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SeaWorld adSeaWorld ad

SeaWorld’s New Desperate Ad: Our Orcas Are Thriving

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SeaWorld is still trying desperately to stop the Blackfish effect and its latest effort is an ad that claims its Orcas are “thriving.”

The new ad is part of SeaWorld’s multimedia ‘Facts About SeaWorld’s Killer Whales’ campaign. In it, current SeaWorld trainers argue, against all scientific proof, that the park’s whales are well and happy and their survival rates are the same as those in the wild.

Ever since ‘Blackfish’ was released, exposing all of the park’s dirty little secrets and how mistreated its animals are, the park has been spending more and more time and money into trying to save its reputation. In 2014, the company upped its marketing budget to $189.4 million and that number is expected to be bigger for 2015.

“As regard to the reputation spending, we do have a little bit of news here. We have been working over the last 69 days quite diligently on pulling a marketing campaign for SeaWorld that is our normal marketing campaign which will be breaking sometime in late March and we are also – we’ve also spent a lot of time in research and marketing on the reputation side and we’ll be breaking a campaign no later than April in multiple media, in social media and print, digital,” explained CFO James Heaney at SeaWorld’s fourth quarter of 2014 earnings call on February 26, 2015.

So far, those campaigns haven’t gotten the desired effect. Its Twitter efforts with the hashtag #AskSeaWorld took a turn for the worse with animal advocates and concerned animal lovers asking SeaWorld how it could compare a tank to a life in the ocean among other questions. SeaWorld’s attempt to discredit former trainer John Hargrove, who appeared on ‘Blackfish’ and wrote a book about the park’s mistreatment of its orcas, by digging up a five-year-old video of him drunkenly using a racial slur was also mocked. As of today, the new ad campaign has more dislikes than likes on YouTube.

Meanwhile despite all that money spent, the park’s stock is still falling just like its attendance and revenue.

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  • sara jönsson

    the orcas is thriiving…get the facts they says… hahaha seaworld sucks and they are going down down down… they cant continue with their lies for much longer:)

  • WazWazEre

    Yeah and criminals survive just as long in captivity as people do in the wild also. But they are still in jail. And the Orca’s did nothing to deserve this.

  • designby

    This is absolutely Orwellian; Truth is a casualty of a media war.

  • mrchips0401

    They claim not to have taken/captured wild orcas for over 30 years? This sounds like a bold faced lie to me

  • Yoshi Fujiama

    Dear Sea World, Most folks don’t like animal acts and are against keeping marine mammals in captivity. Every year in Taiji, Japan a horrible slaughter of dolphins occurs. The “lucky” ones that don’t get butchered right in front of their family are taken prisoner and sold to places like Sea World for the public’s amusement. For a dolphin to live in a tank, even a larger tank, it’s sonic hell for them.
    This has been going on for years but now people are waking up. Places like Sea World need to be shut down.

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