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Guest Essay: I went vegan because I survived rape.

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Note: This piece contains disturbing content.

When I was eighteen and had spent no more than two weeks at college, I was raped.  It took me a long time to process exactly what had happened to me, as this was before anti-assault safety programs were as prominent as they are today, and I was a reluctant pioneer, a guinea pig, for such programming. It was violent and brief, and I saw my rapist every day for years afterwards and even found myself having to review a paper of his in an English class. He passed me in the dining hall. He asked me come to his open-mic night a few days after he assaulted me, goodness knows why, and I struggled to answer his text message. I was tending to finger-shaped bruises on my clavicle, and even using the bathroom was painful. “Not tonight,” I finally answered. My hall-mates headed downtown without me and unaware of what had happened, and laughed over the lunch table the next day about a new song he had debuted about mentally unstable girls.

I find now, with staggering statistics being released about the prominence as disease that is rape on college campuses, I feel the same way as I do when reviewing the numbers behind animal slaughter: completely overwhelmed and almost desensitized to it, completely. Both are acts of great violence. Both are cultural norms that are defended by people, whether they intentionally defend these atrocities, or not.

My experience landed me in a tight-knit circle of feminist women who were smart and driven with their individual feminist passions of choice. A vegan naturally found her way into a group, as the intersections between feminism and veganism are so very obvious, and the discussion came up of rape and the consumption of animals. My stomach lurched. I was sickened by the statement, already a vegetarian and feeling as if I had done enough. In fact, I began consuming dairy out of spite for a brief moment as I was so very infuriated that my own experience was being downgraded to that of milk consumption. A young woman on my Tumblr feed lamented drinking “rape juice” at her own college, and I railed against it to my friends. No. No, this was not the same, no. I continued on my way. I scratched angrily at myself as a reflection of my rage against a vegan who had so flippantly described my experience.


I do an image search online of “dairy cow insemination.” I do another search for “rape rack.” I see a photo of young boys in cowboy hats, elbow deep in the vaginas of cows and standing in a row. They are smiling at the camera. Another photo shows an older man instructing a teenage girl in the “technique,” and she gives a thumbs up to her photographer, and I don’t have a proper word for what I am viewing yet, but the proper word exists.

I am seeing, remembering myself, bent over and held down over an unmade bed, too tired to keep fighting, and gazing out the window in front of me, trying to go elsewhere in my head. Somewhere in this big world I am staring out into, a farmer is forcing his arm inside of a cow and manipulating her sexual organs. Behind me, a man is forcing himself into me with the clinical repetition of the farmer. The sound coming out of me is something I will hear again when I view footage of the torture of animals. Neither the farmer nor the man behind me think that what they are doing is wrong, yet both in this moment are seizing the kind of power that they so desperately want.

For years afterwards, when a man tries to turn me around during sex, I will seize up. “Oh, I don’t like that very much,” I’ll tell him. I’ll force a laugh as I speak and make it my quirk.


Today, I cannot deny the parallels in my experience. Dairy farmer Julaine Treur said it herself, “Sex in animals does not involve emotion, but rather is a biological imperative to reproduce, not an act of love.” Animals are not seen as valid of protection, and there is great power to be gained in humans by exploiting their sexual functions for profit. Women too, are a conquest to be won. The act of human rape occurs as a means to maintain a hierarchy, and reach the pleasure of orgasm because of it. What makes dairy so sneaky and horrifying is that this industry too, relies on reaching pleasure via exploitation, but the pleasure only occurs once the consumer is eating the product. There are so many steps to the process that the parallel is lost on many non-vegans.

What are the common excuses for human rape in society? “I just couldn’t help it.” We just can’t help wanting dairy. “They didn’t say no.” Cows cannot consent. “They liked it.” Photos of happy cows lying in a grassy field, ready, excited even, to be milked. “Men are naturally like this.” It is natural for us to drink milk from a cow.


I can’t escape the rape, even with therapy and support groups, and public speaking engagements. I read second-wave feminists even though I don’t like them all that much, and the way they write about vaginas, and read The Vagina Monologues. In the same way a visible flesh wound causes a survivor to limp, it feels like a permanent injury between my legs. I am tired to thinking about it. I am tired, literally, all the time.

More and more, I find that my discovery of the truth about dairy ties closer to my tastebuds. Things that were once tasty and comforting seem to curdle in my mouth, as my head goes right back to the image of the line of men thrusting their arms into the cows. I am so, so weary of carrying so much weight on my back, and I go vegan overnight after an evening of wrestling with the transition in my head. Everything feels the smallest bit lighter. I vow to do as little harm as I can.

Months later, my aunt is scrubbing dishes with me, and it’s my first Thanksgiving as a vegan. “Did you eat the stuffing?” she asks. I nod, as I had quizzed my uncle on any meat products that might be in it as he prepared the meal. Her brow furrows and she turns towards me. “It had butter in it, you know.” I don’t look up, and I scrape caked grease from a pan. She says it’s no big deal, I’ll be okay, it was just butter. I don’t speak but try to nod agreeably, but inside, I seethe. I’m screaming.


The dairy industry relies 100% on female anatomy, biology, and birth. That’s all there is to it, there’s no way around it. Profit is made from the commodification not of femininity, but of female reproduction at its core. Milk is produced by impregnation, birth, and lactation. It is among the most abnormal, most twisted systems humans have ever implemented in our time on earth. There is nothing natural about this; it is as “natural” as the excuse that rape happens “just because it’s how men are.”

What will always bother me the most is how feminist communities that I once depended on, and at times, still must come back to for help, have turned their back on vegan women, rejecting us as their sisters. When PETA releases a sexualized ad, there are cries against the organization and shouts of “this is why I reject veganism!” but why don’t these same feminists give a damn about the women who have chosen veganism? Why, when stories are shared from vegan circles about sexism, do mainstream feminists turn away? And the most painful of all, the thing that shakes my core down and makes me fragile, is why does mainstream feminism not want to hear my story, and acknowledge how deeply connected the struggle is?

