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JoJo is the next non-vegan ‘vegan’ celebrity

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We won’t tell JoJo to leave (get out) – but we will recommend she stops giving news media the bait to make her a phoney vegan figurehead.

PETA was quick to promote the pop-singer as their latest vegan poster child, sharing her mere mention of veganism in an interview about her 2017 world tour. JoJo herself starts that same interview by mentioning her interest in a plant-based diet and the positive effects removing dairy had on her vocal chords and allergies. But it’s revealed that JoJo has a vegan friend, has read Russel Simmons’ “Happy Vegan,” has tweeted about vegan scones before, and has a strong enough internet connection to stream the plethora of vegan documentaries (and their own mixed messaging). But we know “interest” in the trendiest bits of veganism doesn’t make someone a vegan. Can you imagine our numbers if it did!?

Fault Magazine and TV3 didn’t forget to include her “I’m by no means a perfect vegan” bullshit, even if they kept “vegan” in their headlines for the clickbait. So when that JOJO IS VEGAN headline is at the top of the ‘vegan’ google alerts thread, just a little more confusion gets sprinkled over an already confusing “movement” that almost perversely clings to the hopes a teen idol will be the key to making the world a better place. Not the clear education and understanding of fundamental rights or the need for freedom from exploitation – that’s not catchy enough and you can’t photograph it in lingerie. And don’t worry, they made sure a little bit of “vegans think they have to be perfect” was smushed in there to keep the non-vegans pleased.

So while we do hope the accessibility of information and her own ease and enjoyment of eating plant-based can be leverage for a legitimate vegan education, we won’t be looking to JoJo for sage advice on behalf of our animal brethren anytime soon. Until she is shown the morality of refusing animal products, and considers the victims instead of the alleged “choices” we face, JoJo will be just another Ricky Gervais, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Beyonce.

You can go vegan today, without the help of a celebrity.

Photo from Fault Magzine

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