically entered to win this spectacular chance to give back to the nonprofit nearest and dearest to you. We’ll even dedicate a post to you and said org via social media streams, announcing you two as the “chosen ones.”

LUSH Charity Pot Lid

To give you a glimpse of the kinds of groups positively impacted by Charity Pot participation, we tapped a few of the many fortunate orgs to snag the scoop firsthand from them.

Beagle Freedom Project rescues dogs — usually beagles who have never experienced safety or affection — from laboratories and shares their stories to promote alternatives to animal testing.

“LUSH is a truly ethical company,” says Shannon Keith, President and Founder of BFP. “[LUSH is] deeply invested in the[se] charities, giv[ing] charit[ies] a voice [and] creat[ing] true partnerships.”

The British Columbia-based Ancient Forest Alliance is another great group that’s witnessed how the Charity Pot effects tangible change. Working to protect the endangered old-growth forests of BC and ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province, Executive DirectorKen Wu had this to say about LUSH’s assistance, above and beyond generating funds and awareness:

“LUSH has sent legions of staff and supporters to attend hikes, come to rallies, write letters and speak to political decision-makers.”

Additionally, Wu adds, “Because we are a nonprofit without charitable status — which in Canada would restrict our freedom of speech and advocacy to pressure political decision-makers — LUSH has been one of few willing to support us without [receiving] a charitable tax write-off, which [makes] their support all the more valuable!”

For our third and final success story, President and Founder of Darwin Animal Doctors Tod Emko praises the Charity Pot, dubbing it “An ethical product that funds life-saving and environment-protecting projects, [as well as demonstrates the fact] that cosmetics can be humane.”

He further credits the company for amassing DAD — which provides comprehensive veterinary care for animals of the Galapagos Islands — far-reaching exposure. “With the credibility of LUSH behind our efforts, we have become an internationally recognized NGO,” he beams.

And, if all of this warm and fuzzy stuff wasn’t enough, LUSH sources ingredients for their Charity Pots from small-scale farmers that LUSH directly supports through something called the SLush fund. But more on that another day!

LUSH's Charity Pot Small

So, share your charity pick below, or on Facebook or on Twitter, and we’ll announce the winner via social media streams come October 3. Please be sure to include in your comment your full name and (if not submitted via Twitter) your Twitter handle.

The fine print…

LUSH Cosmetics and the Charity Pot hand and body lotion are all about “Give generously, Use generously,” and they’re calling on Ecorazzi readers for their next big philanthropic gift. Now’s your chance to shine a LUSH light on a charity that you feel is deserving and in need of this important awareness and funds. 

How to enter:

Entry details, rules and regulations:

  • Winner will be decided by LUSH and Ecorazzi representatives (this is to ensure that the charity meets the Charity Pot guidelines listed below).*
  • Open to US residents only.
  • Check out the Charitable Givings guidelines* to see if the organization you have in mind meets our ethical standards.
  • Contest opens Wednesday, September 17 and closes Wednesday, October 1.

*Charitable Givings guidelines:

  • Not be involved in animal testing, research or any actions harmful to animal welfare. (This means we cannot donate to medical charities.)
  • Only participate in non-violent action (if the charity engages in direct-action campaigning).
  • Be environmentally responsible.
  • Respect human rights.
  • Not be affiliated with a central faith-based organization.
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  • Maya Gottfried

    Animals Asia!

  • Colleen Sullivan Williamson

    Hope Animal Rescues of Godfrey, IL

  • Guest

    Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, CA

  • Evelyn Torrice Shermer

    Hope Animal Rescues, of Godfrey, IL

  • Katherine

    Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, CA

    -Katherine Pankow

  • Caitlin

    Hope Animal Rescues of Godfrey, IL

  • Gita Devi

    Humane Society of Schuyler County in Montour Falls, NY

  • Sandi Bruegger

    Hope Animal Rescues of Godfrey IL

  • Marla Timberlake Stout

    Kansas City Pet Project

  • Joy L Laudahl

    Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue in Sheridan Or

  • bogart

    Humane Society of the United States

  • Kathie

    Hope Animal Rescues, Godfrey Illinois

  • Dog Lover101

    Hope Animal Rescues, Godfrey, IL ♥

  • Janel Freeman

    Hope Animal Rescues, Godfrey IL

  • Johnathan

    Please donate to Mercy For Animals … mercyforanimals.org . Thanks!

  • Haley

    SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary – Manchester, MI

  • Rachael Murray

    SASHA Farm animal sanctuary, Manchester Michigan

    • Danielle

      Hope Animal Rescues, Godfrey, IL

  • Michelle Pannell


  • ren marshall

    Sasha animal sanctuary- Manchester MI

  • Deb

    New Moon Farm Goat Rescue, Arlington WA

  • Christine

    SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary Manchester, MI

  • Emglow

    Sasha Farms, MI

  • Jessica Danko

    SASHA farm! Manchester, MI

  • Adey May

    Guardians of the voiceless in India

  • Leslie

    Sasha Farm…they do amazing work!

  • Melanie

    SASHA FARM – MI!!!!

  • Alicia

    SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary (Manchester, MI)

  • Kris A.

    SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary -Manchester, MI

  • Katie

    SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary in Manchester, MI!! With a special shout out to my girl Charlotte 🙂

  • Kari M

    SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary -Manchester, MI

  • Kate Watts

    I’m Kate Watts and I’d like to nominate Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, PA!

  • guest

    Hope Animal Rescues of Godfrey IL

  • Kate Lesko

    HOPE animal rescue in godfrey il!

  • Karen

    Hope Animal Rescues of Godfrey IL

  • olga

    Hope Animal Rescues, Godfrey, Illinois

  • Kate Watts

    I’m Kate Watts and I nominate Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, PA!