To be a feminist, a vegan, and a rape survivor is a complicated identity to juggle, as I feel that the communities behind those identities refuse to play fair with each other. When I watched a male vegan scream at a woman at a protest in New York that her ice cream was “rape custard,” and that she herself was a rapist, I flinched. I am sure that the woman threw veganism away as even the slightest option away that day. When I share my story with feminist friends and they become defensive as I carefully explain how sexual assault is a necessary idea within animal consumption, they outright dismiss me, squirm and ignore me, or grow angry.

It’s a strange headspace to float in.


I am on the phone with my stepmother, with whom I am very close. She’s asking me, for the first time in my many years as a vegan, why I am so hurt at even the mention of dairy, and I ease her into the conversation. She is silent, she doesn’t interrupt. When I finish, there’s a quiet between the phones, and I kick a can around behind my house in discomfort. A pause, and then, “will you tell me more? I think, that maybe I should know.”

I smile. It feels so, so good to be asked. I take a deep breath, and I begin.

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  • vegan truth seeker

    First of all let me just say how truly sorry I am that that was done to you by that filthy, coward monster… he is not a man nor will ever be one, he is a low life piece of scum!
    As a man my stomach always turns when I hear the story of a woman who was raped by a monster of the same gender as mine!
    If they’re that horny they could always ‘pleasure’ themselves and get it over with instead of hurting a woman…
    I’ll never understand it :((
    When I read on the news that in India rape is not only a common practice but it’s not really illegal it gives me the shivers! It’s beyond my comprehension!

    And to know that you had to face him everyday after that… if I was a woman and was raped I would ‘lose’ it and if/when given the chance I’d just torture the monster to death… but fortunately you were stronger than that otherwise you would have ruined your life by being convicted and going to jail.

    That’s why I think rapists, pedophiles, mass murderers and serial killers should be used in medical experiments and tests instead of innocent animals who have never hurt anyone…

    I hope you’ll feel better, stronger, more confident and that the pain eases as the years go by :)

    Regarding comparing the sexual abuse of women with sexual abuse of animals I believe it’s painfully necessary because most people continue to see animals as things and not sentient beings who feel emotions and who deserve to live and be free.

    I wish you all the best…
    Be safe :)

  • EarthShatters

    Thank-you for this post. I am both a feminist and a vegan as well, and it pains me to see people who care so deeply about feminism turn away from the plight of non-human animals. You are an inspiration to me in what you have done for both veganism and feminism. I think this article helps to clarify why feminists and vegans should join hand-in-hand, instead of fighting one another. Your writing has inspired me to speak up about what I believe is right. Your words have made me realize that it’s time to take a stand. For this, I thank you. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
    Helen Keller


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Veganism is sustainable living in action, so let’s take it a few steps further

Here’s a few changes I strive to make myself that go beyond just turning off the water when I brush my teeth.


Is your vocabulary vegan?

If non-violence is what we’re after, we should consider the weight of our words.


Vegan KFC famous bowls

If you have plastic cutlery from you last take out order, now would be a good time to put it to use.


Jon Stewart’s Pigs Don’t Really Care About The Super Bowl

It may have been their first foray in to sports broadcasting, but I’m betting this pair would be more interested in talking ‘pigskins’ or super bowl snacks, if given the microphone.


The UK dairy industry is failing, and it’s failing fast

Dairy farms are closing down fast in the UK, and it’s a trend we can get behind.


Vegan doctor promotes plant-based medicine going mainstream

Vegan diets have been proven time and time again to be healthy, so why aren’t more doctors educated about them?


Can you guess how many restaurants use Daiya cheese?

Who knew vegan cheese would take over the world?


I ate fermented vegan cheese so you don’t have to – but you’re going to want to

How does a raw, artisan vegan cheese brand stack up to the processed brands we’ve come to love?


Hellmann’s Is The Devil

Hellmann’s parent company, Unilever, is launching a “Carefully Crafted Dressing and Sandwich Spread.”


Unisex Fashion uses “future” fabrics instead of animals

A vote with your dollar is a powerful thing, made even more powerful by rocking a swanky, vegan suit.


Will going vegan make you mentally ill? Probably not.

Causation and correlation are different things, folks.


Libby: An Argument For Rescuing Animals Over Breeding Them

When we consider the lives of our pets as companionship and not ownership, it’s easy to move away from the pet store and breeding models, and towards adoption.


Gourmet vegan cinnamon buns will be available in nine new locations

We whole-heartedly support the extended availability of vegan cinnamon buns.


The Real Life Struggles of a Vegan

No matter how much we vegans tell you that veganism is easy, there are still aspects of daily life we struggle with.


If you have a Vagina, Drink, and aren’t on Birth Control, the CDC has Something to Say

What’s questionable is why they’re naming non-pregnant woman as also being responsible for alcohol related birth defects.


Russell Simmons is a pro at defending veganism

Watch this video – he’s quick to shut down vegan critics!


Canadian Approved Vegan Poutine

Canadian vegan food bloggers, Lauren and John of Hot For Food, have perfected this messy plate of patriotism.


The Lesser Spotted Abolitionist: Myth and Reality

Who’s Afraid of The Moral Imperative?


These vegan burgers are being sold in grocery store meat fridges

Vegan burgers are finally going to stop hiding in the health-food freezers of grocery stores.


“Bro Veganism” and “Dude Veganism” are trying too hard to be masculine

Stop trying to make “hegan” happen. It’s not going to happen.


Is Jon Stewart finally going vegan?!

We’ve all been waiting with our fingers crossed.


One small step for Rat-kind: Adventures in rodent rescue and adoption

I hope, and I hope often, that testing programs realize the weight of the pain they are inflicting upon non-human animals, and reconsider the use of them at all.


Cheagan, flexitarian, freegan, and veggan – aka carnivores

Challenging some labels that are skewing the vegan one, once again.


Lawyer opens a farm animal sanctuary on his ranch

From a courtroom to a sanctuary!


National Academy of Sciences estimates that veganism can save the world

“Prevent several million deaths, cut planet-warming emissions, and save billions of dollars annually in healthcare costs and climate damage.”


Vegan Novel Takes Home a Literary Award

The dark, surrealist novel centres around Yeong-hye, a South Korean housewife who shocks her loved ones by rejecting meat, eggs, and dairy after having violent nightmares.


