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Is pubic lice the newest vegan straw man?

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We’ve all heard the excuses; the desert island scenarios, the special blood types, and the bacon tho. But Metro has a new straw man fallacy to throw at veganism…pubic lice.

Yup. Forget attempting to sit-out on the exploitation, use and death of animals, because if you’re unlucky enough to get some unwanted visitors to your downstairs apartment, you’re going to have to break vegan-edge. Give us a break!

The article tests the boundaries of vegans, and seems to try to discredit our efforts because lice are “treated” with a chemical solution that kills them. Like many of the standard pharmaceuticals on the market for treating parasites, we aren’t offered many alternative solutions outside of living with blood suckers on your junk (or whichever hairy region they’ve made their home). Still, I can’t help but wonder if the author imagined vegans living in peace with their crabs, or delicately removing them from their skin holes to relocate them to a lice sanctuary. Come on. 

Luckily, the appropriate sentiment was echoed by the handful of vegans who submitted comment for the article – much to the surprise of the author who called this “leniency” the opposite of the typical vegan extremist narrative. Since vegans do their best as far as it what’s possible and practicable, lice should fall under the same category as a parasite or other any bug-related illness that requires intervention for our health or safety. It really feels like this took a wrong turn from the “you can’t be vegan because insects die for fruit and veggies” nonsense argument. 

Let’s go back to asking the hard questions, like why do non-vegans care so much about what vegans do with their privates?

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