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Usher Found Being Vegan Too Expensive

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Usher is no longer vegan because he found the healthier diet and lifestyle too expensive. But there’s more to this story.

Usher wasn’t just eating fruits, veggies and grains like your average run of the mill vegan. The pop star who went vegan in 2012 had a private vegan chef in tow during his American tour to make him delicious meals. Apparently, that added up the monthly payroll and was just too much for Usher to sustain.

“That was opulent as hell,” he said in a recent interview about the chef expense. ’’It was just difficult to find people who can make vegan food taste great.’’

Uh, Usher, how about giving it a try yourself? We can give you quite a list of vegan cookbooks that will make you salivate just by turning the pages. By doing that you’ll actually find out eating vegan can even save you a few bucks! You know, in addition to being much better for your health. Just ask Kathy Freston, she’ll guide you. Maybe taking a vegan cooking class like Jessica Chastain might also help. It will definitely be cheaper than what you’re eating now.

When asked about his current diet, Usher told Billboard magazine: ”These days, I try to eat for my blood type when I’m not eating for the fat kid inside me.’’

What does that mean exactly, you ask? He wouldn’t share too many details because his friend who came up with it hasn’t released this supposedly fantastic idea to the public yet but for Usher’s blood type, he eats a lot of pork, beef and fish.

Are you shaking you head? Because we are.

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  • Truthbetold…

    What an idiot – if it’s too expensive for how do all of us ‘normal’ people do it? If you’re okay with animals suffering so you can eat them, just say that! I think EVERYONE would respect that much more than a celebrity saying he cannot afford something that many others with far less money make work.

    • Kaizo

      He just said it was expensive, he never said he couldn’t afford it…you jumping to conclusions. Usher’s worth clean over a $100m so it’s clear as daylight he could afford a vegan diet.

      At the end of the day a man needs his meat. Humans are omnivorous in case you didn’t notice, so you can stop with all the animal suffering BS. Do you cry every time a lion kills a zebra, or every time a bear kills a fish? This is the food chain, this is how life works. Sit your vegan ass down and shut up.

      • Nazel

        1. No, we do not need meat. Animal products are responsable on most of the cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, strokes cases in the countries that adopt the western diet. That being said, the western diet lacks essentials Omega 3 acids, B-12 (contrary to common belief) and the excess on acid animal protein are main factors causing said diseases. Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12442909

        2. No. Humans are not omnivores. More like frugivores. Besides, our body is far from the one of an omnivore. Do you eat you meat raw? Do you drink your milk (from another species, like, NO OTHER FUCKING ANIMAL IN NATURE) un-pasteurized? Do you kill your prey with your bare hands? That’s food chain and that’s how life works. No? Then check this, explains the anatomy of each: http://michaelbluejay.com/veg/natural.html

        3. Lions and Bears do not exploit and mass breed another species for consumption. Have you ever seen a zebra farm where lions are opperating machines? A boat sailed by bears? Lions, like big felines in general are classified as Obligated Carnivores and bears are classified as Classical Anatomical Omnivores. Do we have fur all over, massive canines and few molars, big claws and natural hunting skills?
        Lions also force sexual intercourse and kill babies that are not theirs. Is that natural to you and you also do that? That’s what I thought.

        tl;dr educate yourself, please. Just like Usher should do.

        • Kaizo

          Wow I didn’t even realise there was a reply to my comment, but I see the vegan army has come out in full force.

          1. You are completely wrong, and clearly a victim to media propaganda. It has never been scientifically proven that Meat diets are the cause for cancer or diabetes. Most causes for cancer or diabetes are genetic for your information, that means even a vegan can get cancer or diabetes. Meat can increase the risk of diabetes if people eat it in excess, or have a diet strictly of meat, which is extremely unhealthy obviously. Most people don’t do this obviously they have a mixed diet of meat and leaf. As for cholesterol and strokes this, can happen to any to anyone who lives an unhealthy lifestyle, you can be a meat-eater and live an extremely lifestyle. There is no scientific proof that eating meat immediately makes you unhealthy contrary to what you vegan’s think, so yet another vegan-lie. As for vitamins I wouldn’t go there as its an already known fact that vegan diets lack multiple vitamins such as Vitamin A, D3, K2 B12, iron, omega-3 as well as essential animals fats, contrary to YOUR beliefs, its has been medically proven these are essential for a healthy human diet.

