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A fourth-generation farmer has gone from sending cattle to slaughter to saving them.A fourth-generation farmer has gone from sending cattle to slaughter to saving them.

Texas Cattle Rancher Becomes Vegan

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A fourth-generation farmer has gone from sending cattle to slaughter to saving them.

Renee and Tommy Sonnen used to operate Sonnen Ranch in the heart of Texas. They divorced, and then remarried each other six years later, but not before Renee adopted a vegan lifestyle.

Thanks to her new way of living, Renee couldn’t bear to send off the next round of calves to the slaughterhouse because of the connection she made with them.

“I started gaining insight into their souls and naturally started gravitating to the animals in a loving way,” Renee told ABC News. “The mother cows would cry into the night and I’d go out and cry with them even at midnight.”

So, she gave her husband an ultimatum: another divorce, or go vegan. Luckily for the cattle and their marriage, Tommy opted to go vegan.

The former steak eater is now “99.9%” vegan, and has even done away with his leather cowboy boots.

“He did it kicking and screaming but he did it. He’ll finally admit it out loud he feels better,” said Renee, who went fully vegan last October.

Thanks to some crowdfunding, the couple has now opened Rowdy Girl Sanctuary where rescued farmed animals can live out their lives in peace. Currently, the farm houses 30 cattle, some chickens, and even a pig.

“Vegans are coming out of the woodwork, in Houston, Galveston, and beyond,” says Renee, citing a long-awaited change in the meat-eating Lone Star state.

We commend the Sonnens on their new lifestyle! Change is, indeed, possible.

Via Mercy For Animals 

Photo: Rowdy Girl Sanctuary


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  • Siraganda

    This is great news! I just hope that they multiply – and all the cattle ranchers shall go vegan! This would be the real begin of the way back to Eden!


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