  • Daniel

    Hope Rescues, Godfrey, Illinois

  • Deirdre Mahn

    Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in PA

  • Tessa

    New Moon Farm in Arlington, Washington 🙂

  • P. Cobb

    SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary (Manchester, MI). Well deserving and in need of of the awareness and funds. Thank you!

  • Katt McLean

    I’d like to nominate Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, PA.

  • Greta Pittenger

    New Moon Farm Goat Rescue & Sanctuary in Arlington, Washington!

  • fastharryDOTcom

    the crew at fastharryDOTcom supports the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary…We have personally donated to them and have friends that have visited them firsthand in PA. A GREAT place!…

  • Sarah

    Indraloka Animal Sanctuary- Mehoopany, PA

  • Vivi Amundsen

    Sea Shepherd CS – For the Oceans <3

  • Robin

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Devon

    Humane society of the U.S.

  • Timo

    Sea Shepherd CS – For the Oceans

  • dennis

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Vappu Estola

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Lisa m

    Sea shepherd conservation society

  • InformedNotFooled

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Steve k

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Sam

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society

  • Nadi

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society… rescuing the ocean and its wildlife should be one of our priorities – If the ocean dies we die!

  • wanda warner

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society!

  • Daniel Tanner

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Sea Shepard

    Sea Shepard conservation society

  • Malloween

    SEA SHEPARD conservation society

  • Tamme

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • jennerforwhales


  • Liv

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Francis Mason

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society! Its time we care for sea life!

  • Beate Dietrich

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Irena

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Megan Hollenback

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Lilia Letsch

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • frederique

    My vote is for the heroes of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

  • valeriemyra

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Protecting the oceans is vital to the survival of this planet

  • tscouts4

    Sea Shepherd Society

  • mr freeze

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Mr. Paul Watson – they deserve the money because they are the only one interact actively and save the oceans! They really need the money!!!

  • Elise Allen

    I nominate http://www.returntofreedom.org PLEASE donate to support help to America’s wild mustangs in peril. Funds desperately needed. #justice4mustangs Thankyou.

  • Lee

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Jazmine

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Patricia

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Sea shepherd

    Sea shepherd

  • lara

    Sea Shepherd France!!!! They will buy boats to save the whales in the Faroese!!! Well invested money – it’s worth it!

  • sulu

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!!!!! Please!

  • Marie-Pier Fradet

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: They are amazing at what they do but need more support! They protect the lives in our oceans…No Ocean… No us…!

  • Amanda Proctor

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society! If the oceans die, we die!

  • sandra

    My vote: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – Our real heroes!!!

  • John

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Sea Shepherd Australia.

  • Nadine Robinson

    “Sea Shepherd Conservation Society”

  • miss lissy

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society! If the oceans die – we die!

  • kendra

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • otto

    sea shepherd

  • Maya

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Barb

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, all the money goes to ships and equipment to save lives of whales every year, fighting for them, this year again
    protecting our dolphins in Taiji, the massacre of families while others are taken into captivity. No one gets the job done like they do..all the creatures in the ocean thank you!!

  • Marcela silva

    Sea shepard conservation society

  • victoria

    Sea shepherd conservation society!!!

  • jules

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.The dolphins in Taiji need our help.

  • Andree-Anne

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, they do an amazing job at protecting our oceans.

  • Ron

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – SAVE OUR OCEANS PLEASE!!!

  • Elodie Rolet

    Sea Sheperd Conservation Society

  • Agni

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, definitely!

  • Kathleen

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society

  • Sandy McElhaney

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Charley

    Sea shepherd!

  • norgeek

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Kelly Bee
  • Eileen Maynard Lewellen

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, please. 🙂

  • Peter Urschitz

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Erin Elise Gundry Morrison

    Sea Shepherd

  • Adriane

    “Sea Shepherd Conservation Society “..!!!

  • Michael

    Sea Shepherd Society

  • Seb

    Sea shepherd conversation society !!!

  • Fabien

    Sea Shepperd Conservation Society, for our futur

  • Cher

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society.

  • Marty Soulshine Salmiak Abl

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 🙂

  • Cami

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terri Brink

    Sea Shepherd conservation Society, please. They do a great deal to protect the ocean’s creatures.

  • Tan Smith

    Ric Obarry’s Dolphin project

  • Monica Latosky

    Please help the Sea Shepherd…we need for them to continue in the fight to help save our ocean!!

  • lexi

    Sea shepard! !!

  • John

    Richard O’barry dolphin project should recieve those founds

  • Cam

    Please donate to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an amazing organization making giant steps forward in shifting social thought and action not only nationally, but internationally. Please help them defend ocean wildlife worldwide. “If the oceans die we die” as their leader Paul Watson says.

  • Bluebird

    Sea Shepherd

  • Terry.

    Sea Shepherd…the best…!!

  • aitkenl

    Sea Shepherd. Documenting the horrific capture and slaughter of cetaceans in Taiji Japan and Faroe Islands. Saving our oceans!

  • Maggie

    Sea Shepherd, fighting to preserve our oceans.

  • Vivi

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

    • Crispin JG Paton-Smith

      Agreed Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Janet Austin-Grimsley

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to fight the slaughters and captivity of our sea animals…dolphins, whales, sharks, etc.

  • mel

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society! The only ones out there actually doing anything!

  • Rwan

    Definitely Sea Shepherd ! o/

  • Kaisa Hall

    Sea Shepard! Please help to save our ocean friends!

  • Jacey Windrow

    Beauty is as beauty does. BEAUTIFUL DOLPHIN PROTECTO5S

  • Kim


  • Mymy

    Hi! IDA-Africa, helping the Sanaga Yong center in Cameroon in their mission of saving apes and warning about threats like palm oil, poaching, corruption…They deserve it! 😀

  • AL

    I vote for Sea Shepard. They are doing incredible work trying to reduce the sadistic and cruel killing of sentient beings in Japan and Faroe Islands.