          2. Humans have been scientifically proven for century’s as being naturally omnivorous. I don’t know who gives you vegan’s power to alter what science has already proven for years, but you wrong. Of course we don’t eat out meat raw, or kill animals with our bare hands, its called EVOLUTION YOU FUCKEN IDIOT. We as human developed something clearly you are lacking in called a brain, which is a lot more than advanced than animals. This allows us to be more effective in using the types of food we consume.

          3. Yes humans mass-breed, but there are more humans than Lions or Bears. We are clever enough to look for better ways instead of just sending animals into extinction. Humans are not animals in case you didn’t notice, we evolved into a more superior species (you on the other hand have not) Evolution has changed many characteristics in humans, because we’ve become intelligent enough to acquire our food, cook and use our food in more effective ways. This is why we don’t have big canines, big claws, fur all that horse shit, you conjured up. Humans evolved and so we changed accordingly as time went by. ONCE AGAIN IT’S CALLED EVOLUTION LOOK IT UP, YOU DUMB SHIT.

          I suggest you educate yourself, the only one lacking knowledge here is you and your vegan army.

      • Defective Eric

        100 million dollar man finds a vegan diet to expensive? It’s just an excuse it wasn’t for him fine but don’t make lousy excuses. Normal people live just fine on a vegan diet it’s
        Actually a helluvalot cheaper than meat including diets. Eat meat if your comfortable with it but no exuses.

        • Kaizo

          How is it an excuse? Vegan diets are more expensive FACT. I don’t know what cheap low grade vegan diets you know about, but when you buying fresh and organic, the price adds up to quite a lot. Just because he is worth $100m doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a realistic approach on life, for the average joe a vegan diet is expensive. Not everyone is consumed by money you know.

          BTW, I believe meat is an essential part of a human beings diet, you can call it a lousy excuse if you want and deny what you are, but humans were never meant to be herbivores, sorry to burst your bubble.

          • Jim Norton

            kaizo, please tell us what is essential about meat. i have never heard someone explain what meat has that you can’t get from plants
            vegan nfl player Tony Fiammetta is an fullback for the chicago bears……

            vegan powerlifter patrik baboumian lifted over 1,200 pounds

            vegan boxer Timothy Bradley beat Manny Pacquiao to win the welterweight title…….

            vegan ultimate fighter mac danzig won season 6 of the ultimate fighter tv show on the spike channel…….

            big bald mike, a competitive arm wrestler who is vegan bigbaldmike.com…….

            glen davis, a basketball player for the orlando magic is vegan……

            one of the best players in nfl football was vegan. arian foster, running back for the houston texans. when he was in 2012, he ran over 2 miami dolphins for a touchdown

          • KeyLimePi

            Seems like Patrik shut up the meat troll 🙂

          • Kaizo

            It’s called steroids fool, look it up.

          • Maha Raman

            He was Never Vegan…he was plant-based…Veganism is living CRUELTY-FREE LIVING..VEGANISM IS:
            AVOIDING eating, wearing animal products,
            NOT patronizing, supporting Zoos, Animal Circuses,
            PROTESTING vivesection, experiments on animals, any use of animals of any kind
            PUSHING FOR conserving animal’s habitats so they and their babies can LIVE NATURALLY IN PEACE
            to @Kaizo, so it’s okay for ‘might is right’ soo it’s okay for white man to keep Black as slaves huh?? it IS the chain of how things work right?

      • Maha Raman

        He was Never Vegan…he was plant-based…Veganism is living CRUELTY-FREE LIVING..VEGANISM IS:
        AVOIDING eating, wearing animal products,
        NOT patronizing, supporting Zoos, Animal Circuses,
        PROTESTING vivesection, experiments on animals, any use of animals of any kind
        PUSHING FOR conserving animal’s habitats so they and their babies can LIVE NATURALLY IN PEACE

        and @Kaizo, so it’s okay for ‘might is right’ soo it’s okay for white man to keep Black as slaves huh?? it IS the chain of how things work right?

  • Deborrah Cooper

    What I don’t like about this article is the fact that with all the BLACK vegan chefs there are available, they had the gall to reference two that do not know the culture or the food. THat is why he said “it’s hard to find people to make vegan food taste good” and he is right! 90% of the stuff on the web on these vegan recipe sites is straight garbage. I’m always amazed that people would really eat that mess. Anyway, its obvious that cultural differences are at the core of this discussion and people that are not a POC don’t get that black people do not eat like white folks do. We season our food differently, combine it differently, and generally eat spicer more savory foods. THAT is what he was looking for and why he says he is now “eating for the fat kid inside me.”

