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Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch gives speech on being vegan

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Luna Lovegood is my favorite Harry Potter character. She’s weird, so very kind, and maybe just a little out of touch with reality in a totally unrealistic world. The actress who played her in the films, Evanna Lynch, is no stranger to being outspoken and giving the unpopular opinion in a crowd who maintains the status quo. While speaking at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland last week, Evanna spoke highly of being an ethical vegan while accepting an award at the College Historical Society.

According to the University Times, Lynch opened with one of the most logical reasons for going vegan: the environment. “She began her talk by explaining the environmental reasons for veganism. She cited animal agriculture as being the primary contributor to ;greenhouse gas emissions, world hunger, deforestation, species extinction,’ as well as others. She believes this is an issue ‘you cannot afford not to address’ due to the adverse effects of over consuming meat and animal products.” Brilliant points made to an audience who might not otherwise be receptive, and then, boom! After explaining that she didn’t go vegan for environmental reasons, she told the audience, “killing and eating animals is a betrayal of our own core humanity,” and told the audience that they ought to “check [that their] practices align with [their] principles.”

The audience launched into a polite Q and A session with Lynch, where she was able to further explain veganism to those who inquired about it, and of course, was asked about her role as Luna in the Harry Potter movies. “Another member of the audience asked if she thought Lovegood is a vegan, with Lynch ultimately stating that she thought Lovegood would be.”

Of course. A protector of Nargles and all things living, Luna would most certainly take after Lynch. How wonderful to have such an advocate for veganism in our Muggle world,

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