  • Annemarie Manners

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

  • Therese

    sea shepard..please

  • Flo

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!!! Please!!!
    They protect our oceans!!!

  • ldstarr18

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Dries

    Sea shepherd, they are the only ones who actually do anything!

  • Tim Parker

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Relentless in their efforts to save cetaceans and the oceans all earth lives depend on for survival.

  • Lyndal

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society 🙂 🙂

  • Stefan

    Staying with:Sea Shepard Conversation Society… rescuing the ocean and its wildlife should be one of our priorities – If the ocean dies we die!

  • Mrs Downe

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • irene

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society !

  • Brandi

    Sea Sheperd Conservation Society!!!! ❤❤❤

  • Jérémie V.

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have the most effective impact to help the ocean’s biodiversity. Please help them.

  • Raven


  • Carrie Edgerton

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • clare Yarker

    Sea Shepard conservation society! That are fantastic!

  • Krysti blumsom

    Sea shepherd conservation society!

  • Zlatan Celebic

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, for all great work they do!

  • Ana

    Sea Shepard Conservaton Society

  • Jo Green

    Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project please 🙂

  • hovaard

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, please.

  • Dianne

    Sea shepherd all the way!!!

  • Douglas

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Jodee O’Connor

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

  • Manon

    Sea shepherd conservarion society !!!

  • polytrauma

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society

  • Juanita Legarreta

    Ecorazzi,how wonderful!
    Please please Sea Shepard Conservation Society!!!Educating and Protecting,trying to save the Oceans for All People…

  • Lindsey

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Laila

    Sea Sheperd Conservation Society……they work very hard at keeping a balance in our precious oceans and safe guarding the precious species that provide the necessary equalizer for life on our Earth.

  • Ciaran

    Sea shepherd please

  • Hayden

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

  • Priscilla Prisms

    Sea Shepherds Conservation Society need on-going help!

  • Carettacaretta

    Sea Shepherd CS

  • Catitza

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, please. They need more ships to continue the great work they are doing of saving dolphins, whales, seals…etc. from the cruel slaughters going on in the world.

  • scott

    Sea shepard conservation society. Direct action works!

  • Matthew

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

  • Lauren

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: Do what you can to protect what you love!

  • Jörg

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!!

  • 3monkeys

    Sea Shepherd Society.

  • Eva Chevallier-Kausel

    Please donate to Sea Shepherd!!!

  • Dani Daniels

    Sea ShEpherd!

  • glenn

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

  • Elaine Greenwood

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Kelly Robinson

    Sea Shepard

  • Gringo

    Sea Shepard please!

  • Mike

    Hope Rescues Godfrey Illinois

  • Kristi Bailey

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society

  • Emily

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • vic

    Guess who! The one and only Neptunes army, sea shepherd conservation society! 🙂

  • kim

    Sea shepard conservation society!! They take action! Im so glad they exsist! You feel so helpless sometime but when you see how hard they fight it gives you back hope that you actually can do something!

  • Elizabeth Flagg

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society please!

  • Kendall Marie

    Sea Shepard conservation society

  • Benjamin L

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Heather Stender

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!

  • Caroline

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society

  • jeckha

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society

  • Stephane Jacquet

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Jessy 269

    Sea Shepherd they take such hard risks to defend our Oceans, being called criminals and going to jail. please support theses brave people who put their lives on the line!

  • Ashley McBride

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – keeping the ocean and planet LUSH! Xx

  • Agnes

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 🙂

  • Sir Laggalot

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society! 🙂

  • Tess

    Sea shepherd 😀

  • Sarah

    Sea Shepard conversation society – real life superheros!

  • SDM

    My charity pick…..hands down….Sea Shepherd!!! So many great charities to choose from, but few are as direct as SSCS!! Thank you for the chance to give my two cents!

  • Kat

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society… taking the rescue of the ocean seriously – and doing great work with minimal support!

  • Fran Poulin

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Help save the oceans and their inhabitants.

  • Tk1946

    Must be Sea Shepherd.The cetaceans cannot cannot fight for their own future.

  • Monica Maxey

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society! They will put the money to good use. Time is of the essence too. Thank you.

  • oianwer

    Save the Manatee Club!!!

  • lasr

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Md

    Sea Shepard!

  • HybridCreature

    SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary!

  • Alyssa Moore

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, please!!! 😀

  • Lauren

    Sea Shepherd conservation society

  • Mae

    I vote SASHA farm in Manchester MI. It would be lovely if this were weighted by budget, donor/volunteer base, staff size, etc. Sasha is teeny tiny compared to Sea Shepard – which is awesome and hardcore! Just sayin’

  • Sheila Fisher

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!

  • Dawn Anstine Church

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!

  • Chris

    Sea Sheperd Conversation Society

  • Alice Sea

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society needs the help of all and donations are necessary to continue their work to save the oceans. Without the oceans, all life dies. Remember Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in your deliberations.

  • Johnna Shelton

    Sea Shepards! Wonderful group!

  • Johnna Shelton

    Sea Shepards Conservation Society!

    • Chris W

      Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Mariusz7

    Sea Sheperd Conservation Society!

  • Laura Lavacca

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society! The work they do to ensure safety of our ocean life is amazing. SSCS has educated me on so much that occurs worldwide to our cetaceans. My new passion aswell.

  • Dean

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Thanks 🙂

  • Kendra

    Sea Shepard conservation society

  • Leanne

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • SFA

    Sea Shepherd! (or Animals Asia)

  • Alyssa

    Sea Shephred Conservation Society

  • Citeol

    Everyone suggesting SSCS, it violates the rule that they “Only participate in non-violent action (if the charity engages in direct-action campaigning).”

    Don’t support terrorism.

  • JulianaSara

    Sea Sheperd Conservation Society please

  • Chandra

    Sea shepherd conservation society

  • Nigel Pert

    Please give all the money you can to Sea Sheppherd, who are doing an excellent job attempting to combat the stupity and selfishnes of certain elements of the human race.

