Japan’s Whale Ban Opponents Feast on Whale Meat

Paul McCartney: A Good Friday is a Vegetarian Friday

Sir Paul McCartney is speaking up for animals on Good Friday, reminding participants of the holiday that a truly Good Friday would be a vegetarian one.

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There’s a Fox at The White House – and it’s Causing Hilarious Chaos

In what’s sure to become the butt of many a late night joke, White House grounds keepers are having trouble capturing an elusive red fox. The critter took up residence

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NYCLASS Unveils Its New Horseless eCarriage Prototype

It looks like the days of horse-drawn carriages in New York City is slowly drawing to a end, as NYClASS recently unveiled its Horseless eCarriage prototype. The new electric powered carriage

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WATCH: Vegan Kids Ask First Lady for an Eggless Easter

The traditional Easter egg roll on the White House lawn is said to have started in 1814. A lot of things have changed since then, except for the use of

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Alan Carr Says ‘Be A Little Fairy For The Animals’

Alan Carr rocks pink wings and stars in a new PETA campaign to promote spaying and neutering.

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Peter Dinklage Asks You to ‘Face Your Food’ and Go Veg

Longtime vegetarian Peter Dinklage has joined with the likes of Paul McCartney and Alec Baldwin by teaming up with PETA to narrate their farming exposé “Face Your Food.”

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