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Rock Band Atlas Genius Samples LA Vegan Food Scene

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Have you heard of Atlas Genius? They’re an alternative rock band from Adelaide in South Australia, made up of  passionate vegans!

Live Nation took Brothers Michael and Keith Jeffrey, and their bandmates Matt and Alex, out in LA to chat about tour life and Earth Balance.

They start by dining and learning about tradition at an Ethiopian restaurant called Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine. Rahel herself joins the musicians for a lentil-heavy feast that they enjoy in contrast to some of LA’s well known junk-food offerings.

Then, they learn how to make donuts sandwiches at Donut Friend. Mahealani translates the boys musical talents to bakery prowess, but they’re not giving up their day jobs anytime soon.

Watch the video, and tell us if you’d like to dine with Atlas Genius, or at either of the vegan establishments they visited.

Cover photo from ABC News

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