  • Melinda Williams

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society!

  • Yashar

    Please donate to Sea Shepherd!!

  • Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Soma

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society.

  • Kelly Paolisso

    Sea Shepard conservation Society. They use the money wisely.

  • Debbie

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society.

  • IreneRodd

    Sea Shepherd!! Thank you LUSH!!

  • Carla

    Sea shepherd!

  • Marcie Callewaert

    Sea Shepherd!

  • Amy Lambermont

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – defending the oceans of the world for the world!

  • Christina bringslimark

    Sea Shepard!

  • layne4

    Because of their commitment and passion in protecting our oceans and the residents who live there, I nominate Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

  • Marc Hill

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society

  • kayeg13

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society!

  • Vicky

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Keeping our oceans alive.

  • Francesca Mcelhatten

    Sea Shepherd conservation Society, please.

  • seedsong

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society PLEASE! Help save and protect the only sentient beings on this planet that are more intelligent, kinder and playful than human beings. Their brains are 3 X’s larger than ours, they communicate with sound and don’t start wars or plan how to kill each other.

  • V.

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

  • Sharon Maloff Cram

    Sea Shepherd gets my vote!

  • Karen Faith

    Sea Shepard!

  • Megan

    PLEASE choose Sea Shepard Conservation Society. They are doing heroic things to save the ocean’s amazing wildlife and deserve this funding.

  • Lexi Collins

    – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society #seashepherd ♡♡♡

  • Jenn

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society…they are doers and shakers! 🙂

  • Megan

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society please 🙂

  • Chris Yates

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society

  • Kouka

    Sea shepherd conservation society

  • Andi

    Sea Shepherd please, fighting to save our oceans for all of our futures. Without a sustainable ecosystem this planet is pretty doomed yet profits are always given precedence. Sea Shepherd volunteers work around the world in often hostile conditions (both natural and human) and the more support that is shown them the better.

  • Brandon

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

  • Paige Foss

    Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians

  • Bogdan Urban

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

  • Melissa

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • michelle wandler

    Sea Shepherd conservation society please !

  • Shiv

    Sea Shepard please. The true warriors of ocean!

  • lisa

    Thank you for your generosity. My choice of charity is the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

  • Annie

    Sea Shepherd

  • er

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Marta Carrasco

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society! They are doing a great deal to protect the ocean and all the creatures living in it. They are currently monitoring the dolphin slaughtering in Taiji, Japan. If it wasn’t for people like the cove guardians, the world would not know what’s happening in there.

  • Ashley

    The Arrow Fund – Louisville, KY

  • Janine Raynor

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is working soooo hard to save our oceans and the beautiful creatures that live in it! If the oceans die, we die!

  • Sarah Bush

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Peggy Seville

    Thanks Lush, so much for helping Sea Shepard Conservation to save our wildlife in our oceans….. Sea Shephard is our only hope!

  • Captn P McBlinky

    Sea Shepherd and Captain Watson 🙂

  • Catherine Braithwaite

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society….please!!

  • Lauren Foley Fielder

    Sea Shepard!!

  • Steve Hansen Smythe

    Another vote for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, if you please. They’d be a good ethical fit for LUSH, given its stand against animal testing (http://www.lush.ca/Still-Fighting-Against-Animal-Testing/about-animal-introduction,en_CA,pg.html)

  • Patricia Verkuijl

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Taylah

    Sea Shepherd please 🙂

  • Taher Kesuri

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society

  • Noah Waters

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

  • Reg

    I vote for Sea Shepard, they are incredibly brave and the work they do is so important.

  • Liberty

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!!!

  • Lotti Welliver Keenan

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, please. They do a phenomenal job to educate us, and protect our environment. I love what they do, even though many of their stories make me cry.

  • Alyson

    SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary Manchester, MI

  • Clair

    Sea Shepherd conservation Society, it’s time we gave back to the world.

  • Jennifer

    Sea Shepherd Conversation Society. For 35 years Captain Paul Watson has been heading the world’s most active marine non-profit organization. They work tirelessly and make a lot of personal sacrifices with just one expectation – saving ocean wildlife. All proceeds go to buying and maintaining ships, equipment, etc… They are most deserving.

  • Grace Keast

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society! I know that you already are great supporters of their work and long may that continue. Thank you for your commitment and longterm thinking for the environment 🙂

  • Deborah Shambora

    Please give your gift to Sea Shepherd and help save our oceans and the whales and dolphins that call them home. They stand strong in the fight for compassion and preservation.

  • September Dawn

    Hope Animal Rescues of Godfrey IL

  • Mad Dog

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Tristan

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society please

  • Kristyn Cornejo

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Dani

    Sea Shepherd please!

  • Marnie

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society

  • Roger Williams

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Sandra Dojcinovic

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Carmen Luisa Arias Pérez

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society YEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

  • Mélanie

    Sea shepard conservation society

  • Christa Umlauf

    Sea Shepperd Conservation Society

  • Sarah McLaughlin

    Sea Shepard conservation society 🙂

  • Djamila

    Sea Sheperd conservation society ! Protégeons les océans et la vie:)

  • Roland Stanbridge

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is the champion of whales and dolphins and needs support

  • Rachel Sabout

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

  • Karoline

    Sea Shepherd Conversation Society.

  • Sara

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society, please!

  • Lucia cabeza

    Sea sheperd conservation society

  • himitsu

    Sea Shepherd conservation society please!

  • Abhi Maha

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Andrea Hale

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Ralf Purcell

    Sea Shepherd protecting the sea’s their inhabitants for everyone’s future… God bless xx <3 xx

  • Hannah Beth Walker

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The work they do protecting dolphins and whales is challenging and invaluable.

  • Katie Adams

    SEA SHEPHERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society please

  • Aram Thuesen

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Please!