These vegan bathing suits are made from recycled carpet fibres

The world’s first all-vegan fashion line has just launched its first-ever catalogue of swimwear and summer apparel


Hayao Miyazaki is an Eco-warrior, but why not an animal liberationist?

“Kill the humans, save the forest,” but not the farm animals.


Guest Essay: A Response to Mercy for Animals

A guest essay response to MFA calling those who promote veganism as a moral baseline as “mean.”


Why do so many teenage vegans eventually renounce animal rights?

Being in high school is hard enough without having a supportive community.


The Only Honey You’ll Ever Need: An Interview With Honey LaBronx, Vegan Drag Queen

Honey Labronx in the first vegan drag queen we’ve ever heard of, and probably the only drag queen who brings animal rights to the forefront of her performances.


Hillary Clinton and Stephen Colbert chirp vegans when chatting about Bill’s diet

The Hill shared a recent clip from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, in which Colbert had a chance to get some laughs with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Shot in the famous Carnegie Deli, the conversation immediately began with probing…


Donovan Will is proof you can eat vegan and run a 90km marathon

It’s enough to encourage us to grab a handful of dates and hit the trail!


Is Anxiety Affecting your Veganism? I’ve Been There Too.

I found that my own experiences with mental health served as my most intense challenge before fully leaping into the vegan lifestyle.


UFC Fighter on a “Journey” to go vegan

Mark Hunt is strangely making the news for something he might eventually do. Maybe.


Being Vegan Doesn’t Make You Sick And It Doesn’t Make You Healthy

Vegans aren’t malnourished, and they’re not superhuman.


Prisons go vegetarian to save money, but why are there so many prisoners in the first place?

Prisoners may be offered vegan meals soon, and it comes with a whole host of ethical questions.


Parody travel show features non-vegan, vegan restaurant

All the “unchicken” vegans eat is causing hilarious confusion. Nerdiest reports that comedian Jonah Ray will host Hidden America with Jonah Ray, a parody travel show premiering June 2nd on streaming service Seeso. In the clip above (the first look…


According to Gloria Steinem and Madeline Albright, my Bernie Lovin’ Ass is Going to Hell

I’m going to hell for not having not supported another woman.


Vegan Breakfast Nachos

Create anarchy, go vegan, have nachos for brunch.


Vegan shrimp is tackling sustainability and human rights

One team is set on eliminating over fishing, pollution, and slavery with a single product.


Desperate to eat mammalian meat, St. Louis Catholics classify beavers as fish for Lent

They can’t give up meat, even for a day.

final cover

Caramel Pecan Pie Cheesecake

Two cravings crushed in a single forkful!


What the fuck is seitan?

In my ongoing exploration of the vegan foods that stump non-vegan people most, I bring you: SEITAN noun |  sei·tan  | say-tan Pronounced sort of like everyone’s favourite pitchfork carrying demon (y’know, Satan), this mock meat substitute is actually as…


Burgers Served Straight from the Petri Dish

How far will science go to make sure people can eat flesh over lentil burgers?


Vegans, don’t be afraid to request options at non-vegan restaurants

You could be planting a seed, and encouraging some vegan options to grow.


You can be vegan anywhere – even Alaska

As more and more people adopt the lifestyle, it becomes easier and more accessible worldwide.


Donald Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize, and No, This is Not a Joke.

It looks like everyone’s favorite asshole is up for a Nobel Peace Prize.


What I Ate Today – A Vegan Food Diary

What do vegans eat? You better believe there’s ice cream.


Harry Potter and the Absence of Animal Rights

Perhaps the Wizarding World isn’t all that safe for animals.


Maynard James Keenan of Tool owns a winery- and it’s vegan friendly!

Keenan uses paper as opposed to fish bladder as a method of filtration.


How PETA Generated $43.5 Million Dollars By Promoting Ineffective Single Issue Campaigns

They’re far from being the only welfarist organization making a living on empathy, though.


Canada Dropping Dairy with the First Vegan Ice Cream Storefront

With summer just around the corner, we see a sweet future for this cow-loving company.


There’s a vegan preschool in Jersey City, and the menu sounds amazing

I’m wondering if they’d notice I’m 26 if I enrolled.


Now you too can eat a vegan donut that shows Donald Trump being punched in the face

Trump can eat it, but we can also eat HIM.


Vegans aren’t better athletes, but Diaz proves they can be just as good

For everyone who thinks animal protein is the only way to the belt, podium, or medal, Diaz can be an example that it’s not.


Everything You Want to Know About B12

It’s become the new “how do you get your protein” defense, so read on and bulk up your nutritional knowledge.


Google Food Trends Report Stuffed with vegan eats

No one is surprised to see vegan donuts getting trendier!


Quick, Eat These Before They’re Too Popular

Posing as a nonchalant food cart in St.Catharine’s, Ontario, Rescue Dogs is making vegan food accessible, affordable, and better than ever.


Can fitness expert Jorge Cruise chill out about skinny veganism?

I may not be “Tiny and Full,” but I’m definitely full.


Baltimore hosts a Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese Smackdown, and we crowned our own winners!

We covered the inaugural event, and crowned our very own winners!


Happy National Pig Day!

It only comes but once a year.


Women Thinks Quorn is Gross, Files Lawsuit

They say that in the United States, you can sue for anything.


The two sides to calling a vegan a hipster

Have you noticed how difficult it is to be vegan today without being labelled as a hipster?


Do you care if your vegan food comes in contact with meat?

The two sides of the spectrum will have opposing knee-jerk reactions.


Seth Rogan’s “Sausage Party” misses the part where sausage comes from living beings

Bacon fetishists will probably enjoy the rumored sex scene.


Vegan Travel Bloggers ‘Mindful Wanderlust’ Find a Gem in Cancun

Vegan activist couple, travel bloggers, and overall adorable people Giselle and Cody know an awesome destination when they find one.


Celebrities Will Eat Vegan At BAFTA This Weekend

Yet another sign that 2016 is the year of vegan!


Vegan cuisine is getting haute

Forget just being labelled hipster, veganism is a full blown fine dining trend.


Vegans hugely represented at Tenth Moral March in Raleigh

This year, organizers from the NAACP in Raleigh, NC held their tenth anniversary Moral March, an event that originally vegan over the rights of Black Americans, and has extended in the last decade to include contingents from Planned Parenthood, North…


If you cry when animals die on screen, go vegan

From Bambi to Marlee, movies and tv shows can help us reconsider how we feel about the suffering of real life animals.


