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Maynard James Keenan of Tool owns a winery- and it’s vegan friendly!

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Maynard James Keenan is making a splash in the wine world, producing wines that are 100% vegan and have no animal products involved in their production. You may know him as the frontman of the band Tool, and whether you’re a longtime fan or you just know them as a band a lot of “cool” boys talked about in middle school, (that’s me, I admit it) you have to admit- vegan booze is the best booze, and it’s always great to see someone new making their winery more ethical.

According to VegNews, Keenan became a “pioneer” of modern winemaking when he founded Caduceus Cellars twelve years ago. While many wineries still use egg whites and fish bladder  in their filtration process, both totally unnecessary and cruel, you can rest assured that Keenan’s wines are filtered only with animal friendly material, in this case, paper.

There’s a pun in here somewhere about Tools and filters and industry in here somewhere, but I’ll take it easy on everyone today and waste no more time trying to figure it out.

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