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DJ Khaled Says he’s going Plant Based

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Throw another celebrity misuse of the word vegan on the pile!

Last night, DJ Khaled used the power of snapchat to let his fans know that he’ll be “going vegan” for 22 days. The vegan thread on Reddit caught wind of it immediately, and the discussions about whether this was hot or not began.

The record producer, radio personality, DJ, and record label executive no doubt forgets that eating vegan (ie: plant-based) and being vegan are very different things. I’m pretty sure he’s not going to start burning his beloved leather shirts for 22 days. I mean, the man has a Finga Licking, meat happy restaurant, people.

On the Reddit thread, Mr.Winks said it best, “he’s going plant-based for 22 days. Going Vegan for 22 days is like saying you’re going Jewish for 22 days cause you’re eating Kosher.” I also have to give a gold star to GummyBear25 for saying;

“So now he can be DJ


( •_•)>⌐■-■


DJ Kale-d.”

But can Khaled, who’s known for the snapchat motto “some people can’t handle success. I can,”  handle eating vegan? After the way supporting hummus got him in hot water, we’ll see. For all those hopeful that his choice to try eating vegan will support others to try, too, we hope that extends to Drake.

Photo from ET Online

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  • Dylan Wentworth

    There’s serial killers that go longer than 22days before striking again.
    It’s a little annoying how certain famous people are promoting a short term feel good challenge when instead completing the challenge and telling his fans that he’s either standing in support of animals, the planet and his health or he’s going to remain a selfish asshole that would rather there be suffering and deaths than go without a few minutes of pleasure some sickos get from eating dead animal flesh and breast milk from another species.

  • Karo

    I think we should applaud this dj, even if he “only” goes vegan for 22 days. I think we should applaud every effort to go “more” vegan. For the animals, even 1 person going vegan 1 day makes a difference. And it’s for them we’re promoti g veganism, right? Who knows, maybe khaled decides to go fully vegan, if he gets enough support from people who already eat vegan, in stead of a lot of negative criticism. I say: go khaled! And thanks for promoting veganism!

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