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Director and outspoken environmentalist James Cameron opens up about veganism.Director and outspoken environmentalist James Cameron opens up about veganism.

James Cameron: 'We Consider Meat And Dairy To Be Basically Toxic'

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Director and outspoken environmentalist James Cameron opens up about veganism.

Cameron is profiled in the latest New Yorker magazine alongside his wife, fellow vegan and activist Suzy Amis-Cameron, whose alternative, non-profit school, Muse, is also featured in the article.

The solar-powered sunflowers that Cameron created for his wife’s school, which will supply approximately ninety per cent of the school’s energy, are among the eco-conscious topics highlighted. (“Most girls like to get jewelry, most girls like to go to the spa,” Amis-Cameron said. “My husband—my incredible husband—really, really knows how to give a girl a bouquet of flowers.”)

One of the most interesting parts of the article appears when one of Cameron’s agents, Adam Devejian, comes up to say hello. Cameron remarks that he looks like he’s been weight-training to which his agent replies: “I go to a guy who says I need two hundred grams of protein a day, but I can’t get that from vegetables.”

“Of course you can!” Cameron said. “You don’t eat a fuckin’ calf brain and think it’s going straight to your brain! When you eat muscle, it doesn’t go straight to your muscle. There is more protein per calorie in broccoli than in steak.”

Cameron, who gave up animal products three years ago, told the magazine, “We consider meat and dairy to be basically toxic.”

And according to Devejian, Cameron’s switch to a plant-based diet was fairly fast and smooth.

“When I met Jim, he was on the set of ‘Avatar,’ eating meatball sandwiches and cold cuts. He looked a little heavy. One day, he said, ‘We’re going vegan,’ and we went through the office fridge and threw everything away. Then we get the Cameron Christmas gift. Vegan delights—vegan cookbooks, hemp clothes.”

Devejian says he eats it all, but he still eats meat. However, thanks to his client, he told the New Yorker that he will try to eat vegan for a week. He remains skeptical (“If I get weak, then I’m going to go back,” he said) but if he defers to the success of vegan athletes, he might be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Via The New Yorker

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  • The plot sickens! Ever notice how unhealthy vegans look? Look at Ellen DeGeneres…she looks like a shriveled old man!

  • Ray

    Gosh, Lexi, going deep, you come up with 57-year-old Ellen? I’ll see your Ellen and raise you the cardiac ward in every hospital in every city in the world and poll the 57-year-olds on their diets.

  • Boy, is he right about that! Not only are we dealing with rampant overuse of steroids and antibiotics in beef and dairy cattle but there are two little-known, heavily suppressed facts that are just doing our general population in: Adrenaline and the MAP bacteria. Right now there is more adrenaline resident in all commercially slaughtered beef than ever before. This is because of massive consolidation of the entire U.S. beef industry and outsourcing to foreign countries over the past 50 years which produces slaughter lines moving too fast for the inefficient captive bolt to stun effectively. Most beef cattle witness their own vivisection. Additionally, the fact that over 80% of the U.S. dairy herd has contracted the highly-contagious Johne’s Disease which is the very same MAP bacteria that causes Crohn’s Disease in humans. It is entirely true that commercially produced beef and dairy are completely toxic to our intestines. All of our gut Cancers, Crohn’s Disease and other digestive maladies can be traced back to what we eat.

  • Huey51

    twenty years ago if I told the public that in the future the government (enviromentalists) will tell you what you can and cannot eat make travel so expensive only rich will be able to afford it cars be only for the rich, Heating your home will be so expensive it will be considered a luxury our electricity system will be made more unreliable on purpose, and our standard of living would be used against us and demonized by those on the left and other countries asking for reparation payments for it in the BILLIONS and our politicians would purposely be trying to lower it to appease those voices you would have called me nuts

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