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Starbucks adds a new vegan option

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If you’ve been sitting out on coffee break runs, consider this your chance to tag back in.

Pop Sugar (and about one hundred other blogs) announced that 600 Starbucks locations across New York have rolled out a new vegan menu item; overnight grains. The parfait-like breakfast item blends steel cut oats, quinoa, and chia seeds together with coconut milk, shaved coconut and almonds. Served in the cold case section of the store, it’s basically a jazzed up version of the internet’s beloved overnight oats, for those who don’t have the forethought to prepare breakfast before bed.

Photo from StarbucksMelody

Ringing in at a hearty 360 calories with 6 grams of protein, they’re hoping to leverage the popularity of their other best-selling, protein-heavy options (none of which are vegan) with the current sensationalism of plant-based eating. At least it’s a much healthier option than the Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups that stare down vegans at the cash.

With an abundance of great vegan options on every corner in New York, time will tell if this item is a success for the coffee chain, and if it rolls out to their other trillion locations. 

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  • If anyone else dared to write about a new vegan Starbucks product, you’d be all over them for promoting a non-vegan company. It’s really quite amusing to watch such a lack of editorial consistency.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    Thats a helluva lot of calories for only 6 grams of protein.
    Leave it up to corporate america to fatten everyone up while providing minimal nutritional value.

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