  • Ian Tarplee

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society…..they currently do most for least to protect Whales, Dolphins, Turtles and most marine life. Remember if the oceans die we follow soon after.

  • Rob

    Sea shepherd conservation society please. No better place for the money than with Captain Paul Watson!!!

  • Patrick

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – for the protection of our oceans!

  • Alexia

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The only ones actually doing something hands on to help save marine life and Oceans world wide.

  • Helena

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, most definitely. Without them the whales, dolphins, sharks, seals and many more marine life woul be much worse off.

  • Charlotte RICAUD

    Sea Shepherd Conversation Society

  • Valerie Gray

    Sea Shepherd Conversation Society, we must preserve sea and oceans and their wildlife

  • Fabio Henrique Francisco

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Riberware


  • Isabelle

    Go for Sea shepard!!!

  • Martina Braun

    PLEASE Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!! They are protecting our oceans and it’s wildlife!

  • Tammy

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society / because they are the only group who’s donations solely go to their volunteers for each campaign and the only group out on the front line in the oceans defending our ocean inhabitants!
    They deserve every penny thank you Lush xxx

  • Renee

    Sea Shepherd Conservation society please!!

  • Robin

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society please!

  • Katie Jolly Mirault

    Sea Shepperd Conservation Society, for a better world

  • taz6648

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Angelika

    Please choose Sea Shepherd Conservation Society !!! They truly deserve to receive your donation !!!

  • Natasha Kimura

    Sea Shepard conservation society to protect whales and our oceans

  • Ruth

    Sea Shepherd, please we must save our oceans !!

  • Julia

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

  • Lucia

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. No ocean, no life!

  • Chien Brun

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • vera

    Sea Shepherd please.. risking their lives working for our wildlife..

  • Cécile Cahu

    For Sea Shepherd please, it’s very URGENT !

  • Di

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Harald Schoonhoven

    “Sea Shepherd Conservation Society”

  • Tim

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Stefanie

    Sea Shepherd Conversation Society

  • Gabby

    Sea Shepard needs all the support they can get, brave souls who protects our oceans and wildlife.

  • Scott

    Sea Shepard conservation society

  • Dawn Younce

    The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society needs this money. Please consider them. Their work is saving the lives of countless dolphins, whales and other marine life worldwide! Thank you.

  • Eric

    Sea Shepperd Conservation Society OF COURSE!!!!

  • Steph Wireman

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!! The ONLY non-profit in the WORLD actually on the front lines to save OUR Oceans!! Shepherd ON!! <3

  • Tweetforhope1

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

  • Ansio

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Suzy Roof Coman


  • Diane Fraleigh

    Sea Shepherd all the way! They are saving the ocean, and if the ocean dies, we die.

  • neil

    We need help to protect our planet from the people who only care about money, themselves and their own short lives so “sea shepard” NEEDS this money to protect our fragile planet and stop humans killing off our ocean creatures because we are damaging the natural balance of nature, these guys are helping to protect this so its the best to donate to these awesome people doing good in our world!

  • Liz Preston

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society.

  • Janlynn

    Please consider “Sea Shepherd Conservation Society”

  • Margot

    Sea Shepard please

  • Lauren

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Becky

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society! – We need to support the Biodiversity of this planet for all our sakes. Help the Sea Shepard do this for us.

  • Rea Atwood

    Rea Atwood votes for Hope Animal Rescues in Godfrey, IL. Saving precious doggies on what would be their last day of life.

  • Becky

    Sea Shepherd Conversation Society. We need to help protect the planets biodiversity. Please support the Sea Shepherd who do a fantastic job in protecting the animals of the Ocean, for all our sakes.

  • Marine Roussely

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, for my daughter, for this futur.

  • Anthony Church

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society please!!

  • Andi Tubeeckx

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, for Nature!

  • Kimberly Meistrell

    Indraloka Animal Sanctuary! They are such a beautiful place.

  • Melody McGowan

    Hope Rescues Godfrey Illinois – rescuing dogs from animal control on their last day of life. Hope provides a safe haven, rehabilitation, veterinarian care, compassionate & love for each rescued dog until a new forever home is found.

  • Teresa Wagner

    My vote is for Sea Shepherd, the only organization on the front lines saving the lives of dolphins and whales. An almost all volunteer organization, money is needed for equipment and boats.

  • Lee

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

  • Amanda

    Sea shepherd!!!

  • Nath

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society.

  • Houston Wong

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society please!

  • Pamela Winn

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society to save the Dolphins & Whales!

  • Hazel

    Sea shepherd, would be great! Once the wales are gone, there will be no way to get them back. They need us now more than ever!!

  • Louise

    Indraloka Animal Sanctuary- Mehoopany, PA

  • Phil

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Shika

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society gets my vote. They work around the clock, all year round, protecting our oceans, globally.

  • Sea Shepard conservatiosociety

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society is my pick!! SS fights for the voiceless and helpless dolphins n whales all over the world. SS fights to preserve what’s left of the Pureness n kindness in this cold n greedy world.

  • Elora West

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!!!

  • Sea Shepard conservatiosociety

    Sea Shepard society is the hero of the sea!

  • Sea Shepard conservation group

    Sea Shepard conversation group fighting to save the helpless n innocent from barbaric torture n cruel deaths

  • Sea Shepard conservation group

    I vote for sea Shepard society works tirelessly to protect the innocent gentle dolphins n whales from cruel horrific deaths

  • Sea Shepard conservation group

    Sea Shepard conservation society! Thank you for your courageous work of saving our marine mammals!!

  • Blackfish

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!

  • SuzanneSmith

    Sea Shepherd hands down. They act, they are doing great good…they harm no one. SEA SHEPHERD

  • Barb Murphy

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society please <3

  • Christian

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society! They genuinely care about the future of marine life and the health of our oceans, and no one does better work in their field than them!

