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Google's Adorable Android Ad Features Furry Friends

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Prepare to have your heart melted, animal lovers. Google’s latest ad for Android is 60 seconds of cuteness, love, and happiness.

‘Be Together, Not the Same’ declares an advertisement that features some adorable and unlikely animal parings in nature. No, it’s not just a cat and dog goofing; it’s a dog and a dolphin. It’s a sheep and an elephant. It’s…well, let us not spoil all the inter-species mingling. Some of the footage at least seems to come from National Geographic; the orangutan and the hound once graced its airways.

So what do animals enjoying each other’s company have to do with smart phones? Well, that for the viewer to decide. The ad was made by 2014 agency of the year Droga5 and seems to poke at an Apple line of products that are mighty similar.

Fortune magazine, however, talked to an anonymous ad professional who had the following to say: “I find this strategy guilty of something many clients suffer from. Namely, they are talking to themselves. The public does not care. Everyone I know with an Android phone bought it because of the phone or price, not the OS.”

Still, in less than a week, the ad on YouTube has hit nearly 7.5 million views; it took only three days to hit four million. Clearly it’s hard to go wrong with cute animals running (and swimming) wild. It also works out when the web does your advertising for you. Friends Furever, indeed!

Via Fortune

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  • redapes

    This Android ad is an abomination and should be taken off the air immediately.

    Upon first glance, the video clip seem like a heartwarming example of friendship breaking the species barrier, and your first instinct might be to share the commercial with other animal lovers. The ugly reality is that exotic animals such as the orangutan and the elephant seen in the commercial are trained at a very young age (when they should be with their mothers) to pose for photos with humans, and they are forced into relationships with other species for the sole purpose of creating and circulating “cute” photos and videos– and ultimately making money. The orangutan, Suryia, and the elephant, Bubbles, both live at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, which has a history of repeated animal welfare violations. Masked behind what they claim is a sanctuary preserve, the facility regularly exploits their wild animals for a variety of media productions and endangers the public by offering “hands-on” experiences and traveling shows. Apes are wild animals, and without proper enclosures and respect for their true nature, many have attacked and brutally mauled humans.

    See more here: http://www.eyesonapes.org/action_alerts/archive/android_and_panettiere/

  • Christine White Olle

    🙁 wild animals belong with their mothers in the wild – they were not put on this Earth to entertain humans. The mother – baby bond between orangutans is as strong as the one humans have – I find is sad that this orangutan has to find that bond with a dog because it was taken from its mother at birth – actually heartbreaking.

  • Gudrun Wiesflecker

    Another article glorifying the exploitation of orangutans imprisoned by Doc Antle! Unfortunately, there’s often an ugly truth behind “cute” videos and photos. Images like this with humans in contact with chimpanzees, orangutans, elephants the misunderstanding about wild animals true nature and encourage the exotic pet industry.
    Poor Vali, Sugriva, Suryia, and dozens of other exotic animals under Antle’s care are living at a romanticized roadside zoo. These animals deserve better—they deserve a true sanctuary home where they can live out their lives without being shuffled from one exhibition to another.
    Companies such as Pfizer have responded favorably when they learned the truth about Myrtle Beach Safari. We’d like to call upon Android to make the same compassionate decision.
    I urge you to remove any material that misinforms the public and promotes the Safari. Read more: http://www.chimpsanctuarynw.org/blog/tag/doc-antle/

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