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Amendments to Animal Slaughter Practices Will Never Be “Enough”

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Tyson is back in the news, and their efforts to appease Mercy For Animals have come up short. Womp Womp.

The United State’s largest meat producer has installed video cameras in all 33 of it’s poultry processing plants in an attempt to create new, welfarist-suitable ways to slaughter birds. The corporation is basically looking to be the first to catch any candid-camera moments that could become a starring role in the new undercover footage highlight reel for MFA.

We’ve touched on how irrelevant slaughterhouse surveillance is for animals in the past, but that’s precisely why Tyson has invested in new tech toys- to help improve their image with consumers. Animal Rights Activists only factor into the business model on a scale of how-bad-can-they-make-us-look to how-many-dollars-can-we-lose-because-of-them. And even though MFA says this move is ‘not enough’, they prefaced that by saying they are pleased that Tyson Foods wants to improve conditions at its farms. People speaking for the animals should never be pleased with the people exploiting them. Even cutting down their production by 99.9% wouldn’t be ‘enough’, but veganism and the total justice for animals doesn’t sell quite like the little, marketable but insignificant victories. Don’t be fooled, both sides have a financial agenda.

MFA attests Tyson’s chickens will still “suffer,” and misses the big point…they’ll still be killed. We have to promote an end to their use from breeding to eating, not just the ways individual companies facilitate that.

Tyson have also hired nearly five dozen “animal well-being” specialists to circulate among their exploitation empire. Although ‘animal’ and ‘well-being’ have only previously been used together in a sentence to describe the benefits of registering North American pets for overnight camps and spa treatments, they really think having people not kick, stomp, or roughly handle an animal on it’s way into a grinder can be perceived as caring about their well being. But c’mon, they’re “exploring” carbon dioxide gas killing over the traditional means because the prevailing “humane” narrative says gentle death is better than aggressive death- that’s gotta count for something, right? Wrong. It’s exactly why vegans need to remind everyone there’s a third option – no death.

Those who agree that chickens don’t deserve unnecessary suffering should consider that their use at all is unnecessary. That doesn’t change by the method of use, whether or not it’s recorded, or whether or not the public gets to see it for themselves. ‘Enough’ is considering the rights of all animals and taking the only reasonable course of action that respects them; veganism.

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