LA to Get NYC’s most popular vegan restaurant

Get excited Silver Lake! There’s Guac Burgers in your future.


We Need More Groups Like The Silver City Vegan Support Group

We vegans have got to stick together.


Totally Batty: Tel Aviv woman opens up her home to wounded fruit bats

Fruit bats aren’t a protected species in Israel, but this woman wants to help them.


Google says Australia is the most vegan curious

I’m looking at you, Aussie Instagrammers!


Co-Founder of Microsoft’s Yacht Botches Up Coral Reef

Paul Allen, uber-rich billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft, damaged a shit ton of coral reef (14,000 feet to be exact) earlier this month with his 300-foot luxury yacht off the Cayman Islands coast.


How a vegan subscription box helped manage my vegan shopping obsession

For the first time since going vegan, I let someone else do the shopping.

final calf

The Myth of Humane Weaning

Learning about the treatment of farmed cows and their babies was perhaps one of the most disturbing moments I have ever experienced.


I’m calling it now: Stem Cell Burgers are bad news

The minute news dropped about the new stem cell meat products that will be coming to shelves sooner than we possibly thought, I had a ton of non-vegan and vegan friends alike asking me if this was something I would…


Non-Vegan thinks vegans are on a “Jihad” against her

Fionola Meredith recently took to the Belfast Telegraph to beg us all to stop tugging at her conscious.


Paltrow and Delevingne hit up “Eco Couture” (ish) Fashion Show

An attempt was made Tuesday afternoon to try and up their activist factor by hosting a “Eco-Couture” fashion show to kick off their Spring/Summer 2016 line


Some good, others better: Why we’re outraged over dolphins and whales, but torture cows

Why is it that we’re so picky with the animals we choose to care about? Here’s some basics on speciesism.


Raw vegan gelato chef talks ice cream and sobriety

Award winning chef Susan Sbicca went vegan- and opened up a gelato empire.


A new vegan makeup line has taken over my toiletries bag

Bare and bold looks don’t have to be at compromise of animals.


This TIME article says eating vegan is overkill (and it’s wrong)

Funny how the less violent choice is being called “overkill.”


I’ve never met a person who is a vegan for environmental reasons

I know many vegan people who are happy to rhyme off the Earthly benefits of taking on a vegan mission, but none that do it purely for the planet.


Two New Vegan Butter Replacements Hit UK Shelves

What’s toast without some good vegan butter?


243-million-year-old reptile was vegan before it was cool

The first vegan marine mammal


How being straight edge prepared me for veganism

Living a life of non-violence starts with me, and extends out to all sentient beings.


A handy guide to being friends with vegans

We don’t bite- we promise.


Ex-Vegetarian Hates That Son Eats Pork

Dear Vexed Ex-Vegetarian, pardon my hijacking of Harriet’s forum.


You’re Still A Vegan If Your Job Isn’t

What about the vegans that put their heads down, do a job, and a collect a paycheque from companies they don’t ethically mesh with?


The Pork Industry is thrilled to have legislators at their expo

A perfect example of why Animal Rights Activists should not aim to change laws but rather promote veganism.


Ellen Advocates for Fish Liberation with “Finding Dory” (But we still haven’t forgotten the leather shoes!)

But while you’re garnering support from animal activists, that glaring leather and wool shoe line problem has yet to be fully rinsed from our palates.


Congressman Ted Deutch promotes the vegan scene in Florida

He loves eggless-egg salad.


Mya calls herself a hardcore vegan

I can’t help but imagine her singing “What’cha gonna do When you can’t say no” to veganism?!


Nestle to Empower Cow Exploiters in UK

Nestle is proud to announce their Future Cow Harassers program in the UK.


Durham, North Carolina is getting its own Vegan Cookoff

It’s the Hungry Games.


Plant Based Butcher Gets Funding From The Dragons’ Den

Yamchops has gone from big idea to even bigger name, appearing on an episode of Dragons’ Den.


Chef leaves the meat world to host vegan pop-ups

Thankfully for chef Jeremy Miller, the conflict between being vegan and cooking non-vegan is no more!


Vegan Tattoos: There are Pigments without Pig

As if choosing a design, artist, and shop weren’t enough, it’s a good idea to include the pigment in your conversations before booking an appointment


WATCH: Kaley Cuoco Speaks Out Against Horse Slaughter

Actress and animal lover Kaley Cuoco is speaking out against horse slaughter and is urging her fans to do the same. “The Big Bang Theory” actress took to her Instagram and posted a photo of herself hugging a horse along…


What I Ate Today – Vegan Food Diary #2

Another example of easy eating, and entertaining, for vegans.


So, you didn’t watch Earthlings.

What does it say about us that we *need* to watch violent footage in order to care?


Food Incubator in Halifax Highlights Vegan Teamwork

Four vegan entrepreneurs + one work space = success


This Octopus pulled off a badass prison break from his aquarium

New Zealand’s National Aquarium has been duped by an octopus. The Toronto Star reports that after living in a tank since 2014, Inky the octopus decided to hightail it to freedom. His daring escape took place under the cover of…


Documentary to air about animal activists being labeled at “terrorists”

A new documentary in the “Truth or Power” series is set to air tomorrow night, exploring governmental wrongs committed against animal rights activists.


Red meat and heart failure? Of course.

Red meat is linked to fatal heart failure, adding to the never-ending list of why to go vegan!


Even if you dislike animals, you have an obligation not to harm them

Think dogs are too smelly? Cats are rude? That’s fine, but they still deserve to live free from being harmed.


Watch Some Kids Try Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream

Watch the video and see how the scoops stacked up to adolescent palates.


Stella McCartney To Make Vegan Menswear, Hopefully Not Including Wool

We would be a lot more excited about promoting this line if she abandoned the absurd notion of “ethical wool,” and removed it from her catalogues altogether.


Uh oh. You’ve been given a non-vegan gift.

It’s one of the most awkward things a vegan can experience.


How was a young black woman attacked at a Donald Trump rally in 2016?

The answer is right in front of us, as has been, for decades.


