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snipshot_a467nkvg9ai.jpgA Scottish newspaper, The Daily Record, has a great interview with Grammy-nominated singer KT Tunstall and her latest eco-friendly whirl-wind tour of the United States. The Scottish performer headlined the official after-party for the Golden Globes this past week, and in-between songs told the A-List celebs on hand the different ways they can help prevent global warming.

Tunstall is also in cahoots with the CEO of Global Cool, Dan Morrell, and is looking forward to having her flat potentially remade by the org. From the article,

“‘I’m renovating my flat in March,” she reveals. ‘Global Cool have just done Orlando Bloom’s house and hopefully they are going to come in and green my crib. They’ll help me get solar panels up and get a proper energy-saving boiler and, if I can get a wind turbine up, I’ll do that. My New Year’s resolution is to do more work in the environmental areas over the next year.'”

Huh? Did anyone else know that Global Cool pulled off a renovation of Orlando Bloom’s home? Is that one of the perks? Where are the videos of this project. GC, shed some light! KT also expressed her opinion on hybrids saying, “The car to have in LA is a Toyota Prius which is fantastic. Global Cool have got it right even down to their name. Because our culture is so celebrity-led, making it very uncool to drive an SUV is a great idea.

“I would like to see people looking in disdain at you driving a gas guzzler. They are a real pain in the environmentalist’s ass and not necessary. If you live in the city, why drive an SUV? How many people are off-roading at the weekend?”

To read more of the interview, head on over to The Daily Record. You can check out her official funky website here.

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