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Animal Activists Surprised To Be Bullied By A Racist

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Animal activists in Melbourne were given a brutal tongue lashing from a rogue horse and carriage operator on Valentine’s Day. Let that sentence sink in for a second.

Activists participating in a single issue campaign to end the unromantic tourism of being carted around by horse and buggy attempted a peaceful five-hour rally on the day of love. But what started as a sunny afternoon of sitting on the grass holding picket signs, quickly turned in to undeserved threats of violence, and disgraceful displays of racism.

Peter Hunter, working the popular city street without a permit, didn’t like being told that his livelihood was cruel. He didn’t like it so much, he resorted to swear words, challenging people to put their hands on him first, and airing out his prejudices on camera.

Kristen Leigh, the activist who filmed him, shouldn’t be too surprised that police aren’t pursing this, or that Hunter and his carriage cohorts claim he was baited. Even worse, city council says the dude has been removed before, and apparently Melbourne isn’t powerful enough to do anything about the rogue traders.

As I’ve argued before, this sort of rallying and arguing doesn’t promote much change. I’d love to see these devoted activists turn their efforts from street side displays, to vegan education. They might not make Hunter hang up his hat, but influencing new vegans will have a greater impact for all the animals we unnecessarily use.

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  • Ajay

    How do you know that these devoted activists aren’t ALSO putting their efforts into vegan education as well the horse carriage issue? Anyone devoting their time to making people think twice about using animals for food, clothing or entertainment etc should be applauded. Period.

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