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9900.jpgAs we mentioned a few months back, the Environmental Media Association and E! Television will be hosting a Golden Green Party (sponsored by Lexus) “expected to attract environmentally-friendly Golden Globe winners, nominees, celebrities and high-profile industry executives.”

The event will be held at 9900 Wilshire Beverly Hills, which is a perfect site since the building is being converted into the first luxury residential project of its kind in the Western United States to qualify for the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Gold rating. The eco goodness will be out in full force as described in the press release,

“The EMA and E! party being hosted at 9900 Wilshire will be a truly eco-friendly affair, incorporating gourmet organic food and recycled party materials and decorations, set in a landscape of sustainable plants and flowers. To promote the green message even further, Tree People will plant a tree for each attendee. Tree People is a nonprofit organization that has been serving the Los Angeles area for over three decades, helping nature heal cities by offering sustainable solutions to urban ecosystem problems.”

Part of me wishes that they weren’t capitalizing on the whole ‘eco is hot’ trend and instead offered a party first, with a sustainable message second type deal. I think by making many of these additions standard fare at all Hollywood award after-parties, it would have a greater impact. I’m just worried that people will be turned off by all the ‘green-in-your-face’ type publicity. What do you guys think? Look for more updates on this green bash as we get closer to the Golden Globes.

(Thanks to Linton from Hugg for reminding us of this upcoming event! Additionally, thanks to Preston as well! )

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