  • Eadaoin Flynn

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – for the oceans

  • S

    Sea Shepherd!

  • Katherine Chesser

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • A

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society

  • Vanii G.

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society! Our oceans are dying! We can’t live without our oceans.
    Sea Shepard and it’s crew are out there everyday, committed to helping bring awareness by voicing their opinion and taking legal action to defend the oceans and all it’s creatures.

  • jennifer – mauritius

     Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – Heroes!!!

  • llee0123

    Sea Shepherd Conservation society! I <3 LUSH

  • Holly Jones


  • mia

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society PLEASE!

  • HelenaMalenakova

    The Money should go to the Group of People who actually make a real difference – i. e. to the Sea Shepherd.

  • Indraloka Sanctuary

    Indraloka Animal Sanctuary provides “heaven on earth” for farm animals that have nowhere else to turn. We inform, inspire, and empower the community, especially children, on ways in which we can better care for ourselves and the environment while helping animals in need. We advocate for a kind and compassionate diet that protects animals, the earth, and our own health.

    Since our inception, Indraloka has provided educational programs to over 2,000 children and 1,000 adults while rescuing and caring for more than 600 animals through their natural lifespans. All of these animals would otherwise have had nowhere else to turn. Today, nearly 200 animals, of 11 species, call the sanctuary home and enjoy their roles in teaching children about topics as varied as ecology, health and wellness, biology, compassion, and even interpersonal skills and conflict resolution. Founded in 2005, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is a private, non-profit, charitable (501c3) organization.

    Indraloka is unique in that, as a working organic farm, animal sanctuary with multiple species, and environmental education center, it connects the dots between environmental responsibility, personal health and wellbeing, and compassion.

  • Miss Bird

    Please give to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!!!

  • Peter Michelsen

    Please please give it to Sea Shepherd! They are the David fighting Goliath and it takes a long time and hard work, but, you know what…infinite patience is all it takes (but patience costs a lot), So please, If you love the dolphins and the whales and life in the sea – make choose Sea Shepherd!

  • Anne

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Alex

    Thank you to sea shepherd for your hands on approach to conservation!! Please pick them!!

  • phoenixlake

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Actions speak louder than words. The World’s Governments corrupted, all talk, no action, talking, watching, participating in the wholesale destruction of our Oceans. Defend-Conserve-Protect Help Cove Guardians at Taiji Please Help Grindstop at Faroes Denmark.

  • Lucy

    Darwin Animal Doctors

  • Nick

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. For the protection of our oceans.

  • Lissy

    Sea Shepherd!!!

  • Michael Ciofalo

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Adrian

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society

  • Michele

    SEA SHEPHERD or SOI DOG FOUNDATION they both do an awesome job in two different fields of rescue……Thankyou

  • Yvette

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Jason Sykes

    Sea Shepherd

  • Sea Shepard Conversation Society

  • Lois Stubley

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society for the fantastic work they do protecting our ocean’s inhabitants!

  • Kathryn Erskine

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society should win for their great work

  • Donya Dandelion

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society is doing very important work. Please support them!

  • Maria

    Sea shepherd conservation society. Brave warriors of the sea creatures:-) they need support as never before. They have extended their protection.

  • Linda Varnis

    Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, providing safe haven to farm animals rescued from abuse or slaughter.

  • Lucas Brandão

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society. Paul Watson <3

  • hoop

    Sea sheperds!!!!

  • Vicky

    I love buying those charity pots every time I go to Lush! I would love that money to go to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society because like Captain Paul Watson always says: “If the oceans die, we die”

  • Gerry

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Purple Kumai

    The Dolphin Project – we have to raise awareness and stop the killing/enslavement of dolphins in Taiji, Japan.

  • Leah

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society

  • Wildbird

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society!

  • Dan

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society.

  • Kerrie Curran

    Orangutan Crisis Foundation.

  • Matthew Hiscock

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Joe

    Please support the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society who are helping to preserve the marine life in our oceans for the benefit of everyone on the planet.

  • Bree

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society

  • Despina

    Sea shepherd conservation society!!!
    Operation grindstop
    Taiji cove guardians!

  • Marie Lacoste

    Sea Shepherd Consevation Society

  • jonas

    Sea Shepherd – because they are taking action where words and politics fail

  • Anabela

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

  • AnaGirl Empath

    Sea Shepherd!!! If the Oceans die, WE die!

  • Victoria

    The Dollar Club, helping animals one dollar at a time.

  • Richard Mann

    Sea Shepherd!!!!! I Pray one Day, the Oceans will not need Sea Shepherd….that’s only if people EVER come to their senses and STOP RAPING AND STRIP MINING THE WONDERFUL OCEANS OF THE WORLD. Whales and Dolphins have saved human lives at Sea….We should ALL return the favour and STOP the faroese and Japan conducting their brutal murders.

  • Dawn Anstine Church

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!!

  • Teresa Anstine

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Dawn Anstine Church

    Sea shepherd

  • sheryl

    Yes I have the perfect charity and what an honor to participate! I’m off to order product from lush as well!

  • Lisa Scharin

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society!!! For standing up to the Danish Navy and Faroe Island Police and Denmark Police in defense of Pilot whales brutally slaughtered in what is known as “The Grind”.

  • Lisa Scharin

    Sea Shepard Conversation Society!!

  • Amanda

    I would like to vote for the amazing organization Touch of Life animal Sanctuary from Cairo, Egypt.

