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What type of vegan are you?

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Are you chowing down on Oreos like a Junk Food Vegan? Or are you obsessed with plant proteins like a Vegan Bodybuilder?

We’re excited to debut this hilarious video that Mic. the Vegan has made for Ecorazzi, exposing some of the most classic vegan stereotypes.

Mike has an impressive YouTube following for his vegan videos that share some of the scientific information, opinions, and jokes that surround living the lifestyle. With over half a million views, he’s helping people understand the vegan perspective through an informative, witty, and unapologetic lens.

Watch the video and tell us which vegan you are, or which you most commonly encounter.



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  • Renee

    Oh good, another white guy talking about veganism. We needed more of those.

    • LMO

      We need more people talking about veganism regardless of race, gender or age. You’re welcome to create your own content instead of bashing on others trying to spread the exact same message as you.

      • Renee

        No, we need more people talking about veganism in ways that people from all different cultures can relate to.

        • LMO

          Like I said, youre welcome to create that content. Put in the hours of work it takes researching, scripting, creating, filming, editing and uploading videos for little to no pay. But yes lets continue arguing over something so trivial as to who, how and when someone promotes veganism.

          • Renee

            You’re absolutely right, which is why I already have. I also do local outreach to communities of color and lower income communities, which is why I know stuff like this does not work to convert new vegans.

  • Greatings from russian vegans! Great video )

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