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Texas attorney speaks about ways you can protect yourself as an abusive dairy farmer

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So, you’re just another down and out dairy farmer suffering after some pain in the ass animal activist records a bunch of your employees kicking calves and posts it online. What’s an owner to do when their industry has once again been outed as being exploitative and evil? Farmers at the High Plains Dairy Conference wanted to know the best ways they could continue to abuse animals while avoiding a PR disaster, so they brought in attorney Tiffany Dowell Lashmet to save the day.

“Truth is a defense to defamation. If you’re gonna bring a case of defamation, you’re not gonna like their defense,” she told the audience during a talk on agriculture law. Turns out lawsuits aren’t the way to go since video evidence is as good as a defense as it gets. Suing based on trespass and fraud just won’t fly either, since if the worker didn’t lie about credentials on paper, it’s neither of those things.

Instead, to keep your factory farm up and running, Lashmet suggested using firm contracts during hiring, and being suspicious of short term workers who grow too close to management.  Find that fishy little guy before he even gets in the barn and nipping him in the bud so you can continue being a dreadful human being seems to be the smartest thing to do.

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