  • MQH

    I vote unanimously for SEA SHEPHERD CONSERVATION SOCIETY ~ You can see by the posts already here that they have gained a huge global presence resulting for sheer determination to do right by the whales, dolphins and citizens of our planet. They need to win this competition for your $5,000 donation. It is timely and it is vitally important as NOW is the whaling and dolphin hunting
    season – RIGHT NOW! We are all on the edges of our chairs watching the daily posts from their base operations sending our best wishes to their crew of very
    dedicated volunteers and other staff to please be safe and do the best that you are able. PLEASE HELP SEA SHEPHERD HELP OUR OCEANS AND ITS CETACEANS! Thank you LUSH COSMETICS! You are doing a fabulous job as well with your philanthropy. Cheers! Mary

  • SharkBumbi

    Sea Shepherd conservation society

  • Pascale

    Sea Shepherd ! What they are doing to protect dolphins, whales and our oceans is simply terrific !

  • Karen Guetzow

    Please donate to the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. Protect our ocean life. Thank you!

  • ookya

    Sea Shepard conservation society

  • The Kat

    Thank you for supporting. Sea Shepard in this nobel cause.

  • Katrin

    Sea shepherd conversation society

  • Brisbel

    Sea Shepherd Consevation Society 🙂

  • Wesken

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • Denis Hillman

    Sea Shepherd

  • Guest

    Sea Shepard Conservation Society!!!!!

  • Emanuela Animal-lover

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. <3

  • Magdalena Vithaj Weimarsson

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society!!

  • Britt Mari

    Earth Justice because even the environment needs a good lawyer!

  • Pattie Killeen Cowan

    Angels of Animals!

  • Melissa Finan-Watkowski

    Angels of Animals!

  • Michelle

    Angels of Animals in New Jersey

  • Michelle

    I nominate Angels of Animals Inc from Clifton, NJ! http://www.angelsofanimals.org

  • Trish

    Angels of Animals Inc. of Clifton NJ is a small, non-profit animal rescue dedicated to rescuing those that shelters cannot save. Blind, injured, birth defects, in need of lifesaving surgery. http://www.angelsofanimals.org

  • Gina Lynn

    New Life Animal Sanctuary – exclusively devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals formerly imprisoned in laboratories!!

  • cordelia

    New Life Animal Sanctuary! Let’s support a new org with a great mission few are tackling. http://www.newlifeanimalsanctuary.org

  • Tofukitty

    New Life Animal Sanctuary

  • Sheryl drew

    New Life Animal Sanctuary

  • Sherry

    New Life Animal Sanctuary In Lake Elsinore,Ca.
    An awesome organization helping animals after they are released from laboratories.

  • kate

    new life animal sanctuary. they are a wonderful organization who save animals from labs.

  • Joseph A. Della Ferra

    Angels for Animals does an exceptional job helping animals in New Jersey with donations only. Your help would be significant.

    • Joseph A. Della Ferra

      This worthy organization is located in Clifton, NJ.

  • Alison Aicard

    New Life Animal Sanctuary

  • Diane C Schroller-Tortorello

    Angels of Animals, Inc.

  • Ann

    Angels of Animals Inc./Clifton NJ.

  • Tammy Cook

    Angels of Animals Inc Clifton NJ

  • katlin

    Angels of Animals Clifton NJ

  • Michelle

    Angels of Animals, Inc.!!

  • Angels of Animals, Inc.

    Angels of Animals , Inc.
    Saving special needs animals! !!

  • Angels of Animals , Inc.

    Simply AMAZING

  • Todd Liszner

    angels of animals in Clifton

  • Amber

    The Small Animal Rescue society of BC

  • princess tracy

    Angels of animals, Clifton NJ

  • Terri Justiniano

    Angels of Animals, Inc/Clifton NJ

  • Chelsea B

    Angels of Animals/Clifton NJ

  • D. Watkowski

    Angels of animals, Clifton, NJ

  • Guillermo Gonzalez

    Angels of Animals/ Clifton NJ

  • Rich Bradley

    Angels of Animals Inc, Clifton NJ

  • Annette

    Angels of Animals/Clifton, NJ ~ rescuing, fostering and finding furever homes for animals of all kinds ~ my daughter and her friends LOVE LUSH!!!

  • Wienie

    Angels of animals/Clifton NJ

  • Carol McKnight

    Angels of Animals / Clifton NJ

  • June Staselis Darvalics

    Angels of Animals, Clifton NJ

  • Jenn May

    I nominate Angels of AnimalsClifton… they do amazing work and could truly benefit from this sizable donation.

  • Joseph A. Della Ferra

    Angels of Animals in Clifton, NJ, is a worthy organization that does its great rescue work with only donations. Please consider giving something to them.

  • Tami Fazio

    Angels of Animals Inc/ Clifton, NJ!!!!!

  • Carissa Parker Crawford

    Angels of Animals Inc/Clifton, NJ

  • Karen

    Angels of Animals Inc/Clifton NJ

  • Kevin

    Angels of Animals Inc. Clifton NJ

  • Murphy Crawford

    Angels of Animals Inc/Clifton NJ

  • Max Crawford

    Angels of Animals, Inc/Clifton, NJ

  • Peg Englishman

    Angels of Animals Inc./Clifton, NJ……….rescuing and nursing back to health is at the heart of this organization! The love and care they show for these helpless animals is matchless. The people are caring and put animals first!

  • AylaA

    Angels of Animals Clifton NJ

  • Jennifer Borgo Alston

    Angels of animals in Clifton NJ

  • Rowland

    Angels of Animals Inc/Clifton, NJ

  • Angels of animals inc/Clifton

    Angels of animals inc/Clifton nj 100% they need and deserve it! They help so many animals a year with special needs. They help
    Animals that other rescues would not give options besides euthanasia. They help all living creatures from cats, dogs, birds, chickens, seagulls and squirrels!!!

  • Shellyfirz

    Angels of Animals, Inc./Clifton

  • Phatny Bradley

    Angels of Animals Clifton NJ

  • Christine

    Angels of Animals, Inc./Clifton, NJ

  • Cheryl Bibby

    Angels of Animals, Clifton NJ

  • Cheryl

    “Angels of Animals”,Inc. Clifton,N.J

  • Larissa

    Angels of animals inc./clifton nj

  • Procrastinator

    Angels of Animals Inc. Clifton NJ

  • Kristin Doherty

    Angels of Animals, Clifton, NJ

  • jflmd

    Angels of Animals clifton/nj

  • a whitney

    “Angels of Animals Inc./Clifton NJ”

  • Annie A

    Angels of animals in clifton, nj!!!!

