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Veganism As A Dating Tool

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You know the world has gone to pot when an important social justice issue is discussed as nothing more than a means of impressing a date.

In this era of rampant narcissism, whether or not you inflict rights violations on vulnerable beings is considered to be on the same level as whether or not you swear or fart in front of a new partner. An article in The Sun showcases a survey carried about by the dating platform, EliteSingles, where over half of the 1,323 men who took part confessed to changing their behaviour to appease their significant other.

Veganism was thrown in the pot along with cutting back on fast food, watching re-runs of the Bridget Jones movies, claiming to “like” cats, pretending to hate football and “watching entire episodes of Strictly Come Dancing or the X-Factor.” And of course, the men are said to “slip back into their usual habits” after seven weeks or so.

Most interesting, however, isn’t the fact that men are admitting to holding their farts in for seven weeks – it’s what this study tells us about our society’s perception of veganism as a general matter. The large animal groups have done such a good job downplaying the importance of veganism (and profiting from that message) that the decision whether or not to watch Simon Cowell and his cronies hitting a buzzer is now considered as important as whether or not we should inflict unnecessary suffering and death on animals. The lives and interests of sentient beings have been equated to the preferences and whimsical antics of new couples.

For the lives depending on us, it is essential that we carve through the new welfarist smog choking our society and promote abolitionist veganism. While society believes that an animal’s life is no more a matter of concern than a reality TV show, animals will forever remain unjustly relegated to the class of things. If you believe animals have moral value, you are obligated to be vegan. Anything less is to say one thing yet engage in actions that assume animals to be commodities with no inherent value at all.

Find a new quirk to impress your partner with instead of treating the interests of animals like pawns in your chess game of romance. Here’s an idea – be yourself.

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