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green.jpgTo those looking to avoid the gift bags, the tail pipes, or the crowds, Project Greenhouse is offering an eco-conscious lifestyle suite at The Sundance Film Festival. There’s just one thing: Unless you’re hip media or a dashing celebrity, you’re completely out of luck. This is a closed event.

If you were to look through the weather-treated windows, however, you would witness an event designed to present options for sustainable living, and promote social and environmentally conscious products and services. There’s a full–service organic kitchen, hospitality staff and and a bevy of eco-conscious entertainment and education. But don’t go thinking this is all zen-like. Even in with green, there’s some marketing going on. The ‘Project’ is sponsored by Lexus Hybrid Living — which will show off some fuel-efficient cars, present guests with dinner passes to local restaurants, and hook you up with some organic products, like soap from LUSH.

Our friends Ed Begley Jr. and Rachelle Carson will also be on hand to promote their new series, show off the fun in riding a bike for toast, and also cook some grub in a solar oven. Charity and eco fund raising events are scheduled throughout the week to build awareness and promote campaigns. Carbon emissions from the electricity and natural gas used at the event will be offset by TerraPass.

You can find more details in the press release; and we’ll dish any first-hand reactions as we receive them. Here’s to hoping that more eco-retreats–such as Project Greenhouse–make their way into future film festivals and events. Till then, we’re stuck waiting for something, say, sponsored by Kia and costing less than $2,500 to attend.

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