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Threatening A Butcher Is Not The Way To A Vegan World

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Many of those who purport to speak for animals often fail to understand the simple fact that the issue of animal exploitation is an issue of demand and not supply. As such, these “advocates” often engage in behaviour that distances our animal use from the actions of every day folk. Case in point – the recent antics of those verbally attacking a butcher in Rosemont.

The focus on a supplier or facilitator of animal exploitation necessarily implies that the wrongdoing isn’t committed when we demand these products in the first place. It merely suggests one of two things (and sometimes both) – that there is something troubling about the ways in which these products are sourced and that the moral wrong isn’t committed when we demand animal use, it’s just a problem when the facilitator sells it. In other words, the implication is that the treatment of animals – as opposed to the use – is what’s morally wrong and that the blame can be dumped on those who respond to demand as opposed to those who create the demand.

It makes absolutely no sense.

We need to stop giving the public yet more excuses to dismiss veganism. Verbally attacking a butcher and calling him a “murderer” and a “nazi” not only tells people that their own daily use of animals is a separate and non-related issue that they can box away, it gives people the impression that veganism is synonymous with violence. Rather ironically, the public actually end up believing that the vegans are the violent ones in all of this given how they haven’t been educated to recognise the implications of animal value and all they see of “animal advocates” is how aggressive they are towards humans.

Moving towards a vegan world requires dropping these harmful tactics and embracing non-violent communication and education.

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