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PETA released a fun video with vegans repeating the annoying questions and stories that meat eaters often say.PETA released a fun video with vegans repeating the annoying questions and stories that meat eaters often say.

WATCH: If Vegans Said Things Meat Eaters Say

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Are you a vegetarian or vegan, and tired of hearing the question, “Where do you get your protein?”

PETA feels your pain, so the organization released a fun video with vegans repeating the annoying questions and stories that meat eaters often say.

In a series of hilarious vignettes, a vegan and a meat eater share conversations that you’ve probably heard before.

“Where do you get your fibre?” A vegan asks.

“So there was this couple, and they fed their baby meat, and the baby died!” Exclaims another.

And how about this familiar one: “Do you think eating meat is just a phase you’re going through?”

The video is just one of many that PETA regularly churns out for its causes, including the quirky — like this Marc Maron oneto the deep and dramatic. We think this video is by far one of PETA’s funniest. Not only will it get people laughing, but it will also get people thinking about stereotypes, and hopefully, question what they’re eating (that is, if they’re meat eaters).

Watch the video here:

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  • chris

    Ah, PETA or as I like to call them, People Eating Tasty Animals. Pass the BBQ sauce the young ones taste the best…..

    • Kahler Nygard

      the words you will have read to you as you stand before judgment, I speak out of hope one day you will repent , or someone with similar thoughts to you reading this will second think about the evil they cause

    • Tanith Mary Carrington

      By supporting animal agriculture, you are doing the planet harm; it’s the biggest contributor to global warming, deforestation, water waste, water pollution and causes dead zones in the ocean among many other disgusting mistreatments of our planet. Meat and dairy is bad for your health for many reasons, you should look into that yourself because there is too much to tell you about that.

      Ethically speaking if you can live without doing harm to another creature, a creature that feels love, pain, sorrow, fear, depression and has the will to live then wouldn’t it be selfish and wrong to continue to treat them like slaves and like objects… ? to continue eating them, enslaving them and using them however we see fit even though we can live happy and healthy lives without doing so, is killing and torturing for pleasure, pleasure of taste and profit.

      Your joke is old, it is said really often in differing variations- we are immune already to the petty taunts.

      Have a great day, good luck

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