Daily Express claims that not eating bacon leads to hair loss

Daily Express makes the silly claim that vegans experience terrible hair loss, but fail to examine the actual causes of male and female pattern baldness.


I’m Losing My Nerdy Mind For This Vegan Shepherd’s Pie with Jabba The Hutt on It

Seriously, it’s a mashed potato Jabba and it has stolen my heart.


Robots killing more animals is apparently good for the animals

Slate writer talks about what’s good for the animals while simultaneously endorsing killing more of them.


Terrorist Cattle Ranchers in Police Custody

The Oregon standoff between the federal government and terrorist cattle ranchers looks like it is soon coming to an intense conclusion as of Tuesday night.


Cattle Ranch Converts to Farm Sanctuary

And we have a hard time convincing our friends to eat vegan for dinner!


Finger food? OSHA reports huge amount of human amputation in slaughterhouses

What’s in your meat? OSHA reports huge amounts of amputation occurring in meat packing plants, yet carnist consumers don’t seem to care what atrocities happen behind slaughterhouse walls, human or nonhuman.


Animal rights protestor is shut down at Ted Cruz rally, but nobody was punched!

Trump has set a pretty low bar.


Study Shows Men Who Eat Vegan Have Lower Risk of Developing Prostate Cancer

More research to support that eating vegan can be disease-preventative!


This Baker Wants to 3D Print Vegan Cheesecake

With the technology constantly improving, and the ability to print food already in existence, it’s only a matter of time until small food businesses will have access to affordable 3D printers


Another Tale Of Pooh Tainted Food; E Coli Outbreak in Calgary

People’s gut flora is out of whack in Calgary.


Your leather may have come from an dog, not the cow you willingly exploited

But it’s cool to kill cows, right?


You Tie My Heart In Knots – Vegan Soft Pretzels + Dip Trio

An easy, vegan soft pretzel recipe and three dips to dunk them in. Pig out, Valentine!


Rodeo Attendees Cool With Exploiting Animals, As Long as It’s Not A Monkey

A monkey that has been heralded as a “cowboy hero” steals the spotlight from his rodeo co-stars.


There’s vegan edible cannabis medication and it’s a chocolate peanut butter bar

New users should limit themselves to small bites – something that might seem challenging when these treats are involved.


Goats Slaughtered En Masse with Guns, Spanish Activists Protest

No matter the method used for slaughter, the killing of animals is very much wrong.


Portland Gets 100% Vegan Supermarket

The world’s first and largest vegan grocery store chain, Veganz, has announced that it’s going to be popping up in the US city later this year.


Lone vegan student works to get vegan options on campus- and it pays off!

Hard work pays off when you’re talking ethics!


Beyonce and her Dancers Rock an Explicitly Political Message

We’re thankful Beyonce and her dancers are amplifying one of the most important conversations about race the United States has had in recent history


Are These Jeans Organic?!

Luxury clothing producer Naked and Famous has produced a pair of jeans that prides itself in being both vegan and organic.


This Guy Justified Commodifying Animals by Talking About The Circle Of Life

By his logic, death in a cage is as natural as death in the wild.


Melbourne loves vegan junk food

We’ve got our napkins tucked in to the front of our shirts, and we’re ready to be on the frontline of this trend.


Ten years after the Clooney Coffee Craze, Hamburg bans coffee pods in city council buildings

Whether you find it stale or delicious, K-Cups are risky for the environment.


Growing and Printing Cows’ Milk is ridiculous

Some people seem hellbent on keeping archaic cows’ milk options around.


BrewDog Craft Beer Has Some Of Their Brews Certified Vegan

Hopefully, the response to their vegan certification will help the team transition to 100% vegan offerings.


Cheese and Heroin: Totally Different

Cheese addiction is not at all the same as serious drug addiction.


Families in Ireland are going vegan

Despite some resistance from both the medical establishment and the dominant culture, some families in Ireland are living ethical, healthy, lives on a vegan diet.


“March For Life” Ignores Innocent Lives

On Friday, January 22nd, pro-life activists descended by the thousands on Washington D.C. for their annual Block-Up-Traffic Festival, or as they’ve been known to call it, the “March For Life.”


Another Milk Scare – Not Poop, Just Chemicals

It’s enough to make you shudder at the site of a milk moustache.


Kristin Cavallari shares a dangerous goat’s milk cocktail for babies

While not all women can or choose to breast feed, goat’s milk is not a recommended replacement (alongside cow and soy varieties)


Aquafaba continues world domination in cocktails

Bartenders are getting on the bandwagon, using the egg-substitute as an ingredient in cocktail classics.


Why The Humane Society Targeting Animal Handling is a waste of time

This single-issue attention doesn’t take us any closer to the closure of zoos altogether.


Hillary Duff’s sister teams up with the National Pork Board

A fresh take on Easter should not involve dead animals.


This Vegan Sushi Spot Has More Than Just Cucumber Rolls!

We’re hoping this fish-free trend catches on and spreads as quickly as regular sushi shops have.


Animal Welfare Group Thinks Eating Chickens Is Fine

The team are calling on diners to be “extra critical” when eating chicken, but not to stop eating it.


Why Do We Still Celebrate Groundhog Day?

In a tradition dating back to the 1800s, confused humans have been looking to the meteorology skills of groundhogs to predict how long our long-johns will be necessary.


The future of dairy looks “bleak,” but animal slaughter is at a record high

A poor global market won’t be enough to bring down the dairy and slaughter industries.


Pig Meat Hits Eight Year Low And Pig Farmers Are Sad

Scottish pig farmers are worried about their future, something that pigs would surely have a good laugh at.


Study finds milk adulterated with detergent, urea, and formalin

There’s more to fear in milk than just run of the mill pooh.


Coca Cola wants to turn you into a fancy milk drinker

Milk is *so* gross.


The Best Vegan St.Patrick’s Day Recipes

We don’t need to use animals to celebrate the Irish! There’s even a vegan lucky charms recipe in here.


Great, now CNN wants people to think some vegans eat eggs

When a major news outlet decides to belittle a movement to a flexible diet, you can forgive this vegan for speaking up.


