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Ten years after the Clooney Coffee Craze, Hamburg bans coffee pods in city council buildings

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If you’ve ever spent time in a doctor’s office, your work office, or, more realistically, have been out in public at any point in the last ten years, you’ve probably either used or watched someone else use a coffee pod machine. Deviously easy to use, Keurig and their K-Cups and Nespresso by Nestle have made coffee consumption ever so convenient, and all at the price of the environment. For every cup of coffee brewed is yet another plastic cup tossed in the wastebin.

City council buildings in Hamburg have completely banned the easy coffee practice because of how dangerous these innocuous looking cups are for the environment. According to The Telegraph, “In its drive to reduce environmental waste, Hamburg officials produced a 150-page “Guide to Green Procurement”, which said coffee pods caused “unnecessary resource consumption and waste generation, and often contain polluting aluminium.” A government official said the capsules couldn’t be recycled easily because they were made of both plastic and aluminium.” Sounds like an excellent move on Hamburg’s part, and they’re practicing what they preach.

James Hoffman, World Barista Champion, told the Telegraph that in regards to quality and taste, “The disadvantage of pods is that they’re made on a much larger scale and use a more commoditised quality of coffee. The desired cup is also made to be more widely appealing by making it less characterful, less likely to offend.”

Take it straight from the coffee-expert source, and ditch those pods for a French press!

Photo credit: Rob Hainer

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