woman teaches cats sign language

WATCH: Woman Teaches Cats Sign Language

New Fiction Novel Takes on Animal Abuse Issues

A new fiction book highlights issues of animal abuse from the very eyes of animals themselves. Just like David Duchovny’s ‘Holy Cow,’ ‘Persimmon Takes On Humanity’ is a fable for

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NV Bill Would Give Animals in Labs Chance For Happy Ending

A new bill proposal in the state of Nevada is giving animals that are used as lab test subjects a glimmer of hope. SB261, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Mark Manendo

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Animal Lovers Donate Thousands to Abused Cat

The story of an abused cat dubbed Bruce Almighty has prompted hundreds of people around the world to donate more than $19,000 for his recovery. The black-and-white cat was discovered

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Komodo Dragon, Red Panda and More Compete in Endangered Species Bracket

The NCAA Sweet Sixteen has been set since late Sunday night, as colleges and universities vie for the coveted tourney championship. However a far more significant bracket has been set

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New Arizona Bill Puts Farm Animals at Greater Risk for Abuse

In a state which already offers relatively little protection for farm animals, a bill which passed in the Senate March 24th could have dire consequences for horses, cows, poultry and

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New Miami Mega Mall to Have Live Sea Lion Show

Today in ‘one step forward, two steps back’ news, the developers of the new megamall American Dream Miami have included a live sea lion show to the plans and rightfully,

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