“Eco Friendly” Meat Guides are just plain silly

It’s time for your mid-morning eye roll, readers. The Guardian represents the groups of liberal meat eaters who pretend to care about hot button issues but just really want their steaks this week as they published the “Eco Guide to…


Environmental Activists hold “Open Day” in Belarus for Ecological Education and Awareness

Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, isn’t what we typically think of when we think about the next eco and vegan friendly hotspot, but one young group of activists seeks to change that.


Top of the Food Chain Excuse

Humans aren’t top of the food chain in space.


SeaWorld admits workers were sent into PETA

SeaWorld has been accused of corporate spying.


Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry praised for tweeting about Pit Bulls

Imagine if such a hard hitter stood up not only for pit bulls, but all animals!


“Pig flesh” vs “pork”: changing the way we talk about animals

Words carry weight, and are our most important tool in the fight for animal liberation.


Entrepreneurs Release Vegan Burger Line

The brand emphasizes celebrating veggies, and wants diners to know it’s not meant to be “meaty.”


Freddie The Steer Escapes, But What About Other Cattle?

Freddie the steer has taken social media and news outlets by storm.


Weekly Roundup: Your Week in “Humane” Exploitation

By this point, I’ve started to expect these stories to drop on the daily, so here is your weekly roundup of what’s been called “happy exploitation,” and where it can be purchased!


(SFW) Pornhub jumps on the single issue Pro-Whale Bandwagon

The website took the route of sexualizing the situation, because, duh.

maxresdefault (1)

Waka Flocka tells TMZ he wants to make vegan edibles

Imagine the possibilities!


Tampa cops boycotting Beyonce

The police force of Tampa, Florida, is refusing to help out with Beyonce’s sold-out stadium show, apparenty because of her new single.


Tim Hortons, Burger King to Go “Cage-Free,” But how “Free” is it?

Restaurant Brands International plans to implement a cage-free egg goal by the year 2025, but who cares.


Finally, A Vegan Ice Cream and Froyo Shop with all the fixin’s

You’re going to want to post these treats on your Instagram.


Wild Bull Elephant Loose in Indian Town, Runs Towards Freedom

Today in Siliguru, India, a wild bull elephant found himself in the middle of a chaotic city. The terrified creature, clearly trying to find his way back to the freedom of the forest, was pictured with blood running down his…


There’s 360% more Brits eating vegan

Over one per cent of the population have adopted a plant-based diet!


Earls pisses everyone off sourcing “humane” meat, but there’s no such thing

The real problem; this switch means nothing for the cows that are being exploited.


Philadelphia gets on the vegan donut bandwagon

Further proof that vegan donuts shops are taking over the world.


Tourists Kill More Exotic Animals for Selfies, But It’s No Different From A Burger Selfie

While we spend time reminding people that using animals for gratification is wrong in one way, we should really be telling everyone that their use in any way is the problem.


Activist 11 Year Old Starts National Book Drive

Marley, who calls her project #1000BlackGirlBooks, told her mother that she was tired of only reading about white male protagonists.


Animal Shelter Uses Guns To Kill Dogs

Oklahoma law allows humane methods to put animals down, but doesn’t define “humane.”


The Best Ramen in LA is Vegan

I’m nerding out about the egg.


Rochester could get a vegan, self-sustaining school

More kids could learn about veganism at school, in the classroom and the lunchroom.


Captive Shark Hailed as Feminist Hero

Last week in a Seoul, South Korea aquarium, a female sand tiger shark ate her male aquarium-mate, a bounded hound shark, after what aquarium officials are calling a “turf war.”


Rebuttal: Veganism makes sense, as the lesser of two evils

Forgive me, Mr. Gelernter, for deciding that the bugs and animals that die to create produce are not reason enough to add countless more to the pile.


Vegan Cake sets World Record

Many hungry guests, were treated to a slice once the dessert was crowned.


Milk Makes Kids Sick

There’s been another kerfuffle with dirty milk, and this time children are sick.


Check out what aquafaba is being featured in now!

When vegan food, and the quest to end food waste combine, lookout.


Should We Care if the Game Of Thrones Tour Uses Fur?

Good things dragons aren’t really available for human use.


“Gigi the Diva Cow” is Producing a LOT of Milk, and is Probably Tired of our Shit

You guys, Northern Colorado’s public radio station is really excited about their newly crowned Queen Dairy Cow.


To all the former vegans out there- You did great work, and you can do it again

You did great work, and you can do it again.


Are you on the jackfruit bandwagon yet?

It’s a wonder it took this long to become praised.


Rock Band Atlas Genius Samples LA Vegan Food Scene

This alt-rock band is full of vegans, and they’re taking on the LA scene.


Coffees Carbon Footprint Is In Milk

Milk represents 60 to 70 percent of the carbon footprint of a cup of coffee that contains a few tablespoons of milk.


Year of the Monkey: How Celebrating Animals Leads to Commodifying Them

The Year of the Monkey is finally upon us, and China is at a crossroads in how it wants to pursue celebrating.


Cow Mistreatment Only Relevant When Viral

A transport truck carrying 82 cows flipped over on Interstate 15 in Utah, and caused a lot of chaos.


The Washington Post has harsh words for Republican leaders who won’t criticize Trump

Donald Trump is the frontrunner for a GOP establishment that doesn’t at all support him.


Hey Twinkle-Toes, Here’s Some Vegan Nail Polish!

It’s a particularly welcome bit of news for nail-biters who want their vice to be cruelty-free.


Animal welfare activists only seek to ban snares after a pet cat is hurt

How are a cats injuries more insulting to people than the one’s inflicted on the foxes, rabbits, and wild animals we deem fair game?


Oh, thank goodness: Star Wars is likely getting LGBTQ+ characters

People lost their shit when The Force Awakens hit theaters over the winter, not only because Star Wars was finally back on the big screen, but because of how diverse the cast was compared to former movies. A woman was *the*…


Beef Magazine Is Afraid of Christians Relating to Vegans

I’m not religious, but more people understanding and adopting veganism gets a hallelujah from me!


Today in useless campaigns: Foie gras pulled from UK menu over death threats

Amid internet death threats and online harassment from animal rights activists (more bad apples, folks) a United Kingdom chef has removed foie gras from the menu for Valentine’s day weekend. While foie gras is an incredibly cruel practice, what I…

like animals

Why do humans insist on dressing like animals?