  • Maureen F.

    Angels of Animals of Clifton NJ works tirelessly to care for animals, especially the cat population. They work hard to trap, neuter, and release cats to help control the cat population and take care of the animals themselves. Animals are cared for in foster homes and then lead to their forever homes. A wonderful charity for our community!

  • Chloe

    Angels of Animals Inc/Clifton NJ

  • Chief

    Angels of Animals Inc./ Clifton NJ… They are truly Angels.

  • Nic

    Angels of Animals, Inc. of Clifton NJ is a GREAT charity. They are run by a small number of wonderful volunteers, use no shelters, just foster homes and they help the animals that even the ‘regular’ rescues can’t help or give up on. These are the abused, handicap, really need our help cases and the work they do is just amazing.

  • Amy

    ANGELS OF ANIMALS , INC. Awesome rescue

  • Katie

    Angels of animals. An awesome organization. We help those animals others give up on, we get them heathy and find them homes

  • Thank you to all of the Ecorazzi readers and our supporters who have voted for Angels of Animals, Inc. We are a small organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of injured, abused, and medically challenged homeless cats and dogs. We also provide community TNR for feral cats in NY and NJ, and have helped to coordinate many wildlife rescues, including squirrels, deer, and birds of all kinds. We believe that every life matters. With an annual operating budget of approximately $95,000, most of which goes toward veterinary expenses, and only one (very poorly and sporadically paid) part-time employee, we rely exclusively on donations and volunteer labor to accomplish our mission. $5000 is a HUGE sum to us that will pay a whole lot of veterinary bills, and that is what we will use the money for if we are chosen. We do not receive municipal funding, despite the fact that we say “yes” and rescue when our local shelters refuse to help. We could really, really put this money to good use in our New Jersey community. Thanks for voting for us! Oh,and we use and love LUSH products! 😀

  • Erika Michele

    Angels of Animals Clifton NJ – helping the cats that others turn away because every life matters.

  • Matthew Russo

    Angels of Animals Inc/Clifton NJ

  • Chels B

    Angels of Animals/Clifton NJ

  • Sean Ross

    Angels of Animals Inc/Clifton NJ

  • Joseph A. Della Ferra

    Angels of Animals/Clifton, NJ, could desperately use the $5K for veterinarian bills for its animals. The organization does valuable work in its community with only donations. Please help them. Thank you.

  • EDG

    Angels of Animals Inc/Clifton NJ

  • K

    Angels of Animals, Clifton NJ

  • Diane C Schroller-Tortorello

    Angels of Animals, Clifton, NJ

  • Kelli Blair Braxton


  • Melanie Moffitt

    Angels of Animals Inc./Clifton, NJ

  • Min

    Animals of Angels Inc., Clifton, NJ

  • Liz Dewey

    Angels of Animals is exactly the type of grassroots organization that should benefit from your generosity. These people donate their time and use their own money (many of whom do not have it to spare) to save the lives of so many innocent animals. This would be the kindest and most well deserved acknowledgement of their work. Please choose them!

  • Jen

    Angels of Animals in Clifton, NJ works tirelessly for all animals but especially special needs babies. That, of course, takes a toll on their expenses. They work so hard and could desperately use some monetary help.

  • Katie

    Angels of Animals Inc/Clifton NJ

  • Barbara Calvano

    Angels of Animals – because they make a huge difference in the stray animal situations in NJ area and beyond

  • Jacqi

    Angels of Animals Inc/Clifton NJ

  • Kelly

    Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

  • David Peterson

    Angels of Animals in Clifton NJ, they are a GREAT Small rescue, and this would help them Big Time!!

  • Ayla

    I nominate Angels of Animals in Clifton, NJ. A small, volunteer group that tirelessly works to makes the lives of animals better.

  • Jean

    Angels of Animals/Clifton NJ are always working to help community cats. They could really use this funding to help with their expenses. They are a great organization!

  • Tami Fazio


  • June Staselis Darvalics

    Angels of Animals, Clifton NJ

  • Rhonda Smith

    Angels of Animals of Clifton NJ

  • Carissa Parker Crawford

    Angels of Animals Inc/Clifton Nj

  • Margaret Whelan Yani

    Angels of Animals in Clifton does great work saving, and finding loving homes for abandoned , hurt and abused pets

  • Joseph A. Della Ferra

    Please donate $5K to Angels of Animals in Clifton, NJ, as the organization does its work with only donations. Money is desperately needed for veterinarian bills and other costs to appropriately help all of the animals. Thank you. Any donation would be appreciated.

  • Chris Vaughn

    New Life Animal Sanctuary in Lake Elsinore, CA

  • Hannah

    Angels of Animals, Clifton, NJ

  • Tamara

    Angels of Animals in Clifton NJ. This is a special needs rescue that helps the animals others have abandoned. This money would 100% go to the animals and would help so many.

  • Stan

    Angels of Animals Inc Clifton NJ

  • Tammy

    Angels of Animals Clifton NJ

  • Foster Dog

    Angels of Animals – doing a great job with little financing – they need help with their kitty vet bills!

  • anvliav

    Angels of Animals Inc/Clifton NJ

  • Guest

    I nominate The Humane League!

  • When will the winner be announced?

  • Chaayne Barron

    Angels of Animals/Clifton NJ

  • brian

    Angels of Animals Inc./Clifton NJ

  • Carol Booth – Monkey Helpline

    Monkey Helpline….rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing urban Primates in South Africa.

  • Kathy McCann Bradley

    angels of animals/clifton nj

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