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I Can’t Believe It’s A Butter Sculpture Of Death…

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For some, the fact that we rape cows, kill their babies, steal the milk meant for those babies and then kill their mothers too, just isn’t enough to scratch that sadistic itch for exploiting the vulnerable. No. There needs to be another level of fucked up to really drive the message of human supremacy and disrespect home.

Some folks in Pennsylvania seem to have the answer – art. That’s right. Not only are we unjustifiably enslaving sentient beings for our unnecessary purposes, we’re taking the products of that suffering and death and turning them into 1,000 pound butter sculptures.

According to this article in the Daily Progress, this particular butter sculpture is paying “tribute to the history of environmental stewardship by dairy farmers at a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, farm show.” The state’s dairy farmers are heralded as “protectors of the land,” with the buttery landscape being called “A Culture of Stewardship.”

Given the ecological impact of animal agriculture, a more appropriate title would be “desecrators of the land.” And a “culture of stewardship?” Really? The only thing that industrial animal exploiters show any “stewardship” towards is the protection of their own property rights.

In many ways, this sculpture represents the reality of animal exploitation as a whole. The sculpture symbolises our entirely unnecessary exploitation of animals for food, clothing, entertainment, sport, medical research and all other ways in which we treat animals as our property. The gleeful farmers in the background of the shot represent the businesses and governments that profit from that exploitation; the photographers in the foreground represent the mainstream “animal movement” who profit from documenting and “exposing” what goes on behind closed doors whilst promoting the idea that we can exploit “compassionately.” Without the photographers (large animal groups), the farmers (industrial exploiters) would not be as efficient or as profitable as they are – they both benefit from the promotion of continued exploitation.

And the people behind the glass? That’s the non-vegan public. Continually deluded and misled by the efforts of those within the room who tell them that butter sculptures are entirely necessary, and that to do right by the animals they simply need to “consume compassionately.”

The only way to do right by animals is by going vegan.

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