I think I’m missing something here, because without a motive, I see no reason to continue subjecting ourselves to this public humiliation


Toronto’s 8th Annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off Recap

I ate eleven baked goods for lunch.


Use Lent to kick off a lifelong vegan lifestyle – Fish NOT included!

As a raised cultural Catholic, token religious leftist among my friends, and a Good Irish Girl, I still practice Lent every year as it’s an important part of my cultural identity. The serious meditations and thought put into Lenten commitments…


Vegans don’t have to be chefs, but it’s a good idea to learn to cook

You see, deciding to go vegan is not the challenge, but living in a place without easily accessible vegan take-out is.


Vegan educator does empathy workshops in Florida schools

Having empathy for animal populations goes hand in hand with anti bullying and examining ways to help marginalized populations.


Chef Michael Symon Isn’t Scared of Vegan Food Anymore

Chef Symon had some strong, positive things to say about vegan eating after visiting By Chloe in NYC.


A cow truck overturned in Virginia, and folks were concerned about traffic

When accidents occur with livestock, why do people worry about the inconvenience over the loss of innocent life?


Oops! PETA protests pig abuse that turns out to just be a man in a costume

A New Hampshire event called “Greased Pig on Ice” drew backlash from PETA recently, as the group began to target organizers with protests as to best protect any pigs harmed in the production of the festival. The best part? According…


Close Call at the Iowa Caucus for Sanders and Clinton

If you are anything like me, you were up ’til the late hours last night, hitting refresh buttons and switching channels like a hyper-caffeinated West Wing character.


Two Anti-Choice Rabble-Rousers Indicted in the Planned Parenthood Case

Here’s a little bit of justice to kick off your week: two anti-choice activists behind the “Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts” scam video have been indicted by a Houston grand jury.


‘En Ruta Por Los Animales’ has activist cycling for 18-24 months

Hate the pain of sitting on a bike for too long? Well, Antonio Moreno hates animal exploitation more than that.


Huge-ass prehistoric bird was most likely Team Vegan

Scientists have uncovered fossil remains of what was most likely a vegan prehistoric bird. The best part is that this bird was REALLY fucking huge, and lived off nuts and berries.


Irish Circus pulls camel to McDonalds for some publicity

It looks like Courtney Brothers Circus had a hankering for both flesh and a good bit of attention


Republican nominees sold their souls to Donald Trump at last night’s debate

Every nominee onstage pledged to support Trump if he is to be the nominee.


Rancher Thinks Beef ≠ Death

After animal activists showed up to protest the 2016 Cattle Industry and Convention in San Diego, she decided to contest their “beef = death” argument with a “beef = PROTEIN” (and therefore health and happiness) theory.


We shouldn’t have to tell people allergic to milk to stop drinking it

Why are people always looking for the right way to do the wrong thing?


Can Meat Rub Make Your Valentine Horny?

Butchers have decided that mixing all the stereotypical Hallmark holiday ingredients and adding it to pulled pork is the only way to get in to the pants of daters.


Study determines “beef animals” produce more profit if killed faster

Killing cows on a faster timeline would mean more animals could be killed at abattoirs overall.


These Chocolate Bars were Recalled for Undeclared Milk Ingredients

Nothing like a little labelling fraud to make you question what’s vegan-friendly.


Liberal MP pushes welfarist bill that will hurt animals in the long run

Educating people remains more important implementing laws.


A vegan passover seder is possible!

It doesn’t have to be just matzo and jam!


Where to Eat Vegan Japanese Food in The UK

Don’t worry about giving up sushi, gyoza, or noodles – there’s lots of vegan options available!


Almond Milk Sales up 250 percent in the last five years

There’s no denying that people in the US are nuts for almond milk.


Who makes the best vegan mac & cheese in Philly?

We would love the opportunity to help decide.


Texas attorney speaks about ways you can protect yourself as an abusive dairy farmer

What’s an exposed farmer to do?


While French consumers fall for “humane meat,” slaughterhouses continue to torture

Surprise! Or not- this “humane” slaughterhouse was caught doing “inhumane” acts.


London Beer Week Has Lots Of Vegan Options

Check out this great list of speciality and unusual vegan beers available.


New Jersey vegan eatery serves up Bernie Sanders themed fare

Inspired by a customer’s Bernie t-shirt, this vegan restaurant created a dish in honor of his presidential bid.


World’s first 3-D gummy printer makes vegan candy

This feels like getting a golden ticket.


FDA pulls popular cancer-causing drug used on pigs

There are carcinogens hiding in hot dogs.


Carly Fiorina, Anti-Women Woman, Drops Out of 2016 Race

After her vicious attacks on Planned Parenthood and uniformed commentary on climate change, I can’t say I’m sorry to see her go.


Weirdos Are Milking Cows at Night to Make Sleep Promoting “Night Milk”

Producing milk in the cover of darkness doesn’t hide the fact that humans continue to find new ways to use animals selfishly.


Man found sleepwalking, chewing up own hand because he thought it was pork

A man in East China was found by his cousin, snacking on his own knuckles.


Activists are fighting for Oatmeal the Blind Steer

Children raise a young farm animal from birth, show them at fair, and have them auctioned off, and the photos are always soul-crushing.


Is “Club Moo” a hot new club? Nah, it’s a way to exploit kids and cows.

The program encourages children to drink milk by offering prize incentives- pretty creepy, huh?


Vegan S’mores Hamantaschen

Purim is coming, and vegans don’t need to miss out!


Politicians Try to force pork on german population

This whole thing just screams pork farmer influence.


Dairy farm prosecution delayed in BC because government simply doesn’t care

Government officials are delaying the prosecution of a dairy farm, but their slow work isn’t surprising.


A Response to A Parent Torn Between Grass and Grain Fed Meat

I want you to know that I have an easy solution to your dilemma; GO VEGAN!


Pursuing cruelty charges against a teen sends the wrong message

A teenager has been charged with cruelty to pigeons that a gun club was shooting and killing.


Californians Go Crazy for A New Vegan Deli

The Butcher’s Son in Berkley is selling out of food, despite not having a proper menu yet.


Trump says he failed to disavow the KKK because of faulty equipment

Trump has yet to speak out against the KKK.


