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Cow Mistreatment Only Relevant When Viral

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A transport truck carrying 82 cows flipped over on Interstate 15 in Utah, and caused a lot of chaos. The state’s Department of Transportation came in to clean up, and figured dump trucks would be the most efficient way to move the deceased cows. Problem is, one cellphone paparazzi caught a live cow getting flipped into the bin.

As all terrible injustices do, this video made it to YouTube and has become viral. Watching the cow be thrown, to the soundtrack of the videographer’s “noooooo,” is indeed unsettling. Now, animal rights activists are upset because that cow, and perhaps the others, were treated unfairly. They cite that livestock not being protected under the state’s animal cruelty laws is to blame.

But let’s back up for a second. The 82 cows involved in this unfortunate mix-up were already someone’s property. They were already being transported in cramped conditions, to become a great deal more people’s dinner or boots. When people make the connection that all use of animals is abuse, and not just what is getting caught on tape, then people will agree that dumping this cow into the trash is no worse than what we’re legally permitted to do to countless cows every day. We’ve already learned the hard way that regulations don’t help animals, but do help industry continue to exploit them. Making new laws isn’t the answer.

If we truly want horrific cruelty to stop for all animals, it’s not enough to want people to move cows around more gently. Rather than crying over spilled milk, we can decide to take care of the much bigger problem of commodifying animals, by going vegan.

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