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Arguments for and against animal testingArguments for and against animal testing

New Zealand Bans Animals Testing for Cosmetics

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After animal rights organizations lobbied for a ban on animal testing for cosmetics in the country, the New Zealand government has listened and turned the ban into law.

Greens MP Mojo Mathers, who worked to pass the ban, stated that the ban would not have become a reality without the pressure from people like Miss Universe NZ who rallied against cosmetics animal testing along with other groups. Their efforts were what made the topic, a “very important issue for New Zealanders” according to Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy, who added the ban to the Animal Welfare Bill.

Now that products made in the country will not be testing on animals, advocates for animal rights are saying the next step is to ban the import of products made elsewhere that have been tested on animals since 90 percent of cosmetics bought in New Zealand come from abroad.

The country’s Cosmetic Association supports that idea and its executive director, Garth Willie, added that boycott could be possible.

New Zealand follows in the footsteps of India, Norway and the European Union in prohibiting the  cruel tests run on animals for the cosmetics industry. Those tests include the forceful feeding of poison and other extremely painful experiments on animals like bunnies, Beagles, rats and monkeys.

Via International Business Times

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  • Patricia Zambrano

    Animal testing KILLS not only animals but humans too because results from animal testing are totally unreliable for humans. And the statistics prove it: Adverse reactions to medicines passed safely on animals and correctly prescribed is the fourth largest killer in the western world (After cancer, heart disease and strokes). The British Medical Journal also queried research based on animal testing in the cover of its June 2014 issue which means a lot since they heavily rely on income from pharma’s advertising. The only reason why animal experiments and vivisection are still happening is because many scientists (NOT ALL) derive economic benefits from animal testing by producing useless studies which they get handsomely rewarded for in most cases at the expense of the taxpayer. Scientific research has in this case become totally corrupt because ethics towards humans and animals are sacrificed in the interests of those earning money from same. There are ethical scientists campaigning right now to change the law in order for it to require testing based on new technologies based on human biology which would much better predict human response to medicines and therefore offer protection to humans. What we the public need is for out taxes to be channeled into effective and productive research based on human biology in order to protect our loved ones and humanity, instead of wasting billions on useless research which only benefits economically those scientists and industries who care only about their own selfish interests.

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