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With 2% to 6% of the American population eating vegan, Quartz dives into the latest plant-based trend: vegan furniture.With 2% to 6% of the American population eating vegan, Quartz dives into the latest plant-based trend: vegan furniture.

Consider Vegan Furniture To Match Your Plant-Based Diet

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With 2% to 6% of the American population eating vegan, Quartz dives into the latest plant-based trend: vegan furniture.

If you’re like diehard vegan Moby, then you might relate to his way of thinking when it comes to a home that is decorated with animal products.

“A leather couch makes me think of Christian Bale in American Psycho,” he told Quartz, “or a bad recording studio in 1985 where they’d have a leather couch to seem glamorous, but also because it’s easy to clean up stains.”

So it’s no surprise that the musician’s L.A. home or new restaurant, Little Pine, is decorated only with cruelty-free decor. But you don’t have to have a star-sized budget to live in a totally vegan home.

Mostly you would have to throw out leather and suede items, or anything that is made from wool. Silk sheets are also out. Some natural paints are made with milk protein to serve as a binder, so you would need to investigate that too, and go with a vegan paint.

You could also hire a vegan interior designer, like Shannon Scott, who suggests to Quartz that durable bamboo silk is a nice alternative to wool area rugs.

As for that leather couch? It might be stain resistant, but it’s also contributed to green house emissions (not to mention killed a number of animals in the process). Try synthetic leather instead.

If you think it won’t be as good as the real thing, think again.

“No one ever minds, once they see there are viable alternatives,” Emily Turnbull, who runs Studio Can-Can: Vegan Interior Design and Build, told Quartz, adding “no one has to be feel deprived.”

Living in an animal-free house definitely has its advantages. Not only will your home look good, it will feel good. As Moby tells Quartz, “If you walk into someone’s house and you see a black leather couch, a dead cow hide on the floor, and an alligator skin chair, you just don’t want to be friends with that person. They could be narcissistic and very entitled—or possibly a serial killer.”

Via Quartz

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    Perfect timing. I need to buy a new couch. Thanks.

  • beth

    don’t forget no down in couches


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