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Humane Society Serves Pork to Save Dogs…WTF?!

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This isn’t an episode of the twilight zone, but it sort of reads like one.

The Sandusky Register is pleased to invite Sandusky County residents to come out to ‘Pork for Paws,’ a collaborative fundraiser between the Humane Society of Sandusky County and a restaurant called Jimmy G’s Barbecue. On April 20th, a donation to help Humane Society rescue animals will also get you a plate full of dead ones. We’ll give you a second to try to make sense of that because this isn’t one of our onion style articles, it’s really happening.

Pam Babione, the executive director for HSSC begs people to come out to eat, or carryout, a pulled pork sandwich to help cover the supposed $20,000 monthly general operating expenses of the local chapter of the organization. Babione says along with food, vet care, and utilities, most people forget they pay a salary to humane agents for reporting cases of neglect and cruelty. Oh, the irony of raising money to pay people to save some animals by encouraging others to keep on exploiting other ones.

Once again the divide between pet and product is drawn, and pigs are sacrificed to serve our glorified puppies and kitties. The alternative would perhaps be more shocking to the public, but ‘Paws for Pigs’ would be equally as unjust. And if we worked on picketing this sideshow to save the pigs only, next year it could be ‘Poultry for Paws.’ 

If we ever hope to see justice for animals, we must be crystal clear in our understanding that all animals matter morally, equally. Through our own veganism, and the promotion of vegan education, we can end this seemingly unending imbalance in which humans arbitrarily assign rankings to non-human animals based upon how we can benefit from their existence. A paw is no different than a hoof, and a hoof from a hand. Veganism is the recognition that all sentient beings deserve freedom from use, whether that use is as a neglected “paw” or a piece of “pork.” Neither are necessary, and neither are fair.

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