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snipshot_94rx1wr26v9.jpgAh ha! That’s why the green prince has been more active lately in environmental affairs! Well, let’s hope this wasn’t the reason, but with past winners like Harrison Ford and Al Gore, it’s hard not to want this award on your office shelf.

In what’s been a very hush hush affair (due to security issues), the Harvard Media School kept the recipient a secret until the the very last minute. The honor is bestowed once a year to an individual who has ‘worked hard to highlight awareness of global environmental change’. Prince Charles was active in 2006 promoting efforts to combat Global Warming, reduce his dependence on private transportation, and even commit to sustainable green building for new royal housing developments. From the ElectGore2008 website,

“The Prince, who has described climate change as the “biggest threat to mankind”, is also planning to publish details of his own carbon footprint – a measure of how his activities have impacted on the environment in terms of the amount of green house gases produced – as part of his 2007 accounts. Determined to do his bit, the organic produce-raising royal has had a woodchip burner heating system installed at his Highgrove estate. Charles’ two-day visit to Philadelphia and New York on January 27 and 28 “will emphasise the importance which the UK government places on climate change as a key international priority”, said a spokeswoman for the Prince.”

The Environmental Citizens Award will be presented on January 28th and hosted by board member Meryl Streep and last year’s winner, Al Gore. For more details, please visit their website.

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