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Jon Stewart’s Pigs Don’t Really Care About The Super Bowl

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With people already subjecting cats, dogs, and sloths to Super Bowl pandemonium, Jon Stewart decided to throw his pigs in to the mix.

The former silver screen star and his wife decided to subject Anna and Maybelle, two of their farm residents, to choosing which of the opposing teams would win the big game. I’m hoping the pair really are clairvoyant, and took this opportunity to sway some humans to gamble for the wrong team. Yup, ‘The Daily Squeal’ named the Panthers, when it was the Broncos that took it.

It may have been their first foray in to sports broadcasting, but I’m betting this pair would be more interested in talking ‘pigskins’ or super bowl snacks, if given the microphone. Rather than making pointless predictions, I wish Jon would help his sanctuary friends promote veganism. But of course, that would start with him and his wife.

Is it possible for us to sport-it-up without the use of animals? Of course. Maybe Super Bowl 51 will be different.

Anna and Maybelle’s Super Bowl PredictionAnna and Maybelle make their prediction for tomorrow’s big game! They’ve never gotten it wrong yet…well it’s true! It’s their first Super Bowl. Find out who they’re “rooting” for here!

Posted by The Daily Squeal on Saturday, February 6, 2016

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  • Plant Strong

    Jean Baur of Farm Sanctuary was correct when he said “even the most perfect vegan isn’t perfect”. Jon Stewart and his wife are true friends of animals and he has proven this by using his show to promote vegan causes. He is not perfect
    and neither am I and I am willing to bet that the writer of this article isn’t either.

    • MJ Jam

      Agreed. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. A huge star like Jon Stewart creating an animal sanctuary and speaking openly about changing his diet to be plant-based is a GOOD thing. Please welcome him into the fold and encourage others to follow his example. There are bigger boogey men out there worth posting articles about.

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