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Neither presidential candidate will be good for animals

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Trump’s presidency is no doubt a scary thought, but pretending the alternative is animal friendly is negligent.

Quartz reports that The Humane Society has thrown their support behind Hillary as the best candidate for animals everywhere. They say Trump is the “greatest threat ever to federal policy-making and implementation of animal protection laws, and we are taking the unusual step of wading actively into a presidential campaign.” The endorsement ignores the inefficiency of regulation, and more importantly, the role of legislation in exploiting animals.

A video accompanies the endorsement, in which photographs of Trump’s sons with their hunting trophies take the lead, followed up by sad looking puppies behind bars, and pigs in small gestation crates. They said members of the Trump team are even “making horse slaughter legal.” Oh, the humanity.

The speciesism of the HSUS, and regulators at large, is apparent. It’s how we are told to care about which animals they aren’t protecting, and to forget that they’re not only animal exploiters themselves, but are responsible for the regulation of continued animal consumption. Further perpetuating that puppy mills and game hunting is worse than societies tolerable daily animal-unfriendly practices is hurting animals everywhere, long before a candidate is even selected. It’s as careless as always endorsing ‘Meatless Monday,’ but on a bigger, much more important scale.

The most frivolous argument lies in Hillary’s pet ownership, and Trump’s lack thereof. If owning a pet isn’t enough to sway voters, the campaign hopes protecting farm animals from inhumane treatment will suffice. The hypocrisy of saying a legislator can protect animals the US government directly supports and profits from the use of is too far off the charts to measure.

We don’t need Hillary or Trump to help animals, we need a grassroots vegan movement. It’s up to each of us to refuse to participate in the violence, both normalized and villainized, and recognize that animals deserve their freedom. There’s no point in hoping for moral wisdom from the next leaders of the animal agriculture industry of the US, who will sell out billions of animals with or without promises of new policy. The most important vote we make for animals is a daily one.

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