“Fitbit” technology is helping farmers exploit more cows

This is basically a high-tech cow period tracker.


A few bad apples: Stop telling farmers to commit suicide

Take a deep breath before typing out a death threat, because it reflects poorly on the movement, and more importantly, it’s a shitty, shitty thing to do.


Genital-obsessed Republicans in South Dakota attempt anti-transgender legislation

Republican lawmakers in South Dakota have taken their bigotry to the next level, this time, targeting transgender youth.


Fruit Milk!?

Have I spiked your curiosity? It’s a cost effective, healthy, and easy to make alternative to the current dairy-free scene.


In a bid for freedom, pig stumbles upon New Hampshire voting booth

The New Hampshire Primary had a low turnout, but one pig was there at his assigned polling location bright and early!


Lawmakers lift a ban on raw milk, drink it, and instantly regret it

In the famous words of Ron Burgundy, milk was a bad choice.


Oklahoma legislators discriminate against animal activists

The bill could extend far beyond the reach of just animal activism.


This Guy Is Pretty Upset That His Pork Pie Was Empty

It’s like having too few chocolate chips in your cookie, or finding out your hero isn’t that cool in person.


Nova Scotia town encourages US citizens to immigrate, “If Donald Wins”

A small town in Nova Scotia reaches a new level of quirky with their current Pro-American, Anti-Trump immigration campaign.


Meet the host of the Chicago Vegan Food and Drink Festival

Chicago Vegan Food & Drink Festival just got funnier!


Something’s Cooking Toronto! Coming Spring 2016

Get excited.


Freakshakes are going vegan

Time to get our freak on!


Animal Activists Surprised To Be Bullied By A Racist

I’d love to see these devoted activists turn their efforts away from street side displays, and to vegan education.


College president resigns after comparing freshmen students to rabbits who needed to be drowned and shot

After a slew of firings over “disloyalty,” the president has stepped down.


Hey meat-eaters, “hormone free” doesn’t mean bullshit free

It’s not even legal to add hormones to most animals.


Animal Agriculture ≠ The Holocaust

Each time I am confronted by this comparison, I feel a crucial piece of the puzzle is missing: hate.


Canadian meat packing shortage could lead to refugee exploitation

With a worker shortage crisis underway for the Canadian meat industry, desperate packing plant owners have turned towards the Liberal party to help them bring in more foreign work.


VIDEO: LovenKill Farms | Humane Meat

You’ve definitely heard these “humane” meat excuses before.


Buy Vegan Chocolate Bunnies for Easter, Not Real Ones

Too many rabbits go up for adoption after Easter.


VIDEO: If Vegans Acted Like Meat Eaters

Well, I’m a plant lover, and I still eat them. So….FAKIN’ BACON THO!


Why test on animals when mini human brains are an option?

Researchers have successfully cooked up “mini brains,” balls of neurons which originate from stem cells.


South Beach Food & Wine Festival Features A Vegan Dinner

The notably not vegan food show will feature a plant-based dinner by Chefs Matthew Kennedy, Scott Winegard, and Jamie Bissonnette.


The Dodo Promotes Egg Consumption

A move that really shouldn’t be much of a shocker to anyone paying attention.


Overrun: Aftermath Of A Vegan World

Mic the Vegan is back with this hilarious movie trailer parody!


This is like Making a Murderer, But With Pit Bulls

Several lawyers are trying to intervene in a dogfighting case to save the canine participants from further injustice.


What makes Super Tuesday so super?

It’s pre-election madness.


New poll shows support for Apple is slipping in their fight for privacy

The ongoing battle between The FBI and Apple is yielding mixed results. You’ve probably seen the news recently and learned that Apple was approached by the FBI to ask them to unlock the cellphone of a terrorism suspect, and Apple…


Pope Francis throws shade at Donald Trump, condemns immigration policy

In comments made while literally hurtling through the air at hundreds of miles an hour, Pope Francis criticized GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.


‘FUR IS TOXIC’ but so are the other animal products at London Fashion Week

We cannot hope to see the end of Lynx jackets if we don’t also encourage the choice to avoid all animal products.


Study suggests that politics destroys people’s ability to use logic and recognize facts

Our brains might be wired to reject logic, so what do we do now?


Indonesian Mayor blames milk and the Internet on creating gay babies and youth

“It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Asep,” according to one Indonesian Mayor.


Fox News, Republican Candidates, could not care less about the Flint water crisis

Perhaps it’s outside their emotional range.


Meat Criminals At Large – $5000 in Pepperettes Stolen

These criminals wanted meat so badly, they were willing to go to jail for it.


Give a little and get a lot with this vegan ice cream Kickstarter

Texas vegan ice cream troubadours Sweet Ritual have launched a Kickstarter campaign, to support their move to a new location


Organic Meat & Dairy Means More Omega-3, But So Does Flaxseeds

You still don’t need meat or dairy to get your recommended daily amount.


Whole Foods Listeria Scare Reminds Us Bad Milk Makes Bad Cheese

Expect the discomfort of headaches, diarrhea, and wondering why we still buy milk products all.


Maurice the “seeing eye goat”, and his best buddy Marcia

Sweetness exists in so many different forms.


City of Cleveland demands $500 from family of Tamir Rice

Given the way the City of Cleveland has handled this case so far, I’m hardly shocked, yet continue to be disappointed, with the lows they are hitting.


A Grocery Store Houses The Best Deli in LA

Organix, in LA, has found a huge following for their vegan deli counter.


Seattle Aquarium cancels octopus sex over cannibalism

We know that humans are bizarre and voyeuristic, and this news out of Seattle is a glaring example. The Seattle Aquarium had invited guests to come and watch the octopus (octopi?) mate for Valentine’s Day, because animal sex is a…


Chef is getting grilled for serving pigeon on Masterchef Italia

It goes without saying that the group would not have the pursued the chef if he was cooking chicken.


Carnation Milk Being Investigated After Mystery Mould Found In Cans

Woman found gross hunks of what she thought was fish or lizard in her milk, and now an investigation is underway.


Hampton Creek to expand from 64 to 600 products

As the demand for vegan products grows, so does the opportunity for more amazing ‘Just’ products.