    • Ugonna Wosu

      all the food I discovered online is delicious… I also come up some great stuff on my own.

    • Jim Norton

      try the vegan soul food cookbook

    • I don’t know. I’ve found plenty of good, flavorful recipes online. Instead of recipe sites, you could always look on Pinterest. And I’m glad you mentioned that there are black vegan chefs (I plan to buy Bryant Terry’s “Afro-Vegan” soon.

    • Alejandro Avila

      I am mexican we have more spices and more flavor our food real mexican food has the bigest variety in the world and I am still vegan he spend thousands of dollars on partys so if he wants to eat meat fine but dont come with stupid excuses

  • Karl Malloy

    I’m shaking my head to the beat of Usher’s awesome music, fueled by animal protein.

  • Animal Protien

    I’m not shaking my head. You’re on your own, veganazis.

    • “Veganazis”…because not wanting animals to die for you to use means you want to invade Poland. Gotcha…

  • Caroline Brennan

    What an idiot!!! Did you see him with the raccoon’s skin on his ugly head??? He should have turned the hat around so that the tail was in the front and the asshole would be in the right place!!!

  • Cristina Rose

    i find his music too cheap.

  • Defective Eric

    I was going to buy ushers cd for my sister for Christmas but the 8$ is too expensive for shitty music.

  • Becca P

    I spend $45 a week on food at the grocery store. And that’s with splurging on some organic produce…since when are beans and rice more expensive than meat?

  • KeyLimePi

    This is one of the stupidest, phoniest excuses I’ve ever heard. Mega-wealthy Usher just didn’t have the love for animals or commitment needed to continue being different from society in this way. I spend a total of up to $250 each month for all of my food bill, and I enjoy food more now than ever and am healthier than ever. And my life’s savings and income would send Usher into a blind panic if he suddenly had the same. He’s just narcissistic and spoiled. Ugh. And here I was thinking he was a good guy. Derp.

  • Lakisha Snipe

    I’d like to interject and this topic is old but yes you may be predisposed to having cancer however what you eat can prevent it. As a matter of fact everyone has cancer cells in their bodies. They don’t just appear overnight. And you can cure cancer BTW with the foods you eat. When you become vegan your blood get Alkaline and the PH in your blood is corrected. When you eat meat, cheese, dairy and other animal products it causes your body to be acidic and that is where disease and sickness thrive. Diseases and sicknesses cannot survive in a body that has alkaline blood. Me personally it is expensive I have a budget with 4 people and the cost of food keeps getting higher and higher. I can’t buy everything organic and non-GMO So I have to pick and choose where I shop and for what Items I shop for. I go to the whole foods for organic Items I can’t find at shoprite(they have a tiny organic section) I eat black rice, supergrains, lacto kale etc. Things that shoprite don’t carry. But shoprites organic sweet potatoes are cheaper than the one’s at whole foods but their frozen organic fruit is more expensive than whole foods. Also I sprout my grains and rice because they are more calorie rich before you cook them for some reason it loses the calorie content when it’s cooked. I either buy almonds to make my almond milk as needed or I get almond milk from save-a-lot. Save a lot has the burrito wraps I like or I’ll make them, and their spaghetti sauce is 98 cent a jar but it’s not organic. So for me I have to pick and choose the places I get my food from I usually shop between 4 markets. Trader Joes case of organic bananas contain 110 bananas compared to the whole foods case of bananas which contain 70-80 bananas for roughly the same price. You just gotta know how to shop. Writing a list always helps.

  • really simple food

    The regular vegan diet is cheaper than “regular” diets – if you buy organic than it costs more – if you only eat outside it will cost more -if you want a chef it will cost even more BUT a regular vegan diet is cheaper than eating animal products in your diet

  • Maha Raman

    He was Never Vegan…he was plant-based…Veganism is living CRUELTY-FREE LIVING..VEGANISM IS:
    AVOIDING eating, wearing animal products,
    NOT patronizing, supporting Zoos, Animal Circuses,
    PROTESTING vivesection, experiments on animals, any use of animals of any kind
    PUSHING FOR conserving animal’s habitats so they and their babies can LIVE NATURALLY IN PEACE

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