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Pamela Anderson recreates the famous "Psycho" shower scene for a new PETA campaign against water waste in the meat industry.Pamela Anderson recreates the famous "Psycho" shower scene for a new PETA campaign against water waste in the meat industry.

Pamela Anderson Strips Down (Again) For New PETA Ad

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Pamela Anderson recreates the famous “Psycho” shower scene for a new PETA campaign against water waste in the meat industry.

The former “Baywatch” star obviously has no qualms about showing off her assets in the black-and-white poster that has her posing naked in the shower with just a tiny, wet towel. But it’s all for a good cause. Really.

The ad, which was shot by famed photographer Dave LaChappelle, claims that California’s desperate drought crisis has more to do with meat consumption and less with taking really long (and maybe even terrifying?) showers.

“Meat and dairy farms drain a third of the world’s fresh water,” reads the ad. “Making splash for the environment doesn’t just mean shorter showers. Try vegan.”

While cutting back on excessive water usage is surely a good decision, so is eating less meat — for more reasons than one. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, 55 percent of the country’s water supply is drained by animal agriculture, while  only 5 percent is used in homes.

“Rivers are siphoned off, not just for the animals but also for crops grown to feed animals on factory farms,” Anderson, a PETA honorary director and longtime vegan, says in a press release for the campaign. “Producing one pound of beef uses as much water as about six months of showers.”

Anderson was recently in the news to expose gross cruelty against chickens for a video that features images captured in the latest Mercy for Animals undercover investigation of Gordon Food Service.

And, yes, she was fully clothed for that.

Via People Magazine 

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  • veggiegrrrl

    we need 10,000 billboards of this image in california.

  • Whatever

    B…b…but I thought global warming, er I mean climate change was the reason cali is running out of water. No snow! LOL

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